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  1. Great book. See attached Enjoy El Lector A History of the Cigar Factory Reader (Llilas Translations from Latin America Series) by Araceli Tinajero.pdf
  2. I wonder if Bruce and Obama will have Ken on as a guest. Now that's a podcast I would listen too!
  3. Found you a podcast Ken
  4. Bijan I want to be your rug.....the amount of quality cigars that have been laid upon that carpet hahaha
  5. What a bummer! That sucks Ken. Remind me a my own story of almost meeting a famous person but at the last second it fell apart. I was doing a euro trip with a close friend who I see as a brother. On the tour we took a break from student hostels and booze filled nights chasing easy women and we stayed with my friend mom's aunt, older sweet lady in Rome. Her husband had passed away in a house fire sadly but he had been a high ranking police officer in Rome, when we decided to stay with her she insisted that through her connections we should meet the pope! When we got the offer I almost bur
  6. The "Jersey Disgarce" is what this lawyer called him....
  7. I want the portuguese regional !!! I emailed the shops in Lisbon in november and they had no news about it.
  8. It seems to be an excellent option I was stuck between one of these and a Avallo humidor that's temp controlled. At the end of the day I chose the Avallo for the craftsmanship. I'm in queue and it will take about 10 months before I get it but I don't mind.
  9. This thread needs a 19+ requirement. Cigar Porn at its finest

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