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  1. I remember my mother used to make tobacco tincture to spray the garden with insect pests
  2. The cigar finally got enough moisture and the little Boveda 69 I put inside the box stopped drying, it took about a year. 1/3: smoked tobacco, driftwood, salt, minerals, cream. Lots of smoke, medium-full body and strength. You can see the ashes and understand that I smoke slow delicate puffs, because a lot of taste-full body. The cigar is similar in profile to the Maduro NCs. 2/3: charcoal, minerals, bitter espresso. 3/3: a rounded taste that I can't separate into components. Here is only now she has become resembles on a powerful Cuban Maduro. Conclusion: looks like the cigar is ripe. It can be comfortable smoked and enjoyed. Of course this cigar is not for every day and not for everyone. I had previously smoked singles in a lighter wrapper and they were frankly weak for Limitada. I do not like whiskey for pairing, but I think this cigar will go well and its powerful taste will not be lost. In addition, I think this cigar still has the potential of aging. I will smoke it every year, watching the evolution. Rated 4/5 stars by Limitadas scale
  3. WOW! Powerful smoke from first puffs In my opinion this is the most difficult cigar of the five... The cigar is unfilled. Cigar is very difficult to smoke: ordinary puff give aggressive smoke and taste buds are burned. Slow puff gives a softer smoke, but the cigar quickly goes out. I cleaned the ashes several times and lighted it again.
  4. This is an excerpt from Punch La Isla ER Cuba 2018 announcement. This is not a 2019 release, this is a lost 2018 release. It looks like Halfwheel got the information from the Knokke store...
  5. Petit Quintero often tastes like sweet cardboard [emoji12]
  6. I hear a lot of rave reviews about those who managed to try this cigar after the update. What do you say?
  7. With a total lack of time, I prefer to do several things at the same time. Audiobook is a great solution.
  8. Someone asked to open the box before buying, then refused. The box was returned to the warehouse, replaced defective cigars and made a new sticker. Usual business...

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