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  1. I've tried chewing coca leaves in Peru while hiking and it gives you quite the pep in your step. Those leaves turn into the tony montana sauce. I've never done bugger sugar but I could only imagine cocaine candy would make you quite productive lol
  2. Cigar Journal: La Casa del Habano Partagás Suspends Activity. One of the world’s most representative cigar shops is suspending its activities indefinitely as of today due to a partial collapse of the old Partagás factory last Sunday. It is well known that the building has been in dilapidated condition for years. For this reason, the factory activities at this iconic site were suspended at the end of 2011. At the time, a remodeling plan had been set but the repair work has never in fact begun. The plans for the building have been changing over the years, as the old factory was first supposed to resume activities after the repairs. Plans then changed from the site to house the Cuban Tobacco Museum to becoming a hotel and then back to being the Cuban Tobacco Museum. The truth is that neither plan seemed to be effectively set in motion, and now the recent events will definitely force action to be taken. The collapse at the rear part of the factory left the area uncovered and the inside part of the building is now completely exposed to the elements. No one was reportedly hurt, as the area has been deactivated for some time. The building’s general condition seems to be deteriorating and it is no longer safe to continue activities at the shop because the future is uncertain. Caracol, the Cuban chain store that runs the La Casa del Habano Partagás, has had plans to move the shop to a new location since the beginning of 2019, but not much has been done in this direction. Due to the plans changing frequently and little action having been taken, the cigar community is looking apprehensive and hoping that this representative factory will now get the attention it deserves.
  3. looks like the website is private. How do you gain access?
  4. Dear Mr. Ayala, I would like to inquire for the position of reviewer on FOH. I have enhanced dexterity which allows my cigar cutting times to be 3 times as fast as the current reviewer. I have strong analysis and judgement skills, this is why I am not fans of terrible sporting teams like the Washington redskins. I am flexible when it comes to cigar draw and will not complain if it too tight. I have access to broadband internet, and proficient with technology. Looking forward to meeting you for an interview. Kind regards, Alex ....Always a pleasure watching your review gents. Looking forward to second review of this very in demand cigar. Cheers.
  5. Has anyone smoked a Monica Lewisnki before? Couldn't find too much about the cigar online but the cigar box is quite interesting.
  6. CoLA in quarter boxes please Trini Esmeraldas Thanks Prez!
  7. Your concept of moving FOH off the coast reminds me of Pirate Radio in the 60's in the UK. There's a great movie about it called the boat that rocked.
  8. Fellatio lessons with Ken! Oh My! Great review gents.
  9. The final season was rushed and incoherent. What a terrible way to end such an amazing show. Still trying to find a show that replaces it. Certain shows like GoT, Breaking Bad etc come only every handful of years.
  10. All european countires...if you buy in Hong Canada and Australia as well. So a lot lol
  11. Ken your way of life reminds me a lot of the honey badger. Just don't give an F and do what you like. Ken "honey badger" Gargett would be your boxing / mma nickname.
  12. So I used my wife's blow dryer and systematically worked from one edge to another. There was a sticky residue left so I did use Isopropyl with a towel and just rubbed it on the sticky parts. Check if its still sticky after it dries out and then re-apply more isopropyl if need be. here's the before and after photos. Cheers!
  13. Glad to see i wasn't banned from FOH @MoeFOH for knocking you out of the tournament ....great fun tonight. Cheers!
  14. I like the boxes. I don't like the insane prices they are attaching to them. They've priced me out. I will be sticking to regular productions for boxes and if it really interests me I might treat myself to quarter box of a new EL but it won't be happening often.

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