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  1. That is the path that makes sense. But when you realize you are NOT buying anymore stock at these prices, then you look at your remaining stock and know after it's gone, it's gone.... If I had 10+ years of stock, or a life time of stock like some, the decision would be easy. I'd never sell. I'd just smoke my stash for the rest of my life. But for those of us who have a few years worth of stock (conservatively) the decision isn't as clear cut.
  2. wearing a $50K watch in public is like walking around with $50K cash in your hand waving it around. who would do that? One of our Leafs players got his car jacked under knife point two days ago. Mitch Marner. People figure it was due to his social media posting where he was showing off in his fancy car which showed what parking lot he was at (he was at a cinema) only 15 minutes before the apparent jacking. Basically people following his socials saw where he was, and jacked him.
  3. I, like many others, are trying to do a self assessment. I like cigars. But do I love cigars? Is it worth holding onto this hobby, knowing full well that if there isn't a price reduction in the future, I won't be able to afford continuing. Or should I sell every unopened box I have (only maybe 30 or so, give or take, I don't catalogue things)... I think I'd rather cut ties and sell them now. But the fact that I have a hard time questioning this tells me I really do enjoy the cigars (or it would be an easy decision). But when I get to that realization I just get depressed knowing that once the boxes are gone, it's like game over. I've had a few discussions with some local BOTL and sentiments are very similar. Sure, we like smoking cigars, but is it worth keeping and smoking, or selling?
  4. My idea of a "high end" steak house is The Keg. And if that "high end" steak house doubled, tripled, quadrupled their prices, you'd have people questioning prices as well.
  5. I know you have said in the past you don't release that info but it is most interesting!
  6. The only cigar not to sell out on 24:24 is the outrageously priced Monte #2. so I would challenge the term "extremely reasonable".
  7. but that says more about the "quality" of the person than the quality of the watch.
  8. we care because some of us enjoy smoking Cohiba or Trinidad and know we won't be able to afford them any longer. I know I care.
  9. Things get caught in Quebec City (QC) but it sure isn't quality
  10. You don't trust high end buyers to sustain the product? The simple fact that the price is increasing means it'll become more important to rich people. Once the peasants can't afford something, it makes it even more attractive to rich folk. Increasing the price to an unsustainable level will only make it more in demand to those who don't care about money. Bank on it.
  11. Grey market native backed price in Canada for 24 Reyes is currently showing $396.60. But sold out. At a normal brick and mortar (not indian owned) is closer to $500 CAD (plus 13% tax), so $565 for a box. Go Canada!!! Always winning.
  12. Conny 1 definitely differs from the mag 46. (thankfully)
  13. The Conny 1 is my favourite robustos. (well, aside from the CoRo) It's the perfect cigar.
  14. By that math the rest of the world gets 2%...and sorta supports my point.
  15. I understand there is a finite amout of cigars available to the entire world. But the higher the costs the more cigars that will find their way to China. Hope that clarifies what I meant. Not that they have more there but the higher the cost the easier they can access...thus making more available there.
  16. honestly, a ton of stuff. but glad the M4 is now off the list. probably top of list, assuming stuff I have that I need more of, would be coloniales.
  17. I don't have experience growing tobacco, but plenty growing weed. a black ash from weed came from not flushing out nitrates during the final cycle of growth (assuming hydroponics). a nice clean white ash meant you flushed out all the nitrates. I would assume it is similar with tobacco. I bet dark ash has to due with additional nitrates or other minerals during growing. Anyone ever hear of tobacco being grown under a controlled hydroponic setup?
  18. appreciate the info! all details I was completely unfamiliar with. I bet there are a shit ton of cases where the purchaser dies and the "goods" just stay with the distiller.
  19. well, when comparing against weed, weed can be prescribed by a doctor and picked up from a pharmacy. (and also paid for by a health plan). pretty drastic difference from tobacco.
  20. what about the purchasing and then holding onto it? is it normal to buy booze and have the seller hold onto it (with the buyers contact info) for 34 years? is this like an online humidor thing? (which also eventually came to an end). Can you buy booze and keep it at the distillers location for an unlimited amount of time?
  21. who spends $6,500 and forgets about it? also, clearly I'm uneducated but, who sells something then holds onto it for 34 years? finally, who has the same contact info from 1988?

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