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  1. Don't forget that each Habanos Vitola has a unique blend, a unique set of tobacco leaves. These are different cigars.
  2. In addition to the previously noted inconsistencies of the warranty seal, the appearance of cigars, etc, I will add a few additional flags: - no print clarity - poor printing and unacceptable cedar veneer knots - stained with varnish
  3. Yes, I've tried that. These are fakes made with the help of the managers of Cuban cigar factories.
  4. It's not clear without a photo [emoji2369]
  5. Marketing with an eye on the NC. It is not a problem to create a 60+ loaf, there are enough leaves on the tobacco bush.
  6. It is difficult to predict any specific dates. A lot depends on the appearance (wrapper) and how it rolled. Cigars with a dark wrapper can not get rid of the roughness and harshness for a long time

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