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  1. Wow!!! That’s pretty awesome. Using a data logger really shows how well your system is doing. In your case flipping awesome!!! I just spent the last hour trying to get excel to chart my log, with only a small amount of success. Can I ask someone to send me an excel sheet with the charting format already set up please? The calibration of your logger maybe be off (the actual value, example 65%h) but it should show the change spot on (example: so if it says it went up 1.5%, it really went up exactly 1.5%. Verses it say 1.5% and it really goes up 2%). Either way your logger should be close enough not to worry about for how you are using it. Plus using your taste buds to get your right RH is the most important here. I am not a temperature & humidity calibration expert, but I have had some training in the calibration area. I am looking forward to seeing your updates on your humidor.
  2. I hope the build is going on or finished! We would love to see some pictures, it looks like it’s going to be killer!!!
  3. Thanks guys, it’s great to be here! I cant believe some of pictures of your humidors! My mouth is watering just looking.
  4. Nice! Hope you enjoy them. I am looking forward to buying some, but the reading the process on buying them looks intimidating,... lol If you make it up to the Anderson area, let me know. Tyson
  5. I second this thought! Humidor pron at its finest!
  6. That’s my type of fishing trip!
  7. Hello FOH, stumbled on this site looking for information about making my Winador better (Pig Fish is the man!) if anyone is in the area, hit me up for a Herf session. We have a nice local lounge (Havana Through The Door) and work in progress man cave to get out of the cold and heat of SC. Only had a few CC and look forward to getting into some 24/24 sales (once I get my humidor finished). Love the site and how everyone is so helpful.

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