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  1. God Bless all who gave there life for freedom ! It's the ultimate sacrifice ... And Thank You all that Serve there country ..
  2. God Bless all who gave there life for freedom ! It's the ultimate sacrifice ... And Thank You all that Serve there country ..
  3. Smoke any way you like their is no science to smoking a cigar or time limit .. The main thing is to enjoy your smoke ..
  4. ET was real my mommy told me it was in 1981 when I seen the movie ! So I think they are here already Ken ...
  5. Was gifted a 2011 HU Connie1 on Saturday it was like smoking a HU Sir Winnie all the classic flavors !! I was in heaven I did not want it to end just a amazing ride this cigar took me on ! 95+ point cigar hands down !
  6. I went with Monte 2 I have only smoked two Dip2 and they were very bland must of had duds ? What does a Dip2 taste like when they have been blended right ?
  7. Smoking one from 13 and yes it' has classic RA flavor !! It's like I was smoking a 3 + yr RASS just amazing ! And by judging by the specimen I am smoking they have aging potential ... But to me they taste great now ....
  8. Cuban tobacco is aged since 2004 before it is rolled ... And Cuban cigars or any cigars are meant to be smoked out of the box and taste great ! But judging their flavor out of the box it will give you an idea of the aging potential of the cigar down the road . There is so much miss information going around it is a joke ...
  9. Do not know.... But I will smoke mine one day as there are meant to go up In flames ... LoL
  10. I have some HU from 59 .. That is a tax free stamp when Castro took over he made everything before he took control tax free and that band represents that .. As I remember that's what someone told me many years ago .. Hope he was right
  11. Once the oils have dried up they will never be the same ...
  12. A stelar 13 Monte 2 all the classic flavors and yes it would have had great aging potential .. RIP
  13. I was drunk when I smoke 4 Cazadores in a row but they don't affect me as others I guess ! But for about 4 years I did 3 to 5 cigars a day !
  14. The 2013 are very good nice strait forward flavors some complexity . For me I love this cigar I once smoked 4 in a row in my backyard one summer day ! I can easly smoke 4 more in a row as they are very tasty the present ones .
  15. You can't compare Cubans to Non Cubans it's Apples and Oranges ..... But smoke what you like ....

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