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  1. At least ya'll aren't shut down for indoor dining. Enjoy the meal! hope you didn't lose any taste or smell
  2. In good ole Canada, we couldn't even print a certificate (in order to even attempt to create a fake one). We just use a pdf file emailed to us. And ya'll know how easy it is to modify a PDF file.
  3. I've purchased number of open boxes. In fact, likely more than full boxes. But they are local purchases (within Canada), and often from the same group of guys. We all know each other, (at least as much as you can being online) and for the most part, everyone is pretty solid. It's like buying any cigars, trust your source. Now with said, in a large number of partial box buys that have been fine, I can think of two very bad purchases. In both cases it isn't flavour, but construction. Of course this is something the seller knew. Poor construction is black and white. But that's the gamble you take I guess. Buying from a tight knit group (not reddit groups, lol) reduces that risk. To be honest, if I didn't buy partial boxes I've would not have smoked the top 70% of my favourite cigars. Almost all the 'special' cigars came from partial box purchases (behike 52/54, Espy's, Siglo VI's, Lanceros, Sir Winnies..the list goes on)
  4. I get why there is a subset of people out there that would expect a refund. If we purchase other consumable products that don't meet expectations, in almost all cases we can get a refund. However cigars aren't traditional consumable products. I wonder if I bought some weed from a legal dispensary and it didn't get me high (or as high as I expected) if I could get a refund. Likely not, lol.
  5. as a consumer I wish I could return poor tasting smokes. but of course we can't. as a retailer that isn't a path I would want to go down. I wouldn't consider offering any form of refund. the option to this fella is the classic 'partial box' sale or trade. I think that's the most common activity. Smoke a few (or slightly more) out of a box. Don't enjoy any of them? Onto the trade boards it goes. And we know what one person tastes (and/or dislikes) doesn't mean someone else will feel the same. So trading / selling is likely the best option. (poor construction is another story)
  6. The only reason racism is around is because people keep talking about it? Strange comment.
  7. antigen covid negative tests (while carrying the virus) are so common. they often don't show a positive until you have had multiple days of symptoms. essentially - useless.
  8. surprised not to see the ERDM Tainos in the listing. That's been a top 5 cigar for me.
  9. I believe that is their job. to film every moment of their existence.

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