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  1. Siglo VI Tubo, first one I’ve ever had and it’s absolutely phenomenal, as it $hould be!
  2. Here’s to the start of hockey season with a 17 La Fuerza.
  3. I mentioned earlier in the post of Friday Happy Hour at Cigar Emporium LCDH in Oranjestad. If you want to buy something and give the shop some business, that’s the time to do so. 3 featured sticks around 40-50% off their retail. It’s a nice shop and they have everything there. Colombian gal named Monica runs it. I’ll pick up a few singles when I’m there. Don’t buy anywhere else on the island though. The airport duty free looks legit but the prices aren’t good at all. Here’s an example of a recent happy hour.
  4. “Spend Nutting, win Nutting”. Wish that jerk Bottomline Bob would sell the team to someone who cares. What a fiasco!
  5. I was weary jumping in this early, but with the colder temps looming, I figured I’d give it a shot before big cigar season ends. Opened up up with a bang, sweet milk honey is how I described it thru the first third. Very creamy also. Sweetness stayed but body increased as it smoked down. Of course your typical Cohiba grassiness came into the fold. It was really good and will become great I’m sure. Only complaint would be that I felt it was a little under filled. Nice open draw but it burned a little quicker than I would of liked. I will take this over too tight any day. I would say it burned just under 1.5 hours to near the nub. Otherwise, perfect burn and not even one touch up required. I will bury my other 2 for way down the road. Enjoy yours!
  6. Esplendidos UAO DIC 18 from a box split with @Markspring1978 Had to try one, couldn’t hold out any longer!
  7. QdO Coronas Claro ETP AGO 16. 5 days in to vacation down in the Turks& Caicos and this is the standout of the bunch. Really coming together at the 3 year point. Just want to punch myself for only getting a sixer of these last year when the boxes were up for the taking before the rebrand. On a positive note, still have 4 left.
  8. Picked up a FEB 18 box last summer that I’ve dived into recently. I was a bit patient and didn’t have one until this spring after they turned 1 year old. The 3 I’ve had since have been amongst my favorite smokes of the year so far. Absolutely been gettin the stick to the roof of your mouth peanut butter flavor profile. Aside from flavor, the Hermosos No 3 size is just perfect for me. They’ve all had flawless burn with tons of smoke output. Really liking them. Picked up another box during the EOFY sale recently.
  9. Some favorites from the EOFY sale and a couple packs of Siglo VI Tubos that better cuddle me afterwards and not just pack up and leave make me feel like a cheap ho, actually John in this case😀
  10. Rainy night on the front porch with a La Trova ARS JUN 18. Not only Father’s Day here but also my daughters 12th birthday, so I went top shelf.
  11. Quick pit stop on the island today. Passed up some newer shiny objects for some everyday workhorses with a little age. Young QDO’s out the wazoo in stock down there, but frankly, I have them already and don’t flip. I like these guys more.
  12. HDM EE with an interesting STD themed box code HDM San Juan Tubos packs from an impulse duty free buy

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