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  1. I would have to assume if 10's of millions of people are getting vaccinated world wide, there are going to be deaths afterward. Not any different than if you gathered 10's of millions of people, didn't touch them, and then checked how many died afterward. The numbers represent standard death rates over a large populous.
  2. I have like four or five 60g's in each of my desktop humidors, and two 320g's in my coolidor (66L or 70qt which is smaller than the one shown on this thread). can't go with with too many!
  3. 1 and 2 differ. 2 is 'punchier' (and I'm horrible describing cigars)
  4. I'm just going to buy my neighbours house to use as a smoking house. otherwise, it isn't happening around here, lol.
  5. nice! jealous. that's the stick I'm looking to purchase next...but they don't come up often, and when they do, they are gone in a flash.
  6. I still meet cigar smokers who don't retrohale. I don't understand it.
  7. beautiful to fish for the majestic browns in those conditions. we get them in big open water great lakes fishing. Not nearly as exciting or beautiful as those settings.
  8. i know my good friend is a mechanic, and he does not like electric vehicles. they don't require nearly enough maintenance. ICE engines are what mechanics like.
  9. Band of Brothers is amazing. Absolutely (and I think I'm ready for a re-watch). But I enjoyed The Pacific as much (if not a bit more). It doesn't get near the recognition that Band of Brother does.
  10. 5x42 yes please. I can't say I've been fortunate to try one, but I love the size, and I love the Diplo 2
  11. The Terror Season 1 is fun, until it isn't. They didn't need to get silly with it. I need to check out Season 2 - The Terror Infamy.
  12. well, there you go, grilled pork and soy sauce they are great! Paid $225CAD in April 2019. OLM NOV 13 Might be my best purchase ever
  13. they have all been cream bombs, like you would expect from a Hoyo, but have a sweeter taste than I'm used to, maybe vanilla? Now I fully admit I'm terrible at cigar descriptions, and one of the main reasons I don't do them (saying good, really good, not so good, doesn't go far in cigar reviews). But with that said the sweet creamy, almost honey like taste is like a treat. I usually put a couple months between each time I smoke one, just long enough to forget how much I enjoyed the last. That way when I spark one up I get to "re-remember" how good they are. The first three or four were like their own experience. Now that I'm over half box in, I sorta expect it, and it becomes less of a surprise. But even with expectations, they still are a treat. I know the likelihood of getting more in the future is rare, so I'll just enjoy these last four the best I can
  14. I think I have four left in my box of ten. One of the best boxes of cigars I've owned (each cigar has consistently been perfect!)

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