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  1. Add a metal ring around the band and then it will work!
  2. Great pics! Thanks for posting!
  3. benfica_77

    FOHrensic request

    Thanks @Elpresidente @MoeFOH and @Smithy Looking forward to it! Cheers, Alex
  4. benfica_77

    FOHrensic request

  5. I really enjoyed the cigar pairing test with very interesting results! Also the running over water test was really illuminating as well. I have an idea for another cigar related test. Here's the scenario..... You only smoke shorter cigars and due to this you miss out in some great cigars that are just too big like Double Coronas. I would love to see a test of what happens to a longer cigar was cut and half vs kept intact if it impacted the cigar experience. So my suggested methodology would be to cut one in half and smoke on the spot, cut one in half and let it rest for a week or more and smoke one that wasn't cut. All from the same box and compare. Maybe try this with 2 or 3 cigars for a larger sample size. Not sure if anyone else would be interested just thought i'd put it out there! Cheers!
  6. Wow thank you!! What a lovely surprise!
  7. benfica_77

    Behike 58

    Horrendous idea.... Cohiba Behike 58 "El Grande Dong" terrible.....
  8. benfica_77

    Current Fitness Routines?

    @Elpresidente let me preface that I am not a professional but i've been doing this for quite some time. So it seems like you've plateaued which is very common and happens to everyone old or young, novice or veteran. To break plateaus i'm always constantly changing my approach when i work out, my workouts are never the same and i use different techniques to add a new challenge like drop sets i.e. you're doing bicep curls start with your heaviest weight you can do and do 10 reps, then immediately do as many reps as you can with 60-70% max weight and then finish off with 40% max weight and do as many reps as you can. You will absolutely increase your strength, stamina and get an crazy pump in that muscle group that Di might think she's with Sylvester Stallone from the Rambo days! Another option is to add supersets, or static holds etc. My other piece of advice instead of doing full body workouts every time split it into different body parts. So Day 1 - Bicep/Back Day 2 - Chest Day 3- Legs/Core Day 4 - Shoulders/Triceps with your cardio at the end of each workout. Always cardio at the end! I truly believe the 4 days split to be the best balance in a week of training and rest. Also sleep is critical! That's when your muscles repair and you need a protein rich diet to feed that muscle repair. Ideally 0.6grams of protein per pound of body weight, some people go up to 1gram per pound of body weight but you need to ease into it. Be prepared for the dreaded protein farts haha I hope you're still meditating can't just train the body, the mind needs it as well. It' helps with lifting as well staying present in the moment. If you're interested I can build you a workout routine for a couple weeks to see if it works for you. PM me if you'd like
  9. No thanks on the Gurkha! .... @Ken Gargett I just don't think he wants to share the good sticks so he made up this story. Tell him to bring a Cohiba Lancero next time!
  10. Same things with my PSD 4......while i was grumbling at the cigar I kept saying this is why they say Hecho a Mano and had to explain to the Mrs. what that meant.
  11. benfica_77

    Happy Birthday Di

    Happy Birthday! Wishing you many many more to come!
  12. Mine was this passed Friday after a long week at work and with upcoming wedding related events on the weekend I decided to get some me time in. Tried to smoke a PSD 4 box code BUP AGO 17. No matter what I did it would stay lit and horrendous construction, had to over puff on it and it ran crazy hot to help correct it. Eventually I gave up in the 1/3. When you get a dud do you go back to the humidor and grab another or do you just call it quits?
  13. benfica_77

    Warehouse Wrap-up

    Partagas condoms 😂 Be safe gents and wrap it up with a partagas
  14. terrible news. Means my only source for cigars will now be FOH and going to Cuba.

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