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  1. after the first hour has gone? you some kind of funny man?
  2. 'till Christmas 2023 (not sure I'll be able to have mine last that long though.... )
  3. the email was for custom cuban cigars. otherwise, I'm sure he would
  4. Irodo Micro Jet. Cheap. and works better, and more consistently, than any expensive lighter I've owned in the past. they just simply work. Why I pay 4x more for a lighter that needs to be coddled to work is beyond me. I wish I had realized this sooner, and saved some money.
  5. We try not to. B&M's are a tough buy. But even orders via Internet get nailed by the border. Generally you can expect a 100% increase in purchase cost in taxes. and they base that on the actual cost, not the cost shown on the package. it is crazy...and frustrating seeing everyone getting boxes via the 'net without taxes applied. but such is life.
  6. yep. sure does. missed that....and makes the price make more sense.
  7. that sounds cheap...unless you are talking a 10 count box.
  8. one of my rules in life is to NEVER trust anything from facebook.
  9. Encantos. The best Regional I've ever smoked. Bought a 3 pack a couple years ago....what I'd do to get my hands on a few more of those!
  10. The oldest Gridiron trophy in the World. The Grey Cup!
  11. anytime I hear 50/50 opinions, and they are opposite, I assume Cohiba. that is the marca that seems to have the most varied opinions. I believe this vitola was a rubostos? sounds to me like one obvious selection....we'll see.
  12. cool. thanks. I just finished cooking our first "indoor" burgers of the year. Did them smash on the flat top. bbq'ing almost done for the season. cheers,

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