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  1. Hammer Smokin'

    Catch of the day!

    oh I'm so very jealous. we have some nuke plant winter fishing, but it means breaking ice to the warm water discharges, then catching trout species...with the odd smallie mixed in. great fishing man!! enjoy.
  2. this year. wasn't it mid November? it was a big thing...Prez put a bunch of cheap, but amazing cigars on a 24:24, but did it through the INT site. I'm sure someone with a better memory than me will remember the specific date...
  3. thanks gents. Looking forward to them in due course. Cheers,
  4. First off, great to see Canada starting to get packages again. Prez, looks like things are back in the swing of delivery. I received my sampler pack from the 24:24 when it was the first time selling through the store... Can someone help me remember what the Bolivar and what the H. Upmann cigars are? Can't wait to try the Partagas Maduro, that is also a new one for me. Can't go wrong with the D4, the EE, or the Sig V Thanks again Prez for making the sampler packs available. I can't wait to get into this one....
  5. Hammer Smokin'

    Catch of the day!

    Bucketmouth fishing in almost December. Yes, I'm just a bit jealous! what water temps you fishing? Still in the 50's? Awesome man!
  6. that reminds of the game "which of the following is not like the others"...
  7. The VR Clasicos is (was) my favourite in that line. I would love to find a couple unopened boxes of those!
  8. well, people have been "christening" the joints for as long as I can remember. it is the same principle at work. we always moisten a joint before smoking. makes complete sense that the same practice would work for cigars.
  9. Hammer Smokin'

    aussie accents

    I learned don't suggest to my Kiwi senior boss that her accent sounds Australian. It didn't go over well
  10. I follow the mantra, when you spark up a cigar, and it is plugged, or hollow, or whatever, just chuck it and light up another. Our time on this earth is too short to worry about fighting through a human rolled cigar.
  11. Hammer Smokin'

    What is happening this weekend ?

    My hometown of Hamilton will square off against the Ottawa Redblacks for the CFL Eastern Conference Finals (Grid iron football). Wife and I are long time season ticket holders ... this is the biggest game of our year (unless of course we win, and go to the finals - The Grey Cup). Going to be a wonderful weekend, regardless of the outcome. Oskee Wee Wee!!!
  12. that yank directly above already did it boss.
  13. Hammer Smokin'

    RyJ Tacos EL 2018

    I've only tried a couple Capuletos, but the ones I had were underfilled and underwhelming.
  14. smoking cigars can be for everyone. but smoking aged cigars is a little different. having the funds to build a collection large enough to smoke only aged cigars - well, that takes some coin! (and really isn't for everyone)
  15. Hammer Smokin'

    Cut to the chase....

    Cohiba Esplenditos Cohiba Lancaros If I could afford it, I would spend 50%+ of my time smoking those two cigars.

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