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  1. VRATJV07

    Trinidad La Trova 2018

    Great review. Hopefully some become available on 24:24 soon. Looking forward to trying one
  2. Great Review @Markspring1978 that's a very nice looking humidor
  3. Haven't tried a Le Hoyo de San Juan yet. I love cigars in tubes. Have a box of Punch Punch from 2015 and each one has been a phenomenal cigar. Looking forward to lighting one of these up soon!
  4. I keep em with the cigars in the humidor. Want to have them in case of a trade to guarantee authenticity.
  5. VRATJV07

    Custom rolls

    Revisiting an old thread. I have the ability to purchase some of these custom rolls from Carlos Fernandez through a LCDH that he will be visiting. He will be rolling a variety of shapes, sizes and blends. Was wondering if anyone has any recommendations on which are his better blends and sizes?
  6. VRATJV07

    Travel case?

    I have a xikar travel case. Use it with a boveda pack and it works great. It can hold up to 18 to 25 cigars. Inside has foam padding to protect the cigars. Outside is made of a very hard plastic. It doesn't impose any type of smell from the foam or plastic that effects the taste of the cigars. Also very budget friendly compared to leather cases. Only thing is it doesn't have designated spaces for accessories.
  7. I personally own a Pendergast Humidor that I purchased from another gentlemen. I had to replace the seals on the doors and now it works great. Even has the original humidification system. I know they are back in business and supposedly their next gen humidors will have an even better fully digital set it and forget humidification system. I emailed them when my humidor was leaking humidity and they called me and instructed me how to replace the seals. Here is the new website although it is not fully functional yet. https://pendergasthumidors.com
  8. April Fools! And that's probably a Fohiba @Artin
  9. I was thinking the same thing when I read this. The business has to be worth something considering there is still a strong demand for his product. I am surprised no one that works for him is willing to take it over. Then again, not everyone wants to own their own business.
  10. Hope you enjoy those Mark!
  11. VRATJV07

    Cohiba Behike questions

    If I only spoke Russian...lol thanks for sharing To be honest, I would be afraid to dish out the coin to buy these from anyone except through 24:24
  12. VRATJV07

    Bugs on my cigars!

    So this happened to me last night and I almost had a heart attack. Opened the humidor to check on a box of 2017 Partagas EL for a possible NYE smoke. Low and behold I see these little critters crawling all over the cigars. I proceeded to check EVERY box in my humidor at 2 o'clock in the morning haha I was going to bag and freeze about 4 boxes when I found this thread. I had a gut feeling that these were not cigar beetles because of their size. Thanks again to fellow FOH members for this thread.
  13. To name a few on top of my list for 2019: Trinidad La Trova Bolivar Silver Jubilee RE Hong Kong Bolivar LE 2018 I hope to be able to participate in the aged stock auctions if allowed as I have some stock I am looking to sell or even trade
  14. Great review. Now if I could only get my hands on a box
  15. I also saw this video on YouTube. Great basement and cigar room. The craftsmanship is outstanding on the woodwork you have in there. Welcome to FOH!

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