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  1. Hammer Smokin'

    Cigar aficionado 2019 Cuba LE

    a sub 50RG QDO LE?! this place isn't going to be able to handle the demand the QDO will bring. i can imagine this place is going to go haywire over them...
  2. Hammer Smokin'

    RIP to a friend

    Gave my Lannister an extra big hug today. RIP to a beautiful cat. Sorry for your loss..
  3. Hammer Smokin'

    FOH Fishing International

    oh I'm in. for sure!
  4. Hammer Smokin'

    The Dr. Joe Show: Update

    leave his poor parents alone. i'm sure they had a tough enough time through all of this.
  5. I mean... Literally... Triggered... the 3 ways to know you're dealing with a snowflake.
  6. that's what I'm talking about... for many years of my life, I fished quite competitively. fishing during this time meant 10+ rods, equipping the boat for whatever type of fishing I was doing (river vs big lake vs small lake)... and the pressure of catching was always high, whether due to paying customers, bragging rights, or competition. almost burned me right out... just the idea of fishing "for whatever bites" is what brought me back again. I'm looking forward to fishing much more in 2019....with no pressures
  7. going to the bank of the river, fishing rod and a can of worms, and just fishing for whatever bites.
  8. Hammer Smokin'

    Springsteen on Broadway

    just downloading this as we speak. look forward to enjoying this over a nice cigar and scotch.
  9. I believe it was confirmed from his main source of cigars (if you watched his show, you know which vendor I'm referring to) that he unfortunately passed away from a sinus (or similar) related infection.
  10. Hammer Smokin'

    Catch of the day!

    oh I'm so very jealous. we have some nuke plant winter fishing, but it means breaking ice to the warm water discharges, then catching trout species...with the odd smallie mixed in. great fishing man!! enjoy.
  11. this year. wasn't it mid November? it was a big thing...Prez put a bunch of cheap, but amazing cigars on a 24:24, but did it through the INT site. I'm sure someone with a better memory than me will remember the specific date...
  12. thanks gents. Looking forward to them in due course. Cheers,
  13. First off, great to see Canada starting to get packages again. Prez, looks like things are back in the swing of delivery. I received my sampler pack from the 24:24 when it was the first time selling through the store... Can someone help me remember what the Bolivar and what the H. Upmann cigars are? Can't wait to try the Partagas Maduro, that is also a new one for me. Can't go wrong with the D4, the EE, or the Sig V Thanks again Prez for making the sampler packs available. I can't wait to get into this one....

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