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  1. you got my support bud! good luck. I smoked a RyJ Ex 4 last night. One of the first times that I could 100% identify the cigar. But that is a rare case for me.
  2. '02 choix supreme My last of the 3 I had. First two were great.
  3. Classicos are splendid! I've had many that were 8+ years (up to 15 years old) and every one of them was magnificent.
  4. For me it would be like rolling the dice... Which is likely the same for 80% of the members here.
  5. hopefully two singles, and not two boxes. if they are two boxes, well, I certainly hope they are better than the four singles I had.
  6. I purchased four singles of these. 2017. they were the worst cigars I've smoked in the last couple years. When I saw this review title I thought, "I wonder if anyone enjoyed these crappers".... reading your review sounds like my feelings as well. Not only are they poor tasting, the burn is some of the worst I've ever had with Cuban Cigars.
  7. Cce was what I wasn't sure. That and the cuaba. Knew the upmann 2 and the 50. So 2 newbies for me. Yay
  8. Received a prez sampler for a prize winning. Not even sure what I won. Well sorta. Not sure the cohiba or the Cuaba. Can't wait to try em.
  9. excellent example! That is one of my favourite scenes in film.

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