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  1. This is very accurate. If you like the kick and intensity some cigars offer, you will be more likely to enjoy young fresh cigars.
  2. love it! great response. you have me laughing out loud bud but on another note, that is one flavour I've never detected in cigars....cannabis.
  3. I swear half (or more) of these 'cigar tastes' are in our heads. either that my pallet is dead. like how can someone taste hay? how many of us knows what hay tastes like? Do ya'll chew on hay or were you a cow in a previous life? or do we taste "hay" because we don't know what hay tastes like, but we read that Cohiba tastes like sweet grass...and we say "oh, that's what hay tastes like" and use hay in the description? last I checked grass isn't part of my normal consumption
  4. while I've noticed many (if not most) cigar smokers are NOT cigarette smokers, clearly cigarette smokers have a much higher tolerance towards nicotine. My last young fresh RASS had me on my ass, then the couch...almost spinning.
  5. and yet they continue to sell out at record high pricing. someone must be buying them, lol.
  6. Yep. we have progressed to a superior device. smaller screen. lower resolution. poorer sound. weaker processing power. cost 2X as much. sounds like progression to me
  7. Anyone smoke a cigar without taking a pic and posting it anywhere? That would be a minority i do believe
  8. i bought a partial box of 2014 dip 2's in early 2020. those 12 or so cigars were all amazing. every single one.
  9. PLMC was the best cigar I smoked in March. Don't underestimate those beauties (mine was a 2018). At least try to get it to 3 years before diving in too much.
  10. Chinook Salmon fishing on Lake Ontario. I keep an updated thread on the fishing sub board here.

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