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  1. Outside feeling the warm sun while I people watch from my balcony and contemplate life
  2. What will be your new license plates ladies and gents?....sadly no poop emoji or eggplant emoji
  3. benfica_77


    Happy Bday! So many bdays close to each other in the FOH family. You guys must be getting tired of eating cake!
  4. This pictures aren't mine it was posted in another cigar forum. Not sure if anyone has seen the new releases for this year but thought I'd throw up the pics. Enjoy! Initial thoughts...the monte supremo will be like stuffing a salami in your thanks. The topes and cohiba novedosos looks interesting.
  5. benfica_77

    Happy birthday Ken

    One of the best pieces of advice in life is “you have to appreciate the little things”. That said, I know that spotting little things is easier said than done at your age! Happy Birthday Ken!
  6. My Club Benfica won 10-0 against Nacional....Porto we are coming for you!
  7. Hey guys....i'm not participating but very much into the nutrition and weightlifting. Have lots of friends who prep for bodybuilding competitions and when their bodies can't cut weight anymore and hit a plateau their coaches will typically have them do what's called a refeed. Essentially your hormones will promote weight gain after a prolonged period of time cutting weight. Those hormones stop that if you give yourself a boost of carbs for one meal. Also helps boost Leptin which has benefits as well. Below is a link which also cites the academic research behind it. I have been on a prolonged strict diet and timed my refeed cheat (an entire bag of chips) for the superbowl. The next day i noticed i actually lost weight because of the previously explained science. Good luck gents. Remember whatever you guys plan to do make sure you make it sustainable and it's a lifestyle change! I am not a medical expert but feel free to ask questions and if I know the response I will provide it with evidence based literature to back it up.
  8. benfica_77

    Super Bowl Wrap-up

    Snoozefest....I decided that doing laundry was more entertaining. Rams will be contenders again next year, it will depend on if Goff can improve on this piss poor performance and I Gurley can get healthy again. My prediction is Gronk retires, and I think the Pats era slowly starts to crumble over the next 2 years when I expect brady to retire.
  9. How do they have insta account for habanos with no internet in the country!
  10. I also need to try the JL2, very well received on FOH and Robusto is my favourite format. Good Call !
  11. What's the latest cigar you have tried for the first time? I tried a Monte 2 for the first time ever (typically don't smoke bigger cigars / torpedos) I was pleasantly surprised. Got lots of chocolate notes spice at all and pleasantly surprised. I will definitely try more torpedos now. Sometimes we get stuck in our ways, just a friendly reminder to broaden your horizons both in Cigars and life in General! Cheers!
  12. Who are your favourite cigar instagram accounts to follow?? Mine would be the cigar strategist. Great pictures with lots of stunning variety of cigar photos, he also has great watch pics for you watch lovers.
  13. My advice wait until @El Presidente custom rolls / house rolls he's been R & D'ing in the lab are released and buy those. Only way to buy customs and no they are 100% legit......Speaking of which when can we find out more? I'm praying you've created a nice corona gorda!
  14. benfica_77

    The republic of FOH??

    This is amazing! This needs to be made into a t-shirt! Sadly I have a feeling 1 million Kens is probably worth 10 Australian dollars due to hyperinflation. Sort of like the Zimbabwe currency
  15. Found a great way to not have to deal with all of the Australian regulations regarding tobacco. FOH can secede Australia! This gentlemen did in 1970 and hasn't paid the Australian gov any tax. What's your thoughts el prez? or should I say your royal highness Prez What should Ken's title be?

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