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  1. LOLLL Siglo 1 - 775Euros ....Box of Sir Winnies 667 Euros....that makes sooo much sense. They are out to lunch
  2. This is how Oracle of Bijan won the blind cigar competition ...Prez cracked the code
  3. Imagine getting this paint job done and realizing your Aston Martin is worth 3 boxes of siglo VI.
  4. First Q'Dorsay I've ever had. It's from a 10 count box I procured a couple years ago. It's from box code ARS SEP 19. I've had good luck with this box code / factory, quite a bit of my stock is from ARS. I remember when I got the box the cigars had a very pronounced sheen/oil on them. I find that there's a higher probability of it being a good smoke when I see those lovely oils. I would say it's my biggest indicator I will choose a box for purchase more so than the shade of the wrapper i.e. darker vs lighter wrapper. I could be wrong but the way I see it is that those oils turn into flavour when given time to rest. What do you look for when buying cigars? Definitely a medium-bodied cigar with no rough edges. Smooth smoke, getting that almondy/nutty sweetness that I get from a good Connie A. A bit of cream you get from certain Hoyos and finally hints of toasted tobacco. Very pleasurable smoke. Pairing it with a great bottle of Port I procured in Toronto a couple of weeks ago at the flag ship LCBO store. Here in Canada/Ontario alcohol is state controlled and sold at LCBOs, finding good Port can be challenging at times. This from 98 has been excellent, a pleasant sweetness that's not overpowering with dried fruit being the prominent flavour. Great construction with the cigar self correcting itself, not needing any touch ups. Long ashes. No need to join Ken's class on lighting a cigar loll Overall verdict is a very solid 93. If it had cranked up the sweetness it could have been a 95. When this cigar came out it got a bunch of hype but then it kind of slowed down. I wouldn't sleep on them, a 10 count is worth getting to see if it tickles your fancy. I'm curious to try the QDO 50, the 50 ring gauge is ideal but the cigar is shorter than I would like. In an ideal world I would have the QDO 54 length but the QDO 50 ring gauge. What have your Q'Do experiences been like?
  5. Agreed my friend either that or i'm selling all of my trini and cohiba stock and buying a yacht!
  6. Me being optimistic is that Habanos SA realize their mistake when sales plummet in 2-3 years and they change their plan.
  7. Been in this hobby for 10 years and this is definitely the lowest point for the community i have seen. I will say it on behalf of all of us when I say F$C%!!! Me! Let's hope things turn around.
  8. I'd ilke to say it's the first time i've seen Ken in his undies but it's not.....Ken an amateur nudist 🤣✌️
  9. @Tstew75 you're in the area right?
  10. John always appreciate your insight. Your posts are always full of on the ground knowledge. Thanks for sharing.
  11. This moronic strategy will cause many LCDHs and other cigar shops close. Habanos SA will see in 2-3 years that this pricing strategy was a poor decision.....try to revert things but it will be too late those businesses won't come back and retail side will be F$CK3D. Want to see what continuous price increases do? Go check the Netflix stock price dropping 25-30% in one day last week. Longer-term what this means is that online retailers and a handful of elite LCDH will survive. For those who can visit Cuba buying on the island will become even more critical for the hobby. Locally in Canada this means in my opinion the death of Cigars buying from retailers forever....the plain packaging laws combined with these insane price increases on top of already crazy prices it's done. Terrible news.
  12. Sir Winnies have disappeared sadly...have a couple would like a some more!
  13. Love PCs and love the's a go too of mine. It's reliable it's solid smoke...won't wow me but I know it won't disappoint either.
  14. I'm all about the detailed inventory....that also keeps a running tab of the average score out of 100 for the cigars I have smoked from that box...finally some high-level tasting notes.
  15. Got a 50 cab from 2017....great smoke. I definitely dig them.
  16. Ken and Prez hope there will be in-person reviews soon! We need the return of the deck!
  17. I expect the market correction at the moderate's some reasons why at the macro-level - US Fed and other countries have either began or indicated that they will stop buying debt which inherently will increase interest rates which is desperately needed. There is absolutely no incentive for the average person to save/use a savings account. - The S and P 500 price to earning or PE ration should be hovering around of today it's 25! no bueno that means stock prices are inflated and will come down. - FAANG or whatever acronym you want to use for the big tech giants all those companies can't keep growing exponentially...they can't keep driving the stock market upwards. They will stagnate and new players will need to come in and take their spot at the's cyclical and happens every decade or so. - Real Estate is horrific in many countries...New Zealand...Canada...US etc. government will begin making policy decisions to drive the cost down which could impact the economy as well but I think is needed. I expect moderate pain economically speaking over the next 3-5 years. Except if you're in are mega-f'ed as of today you have began defaulting your loans and will take decades to recover from this.
  18. This tobacco would definitely be grown on indigenous/native land lots of reserves in that part of Ontario. It's interesting...I wonder if it will be taxed less domestically since it's grown here. I would say that conditions here are nothing compared to Cuba so it's going to resemble cuban tobacco as much as I look like Chris Hemsworth.... Ontario is more known for growing Mary Jane lolll...grows well here haha!
  19. Unfortunately can't help with tax law in Quebec...tabernac! But from my understanding Gatineau has better priced real estate / rentals so housing should be more affordable in comparison to Ottawa. You can take those savings and spend them at the excellent strip clubs in Montreal/Quebec!
  20. Frank laying down the truth! Never heard of vineyards in's all tobacco! I'll stick to my Italian trio...chianti...barolo and brunello!
  21. I got a good laugh around 5:56 calling people that "smuggle" real cubans to the US to be unscrupulous. Also I laugh that they said 95% of cubans are fake in US....FOH and other retails have something to say about that % lol.
  22. No no light the whole bottle which will light the cigar!!!

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