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  1. Looks like Alex is going to smash his goal! Well deserved!
  2. @Connoisseur Kim you need to get the connoisseur edition!
  3. Just pledged as well. Can't wait to see this book!
  4. I hope you make it onto Prez's new podcast have quite the life story!
  5. Thanks @ATGroom !! There's some interesting options on that list the SLR - Dalias ....Sancho Laguito No.1....Punch Super selection no.1....the Dip Laguito especial. I believe the LGC Belux was in the original list I posted maybe it's moved to the 2021 release set. Very interesting!
  6. I'm gonna have to start calling you Joao....don't forget the natas and some port to go with your BHK!
  7. What a shame... at least the proper bands are under the crappy ones. Imagine those flimsy boxes instead of the proper boxes. Terrible.... Btw not my cigars...these are screenshots taken from a video on a cigar group.
  8. Bought cheaply a box of a RYJ tubos No.2 off a colleague and I didn't properly humidify them and they subsequently didn't taste great. But I enjoyed very much the overall experience, it forced me to slow down be present and take an hour to myself. Joined R/cigars on reddit and started purchasing NCs sprinkled in with a couple cubans that were gifted or muled from Cuba. I tried well over 50 different NCs and some multiple times and after a fairly large sample size the CC were far ahead the more pleasant smoke. I HATEEE pepper and that's the predominant note in 95% of NCs. bleh. After a big row on r/cigars and the community started to fall apart I decided to start looking for other forums and found FOH. Been here ever since...bought quarter boxes to see what I liked and didn't like. After confirming what I liked I graduated to full boxes. I learned I like mostly Robustos/Petite Coronas/Robusto Extras. They make 85% of my stock remaining 15% is longer formats like Fundies, Cola, Sir Winnies etc. Currently have 589 cigars in my inventory, I plan to add no more than 60 during next year. I purchased an Avallo humidor that will be arriving sometime in Feb/March. I will keep an eye on new regular production lines of CCs but the bulk of what I enjoy has been refined. Whole process from the beginning to now was roughly 8 years.
  9. Dont....the one with the owner starting with the letter R was poorly received by consumers and another one gave a small box of Monte Opens and NCs..... Agreed with others on here order what we can afford from 24:24 and BR.
  10. It's been very challenging getting a hold of the Portuguese regional. How is stock of these other 3 regionals? Hard to find?
  11. I'm seriously considering my next laptop to be a high-end chromebook. It does all of those things, Prez are you using google sheets? for excel docs etc. If you're in the google/android ecosystem it might be something worth considering. You can do image editing well but only basic video editing. The best video editing device is a Mac and use Final cut pro. I just don't like PCs anymore. I use one for work because it's required but if I could I would use my personal Mac. I would also echo LordA with the microsoft surface if you want to go PC.
  12. I wonder if the Chinese regional will be anything like the Bushido....
  13. I didn't know that the cigar industry was like OPEC.....some ppl are truly dumba$$e$
  14. That's heart least you saw the inside before bidding.
  15. Another vintage video since my last post was well received. Enjoy gents!
  16. British Columbia has been dealing with flooding for a couple of weeks now. That's where shipments flow through that come from Australia...
  17. Around minute 27 has some interesting history of when cigars were first rolled in Cuba and the history of Spain's influence on this. Minute 46 talks about the origina of cohiba with the creator of the cigar/brand!
  18. Don't have too much experience with cognac but it gave me the most expensive hangover ever. Father in-law had a bottle and decided to demo it after an Eros Ramazzotti concert. This was some years back but i remember enjoying it but not worth its astronomical price.

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