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  1. Haha I love this idea! A bit of gentle contention is always a joy!
  2. thedame007

    FOH Challenge Coin

    It’s a challenge already not giving Rob all of my coin... 😶
  3. This is @dvickery thread, sir! I am drinking up every picture! You must have such a wonderfully deep collection, that clearly has has many, many years of cultivation going into it! Also, seeing the prices on some of these boxes makes me hanker for the days when cigars really were more available to more people!
  4. thedame007

    Flavor Profiles

    If you go onto the international store you’ll see an El Pres description for most of the smokes available - this text is usually what is used in the 24:24 listings.
  5. Taxed to our gills....
  6. thedame007

    Nothing like accurate reporting

    Eloquently and aptly put, my good man. It is certainly a different place out there in the workplace with zero hours, temporary work, and the erosion of both workers rights and secure careers ! Haha, this would make such a good recurring sketch idea! Every time we see the same millennial in a whole new 'career' with disastrous outcomes! hmmmm this almost feels like it needs to be written...
  7. thedame007

    Nothing like accurate reporting

    Yet they still home ownership is out of reach Great article - made me chuckle over breakfast!
  8. I thought thats where you put the spoon for the old egg and spoon race?! Huh - that explains the screaming!
  9. Well knock me down with a feather 😦! Thank you FOH team for the generous competition, and thank you to all the participants for making some tatsy reading over the weekend! Oh, and thank you to my mother and father who raised me into the debaucherous chap I am today! Also thank you to the cats. I feel your anus got me over the line... 😾
  10. I do not know if this was a dreamscape parable where the 'creative' and 'analytical' hemispheres of the brain are in moot, or if this actually happened - which is fantastic! But you are quite correct, life is for the living, and we must each figure out how it is we want to live it!
  11. Well to say I've just come from your review where you were knee deep in psychedelic chills, I think only one of us has visited their ancestors on a 'spirit walk'!
  12. Your poetical whimsy is always welcome at my door, sir! Really enjoyed the review, and it certainly felt I was witnessing this epic fandango in real time! Bravo, and may your whimsy live long and true!
  13. It’s safe to say with my C in French GCSE that I did not read Proust in French 😅 Last year I also got round to reading “if proust was a neuroscientist” - which is a very interesting book, and in particular I really loved the notion on ‘confabulation’, and how memory rewrites and constructs their own ‘reality’, so we can find ourselves chasing the memory of something that never was. The whole thing links to my geekly love for post-modernism/structuralism theory and ideas!
  14. I feel this is all part of the fun of smoking Cubans - even from the same box you’re going to get multiple smoking experiences. Which can be both frustrating, and also a lot of fun! May I wish you all the best for your continual quest, sir! 👌
  15. My pleasure - guess it means I need to smoke through the rest of the box in the next year or two, just to keep the flavours going! Thanks again for the review, very helpful!!

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