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  1. El Fuzz Guzman 🤣 ScarFuzz.....Say Hello to my little Lusitania Fuzz Corleone....Take the CoLa and leave the cannoli @Fuzz when will FoC friends of charcoal website be open?
  2. We should pitch the idea of a Boxing Day Sale or Black Friday to Habanos S.A. let's see what they think LOLLL
  3. I agree with Rob's comments about the RyJ wide churchill ...enjoy the flavours but don't reach for it often because of the vitola size
  4. Cohiba Genios MAR NOV 19 JL #2 MOL JUL 19 RASS MOL ABR 19 Trini Fundadores ASR SEP 19 CORO ASR MAY 19 Honourable mentions to UBM OCT 18 Connie A and Monte #4 UEB AGO 19 As you can see 2019 is lights out!
  5. When is yours arriving? I got 8 people ahead of me and I ordered mine in January
  6. Karaoke Ken - competition for Bruce Springsteen cover bands Getting Pickled - A wine review show..... TV shows are endless Ken needs his own TV channel
  7. Private Label Cubans exist to this day, below is an example of one. I have a feeling a select few in this forum might have one of their own...i'm looking at you Senor @Nino . Does anyone know what the process is like? Do you get to select your blend 100%? or do you have to choose from a selection of cigars. Has anyone smoked a private label cigar? I have once about 3/4 years ago it was a robusto size and it was excellent. Lovely smoke.
  8. Technical difficulties for once Rob's fault and not Ken........Ken offering a cigar for a future review....this is all madness. The world is upside down! Good review a fan of robustos might need to give this one a try..ideally one with age.
  9. I try and consistently do the following things: - Meditate 20 minutes 5-6 times a week (check out the headspace app and the waking up app) ....Keep my might more balanced and in the present moment. - Workout 4 days a week and one day of yoga. Getting a good sweat on and releasing endorphins helps mitigate negative thoughts. - Sleep 8 to 9 hours a night. This is critical if you don't sleep enough you won't have the mental resiliency to keep fighting the good fight - Talking to a close group of friends that you trust, have your backs and make you laugh - Don't forget to be kind to yourself
  10. 2 is what I expect if I were to enter. Anything more than that is just the ego talking...
  11. Captain Rob might need add hacking to his list of interests on his profile... Is slow horses a euphemism?
  12. Very cool. You should do some videos on the blending process....rolling etc.
  13. Happy Birthday Di! Hope the wine is chilled and a shopping spree is in your near future!
  14. Ken says fire Di .... seconds later ash falls on his legs. Coincidence? I think not...
  15. I have but no pics ....the wrappers looks great. No water spots. I'm stunned by the aroma the box was putting out for a 30+ year old box
  16. Just purchased this box from the year I was born, the box code is OVUC so March of 1987. But there's some other markings on the box ABTH and 02. Just wondering if anyone knows what that those are from. Box was originally purchased in Spain and 100% legit. No concerns on Provenance. Are either of them a factory code perhaps? Thanks!

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