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  1. Sadly it's a 250 count humidor. BOOOO!
  3. What does a deaf gynecologist do? ... He reads Lips! hahaah 🤣
  4. if this crap costs 30K a @PigFish humidor should be worth 600K.
  5. It's brought interesting dynamics. Recently the team I am apart of has used turning off our video as a form of protest. So when the Director royally F'ed us with an a$$kissing manager who is incompetent we have been on silent protest and not turning our video on. Overall using Microsoft teams / zoom has been great. When someone says something stupid you can mute your audio and curse them out to their face. Very therapeutic.
  6. Ouch looks like it's been through a warzone and microscopic aka 47's took them down
  7. Connie B i think could get an honrouable mention as well
  8. Ken doing additional due diligence by smoking the RyJ before the review! 😂 Great review it brings up an interesting point of where do these tins fit in the spectrum i.e. tins vs partagas shorts? or tins vs cohiba/trini shorts. I do like the idea of tins and I agree with Rob would be nice to have the opportunity to refill them and not buy a tin every time.
  9. Do you own a company that starts with an A.... Amazon? Is that you Jeff Bezos??
  10. FOH the land of smokey dreams Filled with interesting and unique characters @WarriorPrincess has the patience of Ghandi but the toughness of a warrior princess @Fuzz a man of who has had many jobs including filming videos where the girls goes yess yesss yessss @Ken Gargett who has yet to find a cigar that has a draw to his liking and has a life-size poster of bruce springsteen in his bedroom @JohnS with his detailed cigar reviews, I wonder how big his collection is. I expect that his humidor has no headroom. Last but not least there's @El Presidente... a king, Ruler, Dictator, Tyrant, and all around nice guy. Cheers to all of you.
  11. I'm interested in what comes out. Hopefully they make a bigger bigger version!!
  12. Highly unlikely considering the fact the league has no control of the players or the staff. Remember this a couple years ago? I hope they get 6-8 games and that's as far as it will go.
  13. Someone caption this pic of Nostradamus 😂. Great review gents the monte 2 is my favourite piramide.

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