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  1. That is what I mean, there are so many different advices I'm getting that' is why I'm so confused and concerned about it.
  2. Hi guys! Everyone thank you so so much for the help! I wasn't aware they will need my personal information for the facutra that's such a useful information to know! Otherwise, id be just standing at the counter wondering hah. Fell much more ease knowing what exactly I need to ask for. That was one of my concerns as well that I will need a proper factura to show at customs to avoid problems or worst like confiscation! Thanks! Cheers! Buniek
  3. thanks! I still would really like to see how a receipt should look like. for my mind peace. Please share a picture if you have one
  4. LLC thanks, I've heard tho that even there sometimes it's not easy to get a receipt. I'm just afraid that I'll end up with some random piece of paper. That's why I would like to know how this real factura looks like. It's my first time ever to Cuba.
  5. Hi, thanks FUZZ noted i made a introduction one the newbie page. Im trying learn more and more about cigars and to find out as many information as possible
  6. Hi everyone, I'm a Newbie to the forum. Everyone calls me Buniek. I was introduced to cigars by my mate last spring and quit fell for them. I fell so much for them that next year I'm planning a trip to Cuba. Now I'm trying to learn more and more about cigars. Cheers.
  7. Hello everyone, I’m going to Cuba for the first time at the beginning of next year. I'm new to cigars, I started to enjoy them not a long time ago.... I’ve heard a lot about the fake cigars that people sell there and about giving fake “receipts”. I want to avoid to be tricked and end up getting a fake product. My question, therefore, how does a real receipt should look like for buying cigars??? Does anyone have a picture that she/he could send me as reference? (it can be without the purchase prices, just want to know how a proper receipt looks like and what should be on it). I want to prepare myself so I know what I should ask for in the stores and its always easier when I can show them a sample. Will appreciate the help of all of you who have the experience 😊 Thanks. Buniek

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