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  1. Picked up a FEB 18 box last summer that I’ve dived into recently. I was a bit patient and didn’t have one until this spring after they turned 1 year old. The 3 I’ve had since have been amongst my favorite smokes of the year so far. Absolutely been gettin the stick to the roof of your mouth peanut butter flavor profile. Aside from flavor, the Hermosos No 3 size is just perfect for me. They’ve all had flawless burn with tons of smoke output. Really liking them. Picked up another box during the EOFY sale recently.
  2. Some favorites from the EOFY sale and a couple packs of Siglo VI Tubos that better cuddle me afterwards and not just pack up and leave make me feel like a cheap ho, actually John in this case😀
  3. Rainy night on the front porch with a La Trova ARS JUN 18. Not only Father’s Day here but also my daughters 12th birthday, so I went top shelf.
  4. Quick pit stop on the island today. Passed up some newer shiny objects for some everyday workhorses with a little age. Young QDO’s out the wazoo in stock down there, but frankly, I have them already and don’t flip. I like these guys more.
  5. HDM EE with an interesting STD themed box code HDM San Juan Tubos packs from an impulse duty free buy
  6. SLR Marquez SGA OCT 16 Had some pretty bad wrapper damage on this one. With some great advice from FOH members I fixed it up pretty good with some perfecrepair glue and a piece of wrapper from a D4. Cigar is smoking great, however I think they def need more time. After an initial pepper blast it’s mellowed out, but flavor wise a bit muted as of now.
  7. Can’t speak for Medellin, but I do go to Cartagena every once in a while for my work. First off, a beautiful town with so much beautiful architecture and history. I really enjoy spending time there taking in the sights. However, you are approached in the streets at night at least every 2 minutes with men carrying boxes of Cohiba’s and Montecristos’s that are the most hilarious fakes you have ever seen. I’m talking Esplendido’s with the wrapper quality of a dead leaf in my yard late November. I’m not even joking, you will be approached constantly in town and the beach, fake cigars being the most PG of all the offerings. There are a few shops that I saw, but the likelihood of authentic product is a risk I would not take. Bring your own!
  8. An age old question that you will get many different answers to. In the tube, out of the tube, or in the tube opened? Some will acclimate a while then put them back in. Science says the cigar will age slower in the tube. Some may want that and some will not. I leave mine sealed in the tube and check on them periodically. If your storage isn’t ideal, mold issues could arise. The only mold I’ve ever had was on newly acquired Tubos. Wiped them down, stored them properly (65/65) and never had an issue.
  9. Bolivar Libertador a few weeks ago. An amazing 2 hours. Unknown date as I had a few singles I picked up around 2 years ago that I never dipped into. Declared it to be the best cigar I’ve ever had. Decided there and then I needed more, checked the international store but no dice. Ordered 2 boxes that night elsewhere and then a few days later they are on 2424, doh. The ones I got look spectacular though!
  10. Time to see if the hype is real. Off to a nice start with earth and floral notes, draw is spot on. LMB AGO 18
  11. I picked up 4 of them a few months ago at the LCDH in Aruba at $28/stick, only a few bucks more than the pricing of a standard Robusto there. Haven’t had one yet but I’m kicking myself that I didn’t splurge for the box. They had at least 10 boxes sitting there. They would of been virtually free for me as I had a real nice night at the blackjack tables the night before. Oh well, they are a beautiful sight for sure.
  12. Edmundo OBM MAR 17 with some Russian River Pliny the Elder
  13. Bolivar Libertador MSU JUL 18 and a 3 pack of Cohiba Espi’s UAO DIC 18 from a box split
  14. First ever Bolivar Libertador and 15 minutes in is so damn good. Looking like it’s going to be a great 2 hours.
  15. Saw these come up on 2424 tonight and decided to dip into my box I’ve been holding since last fall when I picked these up in Cuba. UTL DIC 17
  16. They must of found an old stash of bands for these. To me, a 15 box with old style bands seems unique. So cool, congrats!
  17. Went a little nuts the last few weeks! Siglo IV EOS OCT 18 Couple packs of Siglo V Tubos LMB JUN 18 Lusitania’s BUP MAR 18 Connie 1 BRE MAR 18 Monte PE EBM MAR 18 Coro UTL NOV 18 Monte 4 REG MAY 18 RASCC ESL AGO 17
  18. Not much of a sparkling wine/champagne drinker myself but I think I’ve seen Rob recommend the SC La Punta as a good pairing.
  19. At the shop in the Camaguey airport of all places.
  20. You guys are awesome, thank you! As luck would have it (although I was plenty pissed an hour ago), I chucked a D4 in the dirt, the last of a nightmare plugged tent peg box of 10 that are thankfully history now. A box I had bought before I found El Prez! I just fished the entire cigar out of the trash and managed to get a large portion of wrapper from it and have it bagged in my humidor. If it works it will be the equivalent of a sadistic rapist that gave an organ to save the life of an innocent, haha!

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