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  1. By the way, we forget that in 2020 a deal was closed for the sale of 50% of HSA by an unknown buyer. Perhaps this is a new trade policy of the company…
  2. This question has been asked. It looks like Cohiba will be shipped when prices rise a little more. There was also an assumption that Cubans expect the collapse of the dollar international system, against this background, Cohiba looks more resistant to inflation than even gold
  3. No kidding. Recently, we discussed the deficit and price increases. Brand ambassador HSA reported that he was recently at the central warehouse and at several factories warehouses and saw full filling. There is no free space. At the same time, due to the tightening of US sanctions, many carriers refused to transport Cuban cargo. For example, our distributor forced to transports cigars from Cuba to Russia in the baggage compartment of civil flights. No wonder prices are rising [emoji2369]
  4. Greetings to all from Russia! I will not arrange a political educational program, anyone who knows how to get objective information will figure it out for himself - usually the truth is somewhere in the middle. As for SWIFT, it is a FAST payment tool. Disabling it is just a transition to slow payments. Russia has never stopped supplying gas to its customers, never. I will just quote the answer of one of the politicians so that you understand that this will be a problem for the buyer "If they do this, the Europeans will have to bring payments to Russia in cash in suitcases". Personally, it will be a problem for me to buy cigars online, but thanks to FOH, I have a stock that will allow me to hold out for some time ;-)
  5. There were about ten offers at online flea markets. The warranty stamp and seals are included inside the box [emoji38] The humidor at the photo looks authentic. It looks like they were robbed even before they got to the factories [emoji22]
  6. I have heard this in the interpretation of the attractiveness of men in a surgical mask for women. The profession of a surgeon is noble, these are doctors who save lives. In addition, they are highly paid specialists, which also attracts women in search of a pair [emoji38]
  7. Incorrect, look here https://www.cubancigarwebsite.com/packaging/information
  8. The usual fake. On the island, Cubans can buy it for $ 10-15 per box. Usually every Cuban carries it with him across the border in an amount that customs can allow. Then they sell it on the flea markets for $100-150 per box. Partagas are rare, usually it's Cohiba Esplendidos and Robustos, which can be sold for $150-200
  9. I've seen this on a fake Montecristo [emoji115] Check how well the relief of the coat of arms is squeezed out from the reverse side
  10. Thank you John, I have seen similar texts, but I would like to find exactly the original texts of the documents.
  11. While studying the topic of Cognac, I learned that the French government has issued several official decrees on the requirements for cognac in 1909, 1921, 1936, 1938, 2003. I can't find these documents in the original. Can anyone share it?
  12. More eights, more black and lacquer, more gold bands, more “Cohibas”. They think the Chinese don't understand Cuban cigars [emoji6]
  13. This is how global inflation works. Even in countries that did not launched the printing press of national currencies. First of all, what is exported is becoming more expensive, pulling similar goods with it. Marble steaks went up by 20-30 percent, pork and poultry went up a little later. The media say that China is well buying marbled beef more expensive than before, so domestic prices are also rising. In addition, everything related to animal husbandry is growing: feed, fuel, wages…

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