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  1. Swiss bank accounts loll......if the wife is pissed those swiss bankers will fold like their cheese. You need a bank account lichtenstein!
  2. Party at at FOH headquarters instead! .....that's a shame!
  3. Ooof that's rough. What model did you order? I think he's seriously bag logged on the DDD / larger cabinets. The medium to smaller ones he's moving faster on them. Mine was built in roughly 11 months from the day I ordered it. I got notification that my humidor is ready, here is a photo. It should have been shipped out either today or tomorrow to family in Nevada and then I have to navigate it Canada. He wouldn't ship it directly to Canada. Fingers crossed I can get it home before Xmas.
  4. The Cooled DDD will be well over a year until it's ready. The Owner of Avallo is seriously back logged and the DDD takes the longest. If you're willing to wait you're better off, I just don't know how good the Remington is in the long run. Avallo has been around for a while.
  5. I want a box! Just a heads up you can't call the shops and ask to pay and have them ship you a box. You must be present to buy the box as per the rules in Portugal. It was nice to at least to speak the mother tongue with someone not my family lol.
  6. Cigar Jesus has left but 70s band member has arrived! Rock on! Enjoy the wedding!
  7. I hope you have a great smoke lined up to go with this lunch. A nice aged Sir winnie and some port wine would be heavenly
  8. He's extracting industry knowledge from you so that he can start his next business venture! Happy Endings Inc. lolll
  9. Yes his collection is something amazing. One of my favourite cigar IG accounts to follow.
  10. I've never seen an habanos product with a face on the label. Thought i'd share this unique cigar(s) anyone have more info on it? I'd like to see Prez's mug on a BBF....someone should talk to PCC/Habanos to make it happen.
  11. The thermoelectric fan will go as required to keep the humidor at the desired temperature which is usually a just below room temperature. So it will go off periodically won't be on all the time. That's my understanding. As an overall update I've been a bit frustrated by the communication from Matt since approximately September. I ordered in January of 2021 and didn't email him asking for an update for months. He had said it would take 8-10 months. In September he indicated that it would be ready in 3 weeks giver or take. Well nothing and I have a feeling it's not even remotely close to being ready. From speaking to people it's taking at least one year before getting their humidor shipped and sometimes longer. So be prepared for a very long wait. Now when I ask for an update he says he will give me one the following week and never does. I don't want to rush him but he should be straight with his clients on what's going on. Definitely has been a frustrating process these past couple of months.
  12. This is great, i don't have a cigar podcast that I follow. Here's a suggestion, I am a sucker for structure so here's a possible idea for you @El Presidente - Start off every podcast with what's in the news section in the Cigar World Industry 10 minutes covering 1-2 news pieces. New RE is out or an update from PCC about inventory etc. - 30 minutes to cover the topic of the podcast with guest(s) (suggestions for episodes - have @Ryan to discuss the process of getting a RE (you mentioned working on the first Irish RE), have an FOH remember that is an expert in vintage cigars and talking about how to avoid common pitfalls when purchasing vintage cigars, have an owner of a B+M on to talk about what its like to own a cigar shop (Sahakian from Davidoff in London?), Have Alex on to talk about blending and rolling, I can keep going forever loll - FOH Post of the week - 10 minutes discussing your favourite post on the FOH forum for that can turn into 10 minute roast of Ken loll - BR auction of the week. 5 minutes Talking about an auction that was interesting either for how much it went for or it being a unique box and going into a bit of history behind it etc. - Wrap up and rating of the cigar / tasting notes smoked during the podcast. 5 minutes. I suggest keeping the podcast to max 1 hour I find the super long form podcasts a challenge to keep up with. Most people live busy lives and can't dedicate 2+ hour plus to one topic even if it's their favourite hobby. Happy to help on the back end with idea generation and lining up guests for the podcast!
  13. EABTH and 0 are probably distributor or vendor stamps of some sort. I have a similar box from 1987
  14. That's quite the quote.... Ken Gargett Hors 1971 - "heaven on earth".....i donno but a hor with that age has some high mileage hahaha not my cup of tea. I do enjoy a good Edmundo but I will reach for a no.4 more often or a no.2.
  15. Happy Birthday @Ryan A little birdy told me it was your Birthday. All the best!
  16. He is 100% gone... he has a coach that fired another coach now both working for the jags....he has coaches with completely different styles and philosophies. The players have lost any respect for the guy. He was an excellent college coach not because of tactics but because he could recruit 5-star talent. That doesn't translate well into the NFL. He wasn't going to finish the season the fingers in the bum hole will expedite things. Game over Urban.
  17. Tight race the difference between first and 35th is 4 correct picks

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