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  1. @Ken Gargett you seem stressed today. I heard weed is legal in Australia you might want to try some out. I heard it might enhance your music experience might make Bruce even better for you.
  2. Next will be condoms on your sigars.... For F sakes...
  3. I see they have the red sticker...PSP eh? Rob has been at it since the 70? LOL
  4. Whoaa that was a thing? Wow! Bring it back and brand it OnlyRobs a play on OnlyFans
  5. Thanks for sharing! If we see production again of the LGC Med #4 i'm curious how much the price will drop on BR. On a side note what's everyone's thoughts on the choix supreme? I do enjoy a good robusto but haven't tried one yet.
  6. @ someone who you think would need this? My vote is @Markspring1978
  7. Make the Bushido a regular production cigar. Boom !! I said this in a post a long time ago. If I was the head of marketing for Diplomaticos I would do a line of regular production cigars in partnership with embassies across the world and name them accordingly. The Diplomatico Britanica , Dip Italia etc. It would be a winner.
  8. Here's my 2 cents.... Cohiba doesn't need anymore regular production lines, neither does Monte's. Happy that Ramon Allones is getting a line expansion but the Dip #2 is very lonely, it needs some friends. A petite corona would be nice or anything with a 50 or below RG.
  9. Why do I feel like @Fuzz has re-enacted this season from the movie grandmas boy hahahaha
  10. If it's too good to be's because it is

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