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  1. HU Connie 2 REM NOV 20 First one out of the box. Only 30 days down and 7 months of age. Usually regret this but not in this case. Classic Upmann and definitely a close sibling to the A.
  2. GLE DIC 20 REM NOV 20, fully embracing and just going with the wrong spelling on a newer release 🤣 🇨🇺 🐝 🇨🇺 TAO NOV 20
  3. I had a brûlée blue last week and I really loved it. Not sure by the pic which one that is but man, the blue was on.
  4. Long and short haul Fundi’s TLU MAR 20 Shorts BOE AGO 18
  5. My first box of these were smoked through faster than any other box I’ve ever owned. The fact that I couldn’t control myself at all with these says a lot. I have a full box now that I’m going to try and sit on for a while if I can control myself.
  6. Not by my heater in frigid PA, rather work called and off to steamy Aruba for a night. Siglo VI Tubo under some funky fluorescent lighting. Hats off to you boys that smoke these everyday, because damn, it’s sensational!

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