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  1. Hammer Smokin'

    Pop up sale tomorrow

    great price!
  2. My wallet is thankful I live in Canada. Our shipping/duty nightmares keep me from spending $1,000's from here. Every order is a gamble. Never know how much is going to be added
  3. Hammer Smokin'

    Your favourite animated sitcom?

    Any love for the partially animated puppet series Greg the Bunny?
  4. Hammer Smokin'

    Must Pick Up Cuban Cigars in Cuba

    save your money, which could very easily go towards buying fakes... and buy from here. at least they'll be real.
  5. $40 CAD is cheap for a Robusto here. A D4 is $35. Same with a RASS. CORO is closer to $60. I have a feeling this cigar is going to be much more than $40. It won't be cheaper than a CORO (I doubt)
  6. i don't have enough experience to weigh in, but I'm going to be interesting in reading the comments
  7. Hammer Smokin'

    Taste this............

    interesting thread. my wife will often ask for a taste of my cigar, which I gladly allow. she doesn't ever want a full cigar, but doesn't hate them, and I smoke them infront of her without issue (she is a cigarette smoker, which I am not - I guess a trade off). don't really have an interest in sharing a cigar with anyone else. but strangely enough, passing a joint around is normal culture....
  8. Dead and CO are live streaming their two upcoming sets starting at 9:15 eastern FOR FREE! https://relix.com/live/ Enjoy.
  9. Hammer Smokin'

    Video Review - El Rey Del Mundo Choix Supreme

    a robusto that I have not tried as of yet. need to change that
  10. Hammer Smokin'

    Corona Gorda / Grand Corona

    If you google simply "Ramon Allones Superiores", of the first links that appear, 3 list them as Grand Corona and 2 list them as Corona Gorda, which was where my confusion was coming from. It appears I've seen them listed as both... Again, appreciate clearing up my confusion.
  11. Hammer Smokin'

    Robustos, why do you smoke them?

    Guessing that the CoRo is the most expensive standard robusto, it also happens to be my favourite. Hate when that happens. But I love the Cohiba Robusto, Party Series D4, HDM EE, RASS, and the Vegas Robaina Famosos.
  12. Hammer Smokin'

    Corona Gorda / Grand Corona

    Thank you very much. My OCD needed this explanation! I assumed they were kinda of the same thing, based on how similar the names were, but you've nailed it!
  13. I notice my Ramon Allones Superiores are listed as a Grand Corona (46 x 5 3/4). I notice my Cohiba Siglo IV's are listed as a Corona Gorda (46 x 5 5/8). What is the difference between a Grand Corona and a Corona Gorda? (or are they the exact same words, just said in a different manner?)
  14. club soda is my go-to when pairing with a cigar. but then again, club soda is my go-to for almost everything drink related.
  15. Hammer Smokin'

    Your worst of days.......

    seizures are so difficult. I've had a number of them during my adulthood. I can only imagine how scary is must be to see someone break into gran mal. It's even more scary for the person seizing. Nothing is tougher than the "initial" couple seconds of waking up after a seizure. confusion. discomfort. agitation. and most of all, exhaustion. it's like your brain runs a marathon in a couple minutes..neurons mis firing at record pace. comfort your little man. I hope he grows out of them. I hope the meds he may be on aren't too bad. while not as bad a the seizures themselves, seizure meds are a world of hurt - especially after a decade or more of taking them.

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