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  1. If you like it - finish the box within a month
  2. All options are described on the forum. Starting from “dry boxing”, if it don’t helps, further reducing humidity to 65%, 60% (do not forget about the temperature of 16-18 Celsius). The members of the forum also write that aging helps to improve traction (I think at the age of fermentation, the tobacco becomes thinner). Also sometimes it helps to gently rumple the cigar, rotating it and squeezing with your fingers.
  3. I've always thought that CC Ligador picks up a mixture of low strength for a large cigar. Now I doubt that's the rule...
  4. This Figurado from the same source as in previous figurado reviews. The smell of the cut: cedar, cinnamon. 1/3: from the beginning and after the combustion of the foot cap - good powerfull smoke. Strength is already above average, a powerful start. Taste profile style as top vitolas from Partagas line: oak wood, molasses/dark caramel, bitter almond, bitter espresso 2/3: the cigar became more spicy, there was a burning black pepper and bitterness. In General taste line is dominated a bitter espresso beans of high roasted. Each delicate puff gives a lot of dense strong body smoke. 3/3: the taste has become simple and clean, only oak and spices. Interesting evolution. Conclusion: in this format I smoked only Cuaba - it was linear soft not strong taste. Partagas Salomon - I was pleasantly surprised. A powerful cigar with a clear evolution of taste. It is definitely 5/5 stars I also feel great potential for deep aging
  5. I'm not a big fan of Hoyo, but everything I smoked didn't have ammonia even in the early years. Traditionally, this is a brand with a low strenght?
  6. Thanks Stefan. Your reviews are rare but interesting. The excellent ash made me doubt the conclusions about excessive humidity...
  7. Previously, the light color of the wrapper for Havanas was considered a sign of premium and nobility. Also on premium cigars are not allowed spotted and uneven shade. Now this rule is not observed, you can even find QdS in Colorado-Maduro. QdS - brand, when creating which was put the condition "only light wrapper".
  8. Don't be boring. This is primarily a cigar forum and thus some cigar smokers have shown their contempt for cocktail lovers. "The cigar is primary, everything else let it be a cocktail." [emoji38]

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