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  1. No doubt with the HDM EE. A few other standouts that I get the definite creamy mouth feel are the Connie A and PL Montecarlos.
  2. Yeah, an ice cold Presidente when it’s hot and humid is tough to beat. A lot of great Caribbean beach beers but Presidente takes the prize.
  3. Vigia TPO MAY 18 under a big bright moon tonight
  4. Loving the series, such a boss! So passionate about CC’s, I often wonder if guys like him lurk on here
  5. AGO 19 Cohiba Medio Siglo, crushing them. No hesitation of course. Not great value option but mighty tasty.
  6. SLR Marquez SGA NOV 16 Easily one of my best smoking boxes. The best of a great Cohiba/Hoyo hybrid. Loads of sweet cream, honey, and cinnamon. Cohiba MS EOS AGO 19 Crushing through this box.
  7. Best take on a Manhattan I’ve ever had. A kind bartender from a San Diego bar shared this with me a few years back. I’ve been making them for years and only get rave reviews. A bit tedious but worth it. For simplicity, all quantities based on a standard shot glass 1.5 Rye Whiskey (I generally use Bulleit) .75 Carpano Antica sweet vermouth .25 Benedictine .5 aquavit 1 dash angostura bitters 1 dash peychauds bitters Stir vigorously in a shaker full of ice and strain into chilled martini glass. Finish with a twisted slice of orange peel. For the ladies (Di), @Elpresidente, the scotch intake last night on the zoom herf definitely interfered with my certainty on this one but I’ve verified with the wife and this is the Cosmopolitan recipe to try for Di. It’s extremely simple, and I’ve never seen a lady not want another one. Again, in shot glass quantities. 2 Vodka 2 Cranberry juice 1 triple sec shake with ice and strain into a chilled martini glass. No photos tonight as I’ve elected to lay off the sauce tonight. Maybe make a Manhattan tomorrow night and add. A little too friendly with that Scot named Johnnie last night!
  8. The most Bolivar of all Bolivar’s. Tubos No. 1 ULA MAY 15
  9. ERDM Taino’s ER Formosa Man, a lot has changed since I ordered these beauties. Being employed in the airline industry, it may be a while till I’m popping on a box of $30/ stick ER’s. These are heading for a long sleep and the hope for better days ahead!
  10. MEG JUL 16 From a cracker box I picked up in Cuba last year.
  11. Thanks, sitting on a box of these and can’t wait to give one a shot.

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