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  1. You must be on vacay.... don't see your lovely carpet in the background ! lolll Enjoy Greece!
  2. You need a stiff drink every time you open your email box. You never know what's going to be there. This is WTF in so many levels....
  3. I'm not surprised. I expect more to follow.... I won't be surprised that if you can get a cheap flight to Cuba for 2/3 days, bring an empty suitcase and load up and bring it back it will cover for your flight and a good chunk of your own boxes selling the rest on FB.
  4. As Frank alluded the bands are actually under the stupid plain packaging green labels but the actual boxes are flimsy cardboard that i'm surprised if you can stack more than 3 on top of each other. B and Ms are hurting for sure and even though there has been aggressive expansion of one chain here in Ontario called Havana Castle I don't see their long term sustainability. My local B and M is pushing more non-cubans and the product lines being kept in stock is a lot less. People are finding alternative routes to get their cigars, when people are showing their purchases on FB very few are showing plain packaging i.e. purchased through proper channels.
  5. That's what my gut is saying but I hope i'm wrong. Maybe they can sell the regional in can hope.
  6. Now that Canada has no more official La Casa Del Habanos stores since the Montreal and Toronto locations closed. Also with the annoying plain packaging rules here in Canada will there be ever another Canadian regional? The last one was the Diplomaticos Nortenos. Prez and Ken did a review of them. I have one box to smoke and another to save as a collector item if its the last one ever.
  7. Will sell out instantly and then sold on Bond Roberts for big $$$$
  8. I ordered in early Jan the Avallo 2000 cooled. He just told me 3ish weeks for it to be done. Sounds by the time it shipped it will be 11months I have a feeling. So ya, a year seems realistic especially for a bigger humidor.
  9. Glad you're better Ken! This review makes me regret getting only a quarter box and not a full one!
  10. Here's one piece of advice. Tom Brady always wins ...Detroit Lions always lose.
  11. Sorry Updated link...
  12. A hamlet interview...
  13. That's exciting Frank. Please post pics during the process and final build.
  14. Thanks for the update and transparency Prez. Just a bump in the road things will smooth out in the long run.
  15. God Bless you Rob! Politicians need to be given the middle finger often. You should run for Prime Minister! Ken can be your minister of foreign affairs, JohnS Minister of Finance, Fuzz Minister of Defence're all sorted!
  16. @El Presidenteyou need to make a business card that says President of c u n t | t with some interesting designs and innuendos. I would love to find out the story behind that url and when did you take it down? For people that don't know FOH had an intersting url when I first joined
  17. This hurts to see. I had a roller at my wedding but I made sure he only rolled smaller vitolas except for a select few people. There was thankfully no image like this at my wedding.
  18. Giannis brought RyJ Wide Churchills for celebrating the NBA championship If you won a major sporting even NBA, NFL, NHL, World Cup etc., what cigar would you bring to share with your team mates and celebrate. I'd pick a shorter-ish smoke since there's a lot of spraying of champagne in these events. I would choose medio siglo to share with the gents...or a Monte petite Edmundo

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