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  1. a friend bought me a fake box of CoRo directly from Holguin airport. I think they had a real box on display, but all fake boxes below. He didn't know any better. I hate that Cubans sell fake cigars directly from their airports. I guess I'm supposed to "get it"....but I don't. It makes me not want to spend a dollar there.
  2. So basically every vitola is at the top of their game.
  3. I would take the box of Behike 54 over some boxes of BBF/BRC/D4. And that my friends is how it works. Prez says it's a good deal for him. I say I'd rather the Behike 54's - a good deal for me. OP, you need to determine what a good deal is to you.
  4. definitely worth the extra price...well...because... just because.
  5. I like lighter cohiba wrappers over the darkies. i certainly don't have interest in a cohiba lancero maduro... especially assuming for every one lancero maduro they roll that is one less standard lancero...and that would be a net negative (for me). I'm sure it would be a major positive to HSA though. Everything Cohiba is.
  6. while I wouldn't turn any down, I would not purchase a single cigar listed above. I've had many of all five, and none are found in my "to purchase" list.
  7. thank you very much Sir. that was an extremely smooth, well run box pass.
  8. Fundadores and CoLa's are the two best cigars I've smoked for consistency. SW's and Espies have a higher reach point, but I've had some less amazing ones (not bad ones, just less amazing). All Fundies and CoLa's have been fantastic!
  9. this place loves their BBF! Not surprised with the monty 4 love. mag 46 has a smaller following...and that is being shown as well.
  10. Great post. I don't even know what Veuve Cliquot means. That's probably a good thing
  11. You have to admit Prez, it keeps many markets "open" with Cuban sales. Likely there is a market that doesn't like, and a market that does like, almost all cuban cigars!
  12. I believe it has more to different folks taste different things than simply not getting the right box. I've never tasted peanut butter in a cigar...and I've smoked plenty of Punch cigars. Taste is subjective, and likely the culprit to these discussions.

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