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  1. 8 hours ago, Frankinho007 said: Habanos_Nr.34_01.07.2022_final.pdf?fbclid=IwAR1iRb2B44GoEJTNyO2o0GVptbACSgkAlluKXX4NVwjKVibOJWu-BDdlxEM

    Cohiba, Trinidad have been raised the most - no surprise here

    Montecristo 1935 and Romeo's Linea De Oro almost tripled - which is kinda rough and unexpected.

    Regular cigars were raised in the usual 5-10% range I'd say.

    LOLLL Siglo 1 - 775Euros ....Box of Sir Winnies 667 Euros....that makes sooo much sense. They are out to lunch

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  2. 2 hours ago, JohnnyO said:

    In Havana, trucks are showing up at factories and pacas are being loaded up. No finished product. Asian drivers. No explanation to the workers. Mid to upper management is selling out the country getting ready for their Nicaragua trip. Just a small sample of what is happening to the world inventory. BTW, the article reminds me a lot of William Jefferson's Globalization plan. Everyone get gefickt except him. John

    John always appreciate your insight. Your posts are always full of on the ground knowledge. Thanks for sharing. 

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  3. I expect the market correction at the moderate's some reasons why at the macro-level

    - US Fed and other countries have either began or indicated that they will stop buying debt which inherently will increase interest rates which is desperately needed. There is absolutely no incentive for the average person to save/use a savings account. 

    - The S and P 500 price to earning or PE ration should be hovering around of today it's 25! no bueno that means stock prices are inflated and will come down. 

    - FAANG or whatever acronym you want to use for the big tech giants all those companies can't keep growing exponentially...they can't keep driving the stock market upwards. They will stagnate and new players will need to come in and take their spot at the's cyclical and happens every decade or so. 

    - Real Estate is horrific in many countries...New Zealand...Canada...US etc. government will begin making policy decisions to drive the cost down which could impact the economy as well but I think is needed.  

    I expect moderate pain economically speaking over the next 3-5 years. 

    Except if you're in are mega-f'ed as of today you have began defaulting your loans and will take decades to recover from this. 

  4. This tobacco would definitely be grown on indigenous/native land lots of reserves in that part of Ontario. 

    It's interesting...I wonder if it will be taxed less domestically since it's grown here. I would say that conditions here are nothing compared to Cuba so it's going to resemble cuban tobacco as much as I look like Chris Hemsworth....

    Ontario is more known for growing Mary Jane lolll...grows well here haha! 

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  5. 54 minutes ago, Ken Gargett said:

    i did an article for a wine mag on vineyards in cuba. and the search for them. easier to find the holy grail.

    was before our first ever trip, i was in sydney for a tasting at an obscure suburban restaurant and an italian friend walks in. she was a publisher (not for this article). i had read that cuba was about to release its first wine - big world wide wine boom at the time. i had tried and tried to get any info i could. nada. blot. could not find a thing. 

    chatting to my friend, i mention i am going to cuba. was keen to find out about the vineyards but no luck. i swear that this is true. she looks at me and says do you want to meet the owner of the vineyards. he is joining me for lunch. italian bloke. arrives. we have a great chat. gives me his card and tells me to ring him. in a JV with the Cubans. explains it all. 

    i do. call him many times. never answered. not once. odd?

    we get to cuba and find a "cuban" wine at the commodoro. if i recall, called "Sorear". i assume because the more you drank, the sorrier you were. 

    every town and village we go to, i ask about vineyards. yes, says everyone, but not here. in the next village. next village, same answer. 

    i give up.

    last day, i am in the taxi heading from havana to the airport on their version of a highway. we are passing little mixed farming plots. and bugger me, there is a section with rows of vines. i tell the driver to stop. i need to see these vines. he looks at me like i am insane and shakes his head. no sir, he says. they were pineapples. 

    i swear i am not making that up. 

    later on, we were talking to an expat based there. he told us that the govt had held a big press conference to announce that they were developing a wine industry. a few weeks later, they announced another another press conference where they showed everyone the first bottles. so from idea, to planting vineyards to the vines growing to the wine being made, bottled and aged and released in just a couple of weeks. they failed to mention that in the interim, several very large italian tankers had been seen in the harbour. 

    Thanks Ken! Very interesting story and post! :) 

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