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  1. Also last was previously mentioned above and is the alluding to an idea I have had for some time and was going to see if there was interest. The idea was.... pick two Marcas per week... only regular production cigars and vote for each marca FOH's favourite cigar. People would have 1 week to vote. After we were done figuring out the favourite cigar per marca do a randomization and pit them one against another tournament style until one stick prevailed. It would answer a lot of the similar questions asked on here and could be used as a reference in the future. If there is interest I would love to organize this beginning in September since I will be away from a computer for a couple of weeks in August travelling for my honeymoon.
  2. Also I know no warehouse filming which we would all drool over but I understand the liability but maybe do a video of your own personal humidor? Explaining interesting cigars / boxes along the way.
  3. I would love to see a cooking / cigar show .....where El Pres and Ken both make a dish while reviewing a cigar with a judge not knowing who's dish is who claim a winner. The winner choose the clothing attire for the other during the next normal FOH cigar review.
  4. Great informative video ...looking sharp! I vote @Elpresidente to star as the new james bond instead of their current plan and Ken can be money penny
  5. My winnings from the Fohnies A lovely Partagas P2, a H Uppman Mag 46 and I believe a Monte #1? If anyone could please confirm it seems like a soft box press on it but i'm not sure. All new cigars to me, I am excited to let them rest and give them a go! Thank you to @El Presidente and @First Lady for coordinating shipping. Put a huge smile on my face.
  6. Great read and photos. I hope you enjoyed that invictos! I love the chase of a good cigar, it makes them that much more special and in my mind taste that much better. I hope Rome treated you well! Great city if you can get away from the major tourist areas.
  7. Ughhh why 58 ring gauge....I don't want to smoke a salami ...hmm salami ...time for a snack
  8. Hello Di! Sadly not my pupper found this picture on the internet. Do you and El Prez have any pets? My soon to be wife and I have an orange cat named Oscar who is very affectionate. She's becoming a Vet so on a regular basis I have to say no to adopting a dog until we move into a place with a backyard. I want a staffordshire bull terrier or a Golden retriever.
  9. Great first we need plain youtube content will be descreased/removed completely. Meanwhile alcohol can freely promote and be shown on youtube, TV etc. Hope this doesn't stop the FOH reviews!! and other youtube content!
  10. That's amazing! Those cigars have been through quite a bit including probably a couple bombings if they are from the 40's! Wow!
  11. Oh wow so it's ready! @nino you were mentioned briefly I believe in the second video I posted at minute 24:10 regarding some pics you had sent Min Ron Nee trying to decipher the date of a box. It's impressive the members that frequent FOH and their breadth of knowledge in the world of cigars. This is why I love this place. Cheers!

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