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  1. Woody-spicy, a bit of sour, a bit of salt No ammonia, a crisp taste, I think she has some aging. Linear taste, but there is evolution Nice cigar, I enjoyed it P.S. The ashtray is not a clue!
  2. http:// [emoji869] Metallica for me: - more understandable instrumental music, ballads and thrash metal - good arrangements - vocals are perfect for this music Further evolution of my music preferences on a mix of vocals and alternation of instrumental music, ballads and pressing thrash - Nirvana
  3. There is another option. There are craftsmen making handmade knifes. They have excellent powder steels and shaped metal cutting equipment. It will be not cheap, but it will be really reliable as a hunting knife thing.
  4. Not necessarily a hygrometer sensor... Check the storage temperature, the lower the temperature, the less water the air can contain. How often do you open ziplock? If at least once a week, I recommend to go to Boveda 69%
  5. There is one fact/fiction. Some think that the shape of the machine gun casing of the Australian tank WWII era «AC-1 Sentinel», was create for opression the psyche of the enemy [emoji2]
  6. Smell in the cold: faint cedar. 1/3: cedar, spices, melted milk. It is felt that the cigar is vintage-there is acidity and aroma of the old dusty Cabinet / chest. It is felt that the taste has become impoverished over the years, it has become pure, but has lost its gastronomic sweetness. 2/3: add a little salt, a little woody bitterness and a hint of burnt sunflower seeds. The taste is rounded, the strength is a bit more, but it's still light to medium strength. Average body. 3/3: cigar gained maximum of its capabilities-average strength, average body. Taste woody-spicy, rounded. Conclusion: on the one hand it is not a bad cigar, on the other hand from the vintage I expected a more interesting taste. One thing always for vintage - the perfect ash. 3/5 stars P. S. Another else fun from this Cigar: I felt the whole evening until dinner - a nice long woody and nutty aftertaste.
  7. Some pairs are not equal in brand level: There are different leagues, such as in the national Championships. For HSA brands there are three leagues. The winners of the minor leagues could compete with the major League contenders. The minor League winner moves on to the major leagues and starts the major League championship the following year. Conversely, the loser is relegated to the minor leagues. In the future, you can arrange an annual championship
  8. I don't quite understand: after choosing the best Vitola of each brand will there be a choice between brands in pairs?
  9. I think it's like in sports: the best plays not the champion, but the team who aspires to become a champion. I think the morning in such factory could begin like this: so guys, today we're going to roll someone else's vitola. Let's show these bums from mother’s factory how to work!
  10. I think even a cigarette in his mouth and his nose stained with white powder would not have caused such indignation
  11. Too much vitolas Need to make a preliminary selection and then the final vote
  12. Good news from the RAG factory: regular Topes rolling started in august

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