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  1. Monte 80th rolled in 2018 from 24:24
  2. El Laguito Siglo VI. Cab of 25 and box of 15 Tubos. Going down for a nice long nap.
  3. Been hunting for these for a while and finally found a box at a decent price. Great looking cigars
  4. VRATJV07

    LCDH Grand Cayman

    I have been there one time at Old Havana and they were low on stock after a bunch of cruise ships came through. But great people to deal with and pricing is very fair. You really only get duty free pricing if you buy boxes. As @Cayman17 mentioned, singles are usually double the price.
  5. VRATJV07

    LCDH Grand Cayman

    I would say the service was good but selection was limited. I would try Old Havana Cigars. Juan is very knowledgeable and usually has a great selection to choose from.
  6. VRATJV07

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    2016 Medio Siglo and a Nespresso in between Orthodox Easter meals
  7. Early box code Talismans!
  8. VRATJV07

    Happy Greek Easter !

    Its Orthodox Easter malaka! (My wife is Greek and I am Serbian). Those kokoretsi would go great with some tsipouro! Happy Easter and enjoy that Monte 2.
  9. Those are beautiful sticks. I have been looking for a box of these. Do you mind sending me a PM of where you acquired them from? Thanks!
  10. VRATJV07

    Dog At The Gym?!?

    The owner of my gym has hit 2 pitbulls in the gym all the time. I am a dog lover and it doesnt bother me at all. I love seeing the dogs as they brighten up my day. During the class time the dogs are not on the gym floor, so they dont get in the way. They are extremely friendly and great with people also.
  11. The mailman dropped these off today. Beautiful boxes!
  12. VRATJV07

    Box of the Day

    Those libertador and silver jubilee look fantastic
  13. VRATJV07

    CUNTUS Boxpass

    Thanks Mark. PM sent
  14. VRATJV07

    CUNTUS Boxpass

    I'd like to participate as well. Can someone PM me the password? Or let me know who I need to PM for a password? Thanks!
  15. I was able to secure one box last year through the aging program they do in the benelux region. Have not seen them anywhere else. Have not had the chance to try one yet though

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