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  1. Some recent pickups P2’s Fundy’s Punch 48 PLPC 50 cab Old reliable JL2 RASS
  2. I’ve purchased internet connection on flights for the sole purpose of being there when the 2424 drops, even if I had no intention of buying.
  3. Well, this was my first one so I can’t really offer a firsthand opinion on that. What I can say is that I enjoyed it tremendously even at this young age. I’ll try another in a few months and see how it compares. I think I’d also be happy just smoking through them now too!
  4. Based on the stickers, I’m 99% sure of who this Swiss vendor is. If so, you have legit product.
  5. Well, I’ll give it a go as I’ve never written out a review before. Not only that, but this was my first foray into the Trinidad marca. This was a very young cigar, MAR 18, but it’s been settled in my tupperdor for over 100 days now. Wanted to give it some more time but temptation led me to crack the box. Straight cut yielded what I consider a perfect draw, no fixing needed here. First 5 draws and all I could think was Partagas type flavors. No harshness from the onset whatsoever. From the start I was getting an earthy creamy sourdough type flavoring. After those first 5 or so draws the cigar transitioned to a more creamy sweet cake like profile. Prez says donuts and I was absolutely getting that along with burnt sugar and honey tones. Body at this point was a solid medium. It was absolutely delicious! For me the flavor profile pretty much stuck to this most of the way down the stick. The burn throughout the smoke was absolutely perfect, never needed to touch it up with the torch at any point. A white ash, showing impeccable construction, stayed on all the way down to the band where I had to tap it off to remove the band. I was going to nub this one all the way down. Youth came out only a little as I progressed down to the nub. Transitioned to a medium-full by the end with a hint of pepper, which I expected from such a young stick. Burn time from start to finish about 1 hour. Had to finish it off with the perfecdraw as a nubber. In the end, I absolutely loved it and can’t wait to see what a little more age will do. Only complaint is that I wish it was a little longer. I have a box of Fundi’s on the way and look forward to broadening my horizons with Trinidad, albeit with a completely different format.
  6. Dynamo320

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Connie A on a nice cool night.
  7. I swear, next time one of these updates come out I will not have a beverage handy. Soaked my screen with some of these descriptions! Monte PE 😂
  8. They are not exactly crackers ROTT. 64% is right on but they need more time than a lot of others to acclimate. Try another 3 or so months down the line for some of that mongrel.
  9. Just received a cab with that exact code and date yesterday! Obviously, have not tried one yet either.
  10. Dynamo320

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Monte 1 I’ve not smoked many Lonsdales’s but I’m really loving this vitola so far.
  11. Dynamo320

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    BBF NOV 17
  12. Dynamo320

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    SLR Regio

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