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  1. On your follow up video try Port and Champagne @Elpresidente
  2. You need to try with this bad boy a san pellegrino aranciata. One of my favourites.
  3. If you like espresso check out this crazy contraption!
  4. What's the best April fools joke you did or saw? Here's mine...I did this a couple years ago at work I put a sign saying that the new printer was now voice activated. I caught a couple people including an IT guy!!! On the link you can pick your printer "instructions"
  5. benfica_77

    I had a dream

    I like the should name your FOH house blend you've been working on Rayo De Luz. Any update on those?
  6. benfica_77

    bloody instagram!!

    @Ken Gargett I'm enjoying you insta drink some amazing wines and champagne! Your liver has processed the equivalent value of the GDP of a small micro-nation. I commend you good sir. If you want to instagram correctly you need to take more selfies talking about a new you and your next juice cleanse
  7. Great work gents! Now keep it up even after the competition is done!
  8. Exactly when cigar taxes are so high!!
  9. I was about to say that one today was worthy of this thread! loll 🤣
  10. Essentially this response could not be anymore bias. The only way this has a chance in hell of not happening now is if someone were to request an ATIP (access to information) request where you request all documents/emails related to this response and hope to find someone wrote an email or something inappropriate which could be used in the media or fight their sources. With the feds going into election soon this is the time to strike but realistically this has a 5% of not happening now. I am sorry to all the B and M's in Canada this will be the end of many. The NC selection won't keep me going there sadly since I don't smoke those anymore. Looks like i'm all in on FOH and buying straight from the motherland.
  11. Ughhhh so much anger right now. Just received notification that there has been a response to the cigar petition a lot of us signed including myself. Here's the official response to the petition. Canadian experience has also shown that when exemptions are made for some tobacco products, marketing strategies are adapted to continue to market products that appeal to youth. For instance, Health Canada’s 2009 flavour ban on little cigars prompted many manufacturers to increase the weight of their little cigars to continue marketing flavoured cigars that are attractive to youth. Unfortunately, cigars are being used by Canadian youth today. Based on 2016-2017 data from the Canadian Student Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs Survey, 2.5% of students in grades 7-12 reported having used a cigar in the past 30 days. The highest rate of use was among males in grades 10-12, where 6.7% admitted to having used a cigar in the past 30 days. Did they asked the youth if those cigars contained marijuana or tobacco because I bet you it had weed in it! Mother F'ers
  12. I'd like to see @Ken Gargett do the write up for 24:24 one day....he'll probably complain that all of the cigars have bad draws haha 🤣
  13. Going on my theme of 24:24 posts recently.... As we all now @El Presidente is a cunning linguistic and can entice all of us into buying that extra box of cigars even though we were over our budget. (starts ringing bell and chanting shame like in Game of Thrones). What's your favourite / most memorable 24:24 cigar description written by our illustrious leader. Last spring El pres posted some Epi 2's on 24:24 and he described them and I quote "It's like kissing your sister" they were on clearance and I was a newbie back then and I was assured by members that they were legit that even clearance is quality and they couldn't have been more correct. They were excellent! On a side note i'm pretty sure if PCC were to pull up their records El prez must hold the all time record for sales on the JL 2's!! He has had some excellent descriptions of those. Cheers!
  14. benfica_77

    AP Regional Help

    RASS in a corona gorda vitola in 10 count boxes 😍
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