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  1. Bowie. The Man. Seen him twice. Wish I had seen him 20 times more.
  2. well, that glue sure is cleaner than my last method....zigzags have many uses, lol.
  3. Met Mr Candy when I was a youngen. He was side by side with Wayne Gretzky. (meeting both at the same time, was, well ridiculous). My uncle, who was a big CFL player (Ang Mosca) brought me back to meet them. John was so friendly, just as you would expect. Wayne was...awkward. Strangely enough, I got a nice framed Photo, personalized autograph of Wayne (To Steve, Your friend, Wayne Gretzky). To be honest, if I was to do it over, I would have asked the same, but from John. Might be my greatest childhood memory. (I was 11 years old)
  4. Bruce played the longest "standard" concert I've attended...over 3.5 hours of entertainment, and that was in 2012...so not the youngest Bruce!
  5. however, the process of imparting flavour and other elements to tobacco leaf has been something very nontraditional to Cuban cigars. You are buying Cuban tobacco for a reason. maybe I'll be wrong, but I don't believe I'll see external flavour added to Cuban tobacco in my lifetime.
  6. sure, like wine. except tobacco leaves and grapes aren't quite the same thing. guess we'll see if aging in flavoured barrels catches on.
  7. i think things like aged tobacco in barrels, etc, will only help to strengthen Cuban cigars. the reason they are aging in bourbon barrels, and other flavour additives, is they know their tobacco flavour is sub par. Why else change the flavour of what you grow? if that happens, it'll make "Cuban tobacco" (ie, natural) even more popular.
  8. Of all the great music throughout this thread, this sounds like something extremely killer! To be honest, I'm not sure Chicago (as much as I love them) could follow a Tower of Power / Santana combo. I'm sure they did fine, but those are two huge bands (although Tower of Power was just starting out at the time). Santana was in beast mode... What a fun night of music!
  9. hope those with "more than they'll ever need" have honest and frank discussions with someone in their life in the event something bad happens. Most often we have those discussions with our spouses...but there may be reason why someone other than your spouse may be beneficial in this case. (you can be truthful with costs/values/etc)
  10. QDO 50 not getting much love. boy it sure sells out quickly...so someone must be still loving them? (flippers maybe?)
  11. I don't think americans appreciate how lucky they have it getting cigars through the mail without massive taxes. I truly can't understand it. But makes sense why there are so many US buyers here. There aren't other routes to get cigars into the country through the mail without paying the taxman.
  12. just give the above two links a click. It'll make you smile - trust me. and if some how, some way, you don't....and you've checked your pulse, then give this a whirl If you make it through that without smiling, you just might be dead.

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