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  1. Dynamo320

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    First ever Bolivar Libertador and 15 minutes in is so damn good. Looking like it’s going to be a great 2 hours.
  2. Dynamo320

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Saw these come up on 2424 tonight and decided to dip into my box I’ve been holding since last fall when I picked these up in Cuba. UTL DIC 17
  3. Connie A for $300 on clearance would be my pick.
  4. They must of found an old stash of bands for these. To me, a 15 box with old style bands seems unique. So cool, congrats!
  5. Went a little nuts the last few weeks! Siglo IV EOS OCT 18 Couple packs of Siglo V Tubos LMB JUN 18 Lusitania’s BUP MAR 18 Connie 1 BRE MAR 18 Monte PE EBM MAR 18 Coro UTL NOV 18 Monte 4 REG MAY 18 RASCC ESL AGO 17
  6. Not much of a sparkling wine/champagne drinker myself but I think I’ve seen Rob recommend the SC La Punta as a good pairing.
  7. Dynamo320

    Split wrapper HELP

    Haven’t fired one up yet.
  8. Dynamo320

    Split wrapper HELP

    At the shop in the Camaguey airport of all places.
  9. Dynamo320

    Split wrapper HELP

    You guys are awesome, thank you! As luck would have it (although I was plenty pissed an hour ago), I chucked a D4 in the dirt, the last of a nightmare plugged tent peg box of 10 that are thankfully history now. A box I had bought before I found El Prez! I just fished the entire cigar out of the trash and managed to get a large portion of wrapper from it and have it bagged in my humidor. If it works it will be the equivalent of a sadistic rapist that gave an organ to save the life of an innocent, haha!
  10. Dynamo320

    Split wrapper HELP

    Thank you! Right now the bands are so tight that they aren’t going anywhere, haha. A little skin graft from another stick is a great idea though! This will also give me an excuse to try one out.
  11. Looking for a little advice to salvage a few cigars that I would consider to be one of my more special boxes. Picked up these SLR Marquez Cuba regionals last year on the island. Not exactly easy to come by in the global market. 8 of the box of 10 are flawless. Unfortunately, 2 of them have pretty significant split wrapper damage, one worse than the other but both extending to the cap. To the experts out there. How would you go about trying to salvage these? I’ve read about pectin and perfecdraw also makes a repair product too. Reversible, or just smoke them and hope the band holds it together? I’m not too stressed about it as I paid island price ($117) for the box. If I lose 1 or 2 it’s not the end of the world! However, I’d love to save them. Thanks!
  12. Dynamo320

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    La Punta TOS MAR 17 Vigia MUP MAR 18
  13. Dynamo320

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    SP Non Plus BOR AGO 16. In search of this mystical salted driftwood! I’ve never had the urge to lick driftwood so who knows.
  14. I’m def like you when it comes to this. Yes, I can get the cream, citrus, and chocolate and such. But can I differentiate between white and black pepper? uh no. 😂. That guy on YouTube, CutLightSmoke for example. Seems like a really nice guy, but I’m like cmon dude, for real? I really think you are full of shit pulling 97 obscure flavors out of a draw from that Rocky Patel!
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