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  1. going through some of my older purchase notes, Por Lorrangas Encantos rated extremely high for me. Ramon Allones Estupendos also ranked extremely high in my notes.
  2. Smoked this on Friday. One of the best Cigars I've ever smoked.
  3. yah, if it was just me, I would think maybe it was something internal (something I ate, external temperature - it was 36 degrees Celsius with the humidex and we were in the sun)...but it was both of us....right at the same point in the cigar. due to the great conversation I don't feel I smoked it too quickly either... but again, it was a great cigar. I would absolutely smoke another.
  4. That's interesting you say that. When I was in the Toronto LCDH, as I entered a fellow was leaving, inquiring when Behikes would be back...he wanted to buy a BOX. (at Canadian prices, can you imagine the cost?!) I asked how common it was for guys to be buying boxes of Behikes at Canadian tax prices, and was advised the person inquiring was part of Drakes "entourage".
  5. purchased two out of actual box bundwallah is showing above. found the first 2/3'rds very enjoyable. Great burn. No issue with the dark wrapper. likely the best "fresh" le I smoked. then the last 1/3 came. talk about a powerful punch. both my friend and I had to sit down to finish. I smoke Sig 1's, BPC, and other strong cigars...and boy, this one ended with a punch.
  6. Maybe it wasn't Julian, but I believe that is what I recall. Tall thin gentleman, who discussed his training in Cuba to be a ... well, I forget the title, but a sommelier of cigars basically. We did have a great time. A shame what is going in this country.
  7. oh, and they talked fondly about the time 'Prez came by the shop. (they had asked how I heard about them, and asked if it was FOH). They also spoke highly of you Bundwallah.
  8. What an amazing afternoon. Arrived half hour before my scheduled lunch. I was warmly greeted by a gentleman who I believe was Francisco and was shown around. Chatting about various topics while I drooled over their amazing selection. Just about every cigar I could think of was there, aside from Behike. A little later Julian came in and introduced himself. I picked up a few cigars - 2000 VR Classicos (X2) - 2006 San Cristobal Mercaderes - 2016 H Upmann Mag 50 - 2018 Trinidad La Trova Outside of the Mag 50, white whales for me. My customer showed up and picked up a Monte #2, PL Picadores, and a 2016 Mag 50. Then picked up two of the 2018 H Upmann Propios for us to enjoy. Julian and Fransisco joined us on the sidewalk and gave us some complimentary americano coffees. We had a wonderful chat and enjoyed the Propios. By far two of the most knowledgeable folks I've met. And amazing guys taboot. We started discussions custom rolls, farm rolls, etc. Alex roles game up, then Jorge customs. I mentioned I loved the Alex customs I had in the past, but had only heard of the Jorge customs. As we finished our Proprios's Julian brought us back down to the humidor and gifted my customer and I two Jorge Custom's...I believe Lanceros or maybe Lonsdales. Either way, an amazingly kind gift for two first time customers. We of course shared our disappointment with plain packaging, said our good byes, and were on our way. Wish the rest of the afternoon was enjoyable as the time spent at the Toronto LCDH. Thanks the rec and I'll definitely be back again soon.
  9. definitely will be expensing lunch and parking...but can't expense cigar purchases.... appreciate the help!
  10. bundwallah, not sure if you are going to see this, but my business lunch was bumped from next Wednesday to tomorrow. Awesome! Is there parking near by? Any suggestions?
  11. just booked a "business lunch" there next Wednesday. client and I are both cigar smokers...neither have been there before - which is a shame on our part. wish I was visiting under different circumstances, but looking forward to it none the less.
  12. it's beautiful. a statement piece. many people like to own (and show) statement pieces.
  13. I just have to ask, because they were the best cigars I've received from you.... Any Monte MC's with age on them? Last year you pulled out a master case with 4 years already on them.
  14. as with many things in life, the more expensive something is, the more people want it.

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