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  1. benfica_77

    The republic of FOH??

    This is amazing! This needs to be made into a t-shirt! Sadly I have a feeling 1 million Kens is probably worth 10 Australian dollars due to hyperinflation. Sort of like the Zimbabwe currency
  2. Found a great way to not have to deal with all of the Australian regulations regarding tobacco. FOH can secede Australia! This gentlemen did in 1970 and hasn't paid the Australian gov any tax. What's your thoughts el prez? or should I say your royal highness Prez What should Ken's title be?
  3. Great write up. Having grown up in Portugal locally made cheese from the market was a staple. Speaking of cheese hope you had a chance to try some stilton with a good bottle of Port. Speaking of which going to pour me some Port right now. Cheers.
  4. I love my mother very much but for my 14th bday she gave me a commemorative coin since I liked collecting coins (when I was 8). Not an ideal coin for a pre-teen that just wanted some Gameboy games.
  5. This is the cheese Senor Ken speaks about. Amazing cheese! Have you been to Portugal Ken?? Here's a quick description of the cheese...... Famous the world over as the “King of Portuguese Cheese,” this sheep’s milk variety has been made for centuries by shepherds in the Serra da Estrela Mountains in Beira. It is crafted entirely by hand under rigorous rules – even the curds are broken up manually. Soft and almost spreadable, the white cheese has a smooth, thin, straw-colored rind and an unmistakable aroma and flavor. It’s often described as having a clean, perfumed bouquet, and a sweet finish that hints of burnt toffee.
  6. benfica_77

    At least Arsenal won

    Tell him how much you adore Bruce Springsteen and you might perk him up.
  7. ...... No Bruce Springsteen allowed in this thread
  8. For me I would have to say it's Pink Floyd - Have a Cigar !
  9. Starting selling FOH cigar dunking glasses and FOH water for dunking purposes lol
  10. benfica_77

    Grading Connie 1's and Coro

    When you order from here you get the quality of a CC and the construction consistency of a NC thanks to your hard work Prez. This is why I only buy from you.
  11. Thanks! Hope the warehouse treats you well!
  12. ......definitely mud wrestling....;)
  13. I avidly watch all of the Cigar reviews that Ken and El Prez do, I thoroughly enjoyed them. I had an idea for their next review I am not even sure if they would be interested but I thought I would put it out there. What's one question you would like answered by Ken and El Prez ? i.e. a mini ask me anything (AMA) the 5 most liked questions could be answered by the gents during their next review. Could be about them, a ridiculous scenario where they have to choose one option, a cigar related question etc. etc...Just an idea.... Here is my question, How did you meet each other? and what was your initial thoughts of one another. Cheers, Alex
  14. benfica_77

    For 2019

    I like both but digging the metal one more for durability.....very excited to hear more about these FOH customs!!! You should have an FOH Minuto named Le Ken and a Corona named El Prez!

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