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  1. Not sure if this helps... but I’m waiting on a shipment of Siglo VI’s from an online retailer... I was told the that the box code is UTL JUN17
  2. Contacted them today... they offered full replacement of both boxes, no questions asked.
  3. My Humidity is maintained with Boveda’s 65% packs in my 200ct humidor. RH hold from 63%-66%, with temps 64-67F
  4. Thanks for the help every one. I planned on aging one box untouched for at least 2-3 years... my only concerns are mold spreading to the rest of my collection.. would it be advisable to try and return these to the LCDH for a replacement? Or just push forward as is?
  5. Hello everyone, first post here... While traveling, I purchased my first 2 boxes of Monte no4’s from a LCDH on 12/9/17. I opened them today to find this.... These boxes have a “OBM JUL 16” stamp. I’m guessing it’s mold... any opinions? Should I contact the LCDH? I haven’t put these into my main humidor yet, as I don’t want to spread potential mold. Thanks for the insight. MAJ

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