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  1. There is a cigar lounge close to me that won't let you cut or toast the foot of a cigar purchased from their humidor. When you pick a cigar, they ring it up at the register, cut it and toast the foot for you. I'm not kidding. Never went back again. Now how about a good lounge experience story! There is another lounge above a local steakhouse that only has a small walk in humidor with a limited selection. Not a very big place, maybe room for 20 people. They allow you to bring in your own cigars and make a great old fashioned. We always have maybe one too many cocktails and leave the waitstaff a nice tip for allowing us the freedom to relax, watch a ballgame and smoke any cigars our hearts desire. The staff is never pushy and take good care of their clients. Proud to support them when the weather is cold here in Michigan.
  2. I was able to acquire 2 boxes of SLR Marquez RE Cuba from a pretty reputable member on another cigar forum I am a member of in the US a couple months ago. I didn't even think to ask if he followed protocol to freeze these cigars after bringing them back from Cuba. I was going through my normal inspection of some boxes in my humidor last week when I discovered a live beetle in one of the SLR Marquez boxes. First time I have ever seen one of these little bastards face to face! I immediately inspected all the cigars in the box and found 2 damaged ones. I took both boxes and put them in a ziplock freezer bag and put them in the deep freeze for about 2.5 days. Then a fridge for 2 days and back out for inspection. When I opened the infected box, i found 2 more dead beetles and one more hole on one of the original damaged cigars. Other box was fine. I put all the good cigars back in the humidor in their boxes. I did notify the BOTL who sold me the 2 boxes of what happened and he claims he froze them when he came back from Cuba. Even offered to send me money back for the 2 damaged sticks. Was more interested in just giving him a heads up to consider checking his humidor and freezing any other boxes of the Marquez he had left in his personal stash. Would hate to see this happen to someone else! Would appreciate feedback if I freezed them long enough? What should I do with the cigars that were damaged? Toss em? Has anyone ever smoked a cigar with a small beetle hole or 2? I included some pictures below. Thanks! Jason
  3. El Laguito Cohiba Lanceros. Going down for a long nap.
  4. 2016 RASS. Great draw and burn. Flavors of toasty tobacco, espresso, some baking spices and a little twang. Couple years of rest did these well.
  5. Shine a black light on the stamp and see if the dots light up...then you know they real
  6. Within the last two weeks I had a Partagas Lusitania and a H Upmann Royal Robusto that were plugged and un-smokable. Had to put them down and go back to the humidor for another cigar.
  7. El Laguito Siglo VI. Cab of 25 and box of 15 Tubos. Going down for a nice long nap.
  8. Been hunting for these for a while and finally found a box at a decent price. Great looking cigars
  9. I have been there one time at Old Havana and they were low on stock after a bunch of cruise ships came through. But great people to deal with and pricing is very fair. You really only get duty free pricing if you buy boxes. As @Cayman17 mentioned, singles are usually double the price.
  10. I would say the service was good but selection was limited. I would try Old Havana Cigars. Juan is very knowledgeable and usually has a great selection to choose from.
  11. 2016 Medio Siglo and a Nespresso in between Orthodox Easter meals
  12. Early box code Talismans! Clearence 2 box deal from our host. Box code MSU NOV 18. Beautiful sticks and certainly not clearence quality First box of JL2s. Too good of a deal to pass up on from another vendor

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