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  1. How many PM’s have you received? Just wondering because I was thinking the same thing. 🤣
  2. Yep. Recently had 2 from an OCT 20 box, an absolute disasterpiece in both cases. The burn comedic with a flavor profile to match.
  3. Choix LOS FEB 21 When I received this box a few months ago I promised myself I was going to lay it down for the long term. Tried one as a baseline and was blown away. Dug in again and this one is even better. Salt, nuts, bread, honey, a flavor bomb. Probably going to have to find another box if I ever want to try one of these with some age.
  4. Hmmm, not sure about this one. The font looks a little off to me. Buyer beware 🤣
  5. The “Burgh” is definitely its own unique place. Sandwiched between the “East Coast” and the Midwest, it identifies as neither. Some say the Paris of Appalachia, others say no way. The local dialect is so unique, born from German/Eastern European immigrant working class slang, and can be a head scratcher for the uninformed! No matter where I’ve been in the world, I know your from Pittsburgh from one spoken sentence. Pretty cool considering it’s such a small town compared to New York and Boston etc.
  6. Great to hear, recently picked up the same code/month. Still have a few from a 17 box to get through but sounds promising!
  7. A Hoyo San Juan at the end of the rainbow. TSM ENE 19
  8. HU Connie 2 REM NOV 20 First one out of the box. Only 30 days down and 7 months of age. Usually regret this but not in this case. Classic Upmann and definitely a close sibling to the A.
  9. GLE DIC 20 REM NOV 20, fully embracing and just going with the wrong spelling on a newer release 🤣 🇨🇺 🐝 🇨🇺 TAO NOV 20
  10. I had a brûlée blue last week and I really loved it. Not sure by the pic which one that is but man, the blue was on.

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