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  1. Don't think about the price. You will get a great pleasure that cannot be estimated in money.
  2. I was on an excursion to the oldest Russian sparkling wine factory Abrau-Durso, where several technologies have been preserved. Some of the bottles are turned over manually during fermentation, as was done in the 19th century according to French technology (an analogue of champagne). There is also a Soviet accelerated mass fermentation technology, when sparkling wine matures in large barrels in 25 days. https://en.abrau.ru/
  3. Cut the head into a full ring, this will give an even combustion. Exclude the punch or V-cutter
  4. Cigar bands art by Artur Tuchkov https://www.facebook.com/ArturTuchkov
  5. "The wrapper of a premium cigar should be made of half a whole leaf. One half of the leaf goes to the left rolling, the second to the right. There are 14-16 calibers of wrappers, each of which corresponds to a specific cigar format. Cigars in one box are not sorted by the direction of rolling. The quality standard is 2-2.5 overlaps of the wrapper. The first half overlap of the leg is not counted. You put the cigar with the first overlap up and count how many overlaps you see. Half of the overlap is considered to be the overlap that falls on the head of the cigar. " Does this rule work?
  6. At least they definitely had the original strain of the virus to create a vaccine [emoji6]
  7. When I said laughing, I didn't mean you. As for the Chinese vaccine, there may be pure marketing here. The same marketing as the recognition or non-recognition of any vaccines. Unfortunately, the world has not been able to unite to fight the pandemic together.
  8. You can laugh all you want, but some doctors believe that alternating different vaccines is more effective than repeated vaccination of the same one I mean, Cuba is losing a lot of money due to quarantine restrictions. Using imported vaccines they will accelerate the pace of vaccination and can increase the effectiveness of re-vaccination
  9. I think for cutting or disassembling, you should not look for an overfilled cigar, but a cigar with a normal weight, this will be a sign of a local twisted filler or a local plug.
  10. I think everyone would be interested in the experience of recovery without "surgical intervention". Perfect Draw is a good thing, but the experience with "bare hands"will be interesting.
  11. At one time I was doing an experiment on the accelerated aging of "folk cigars" ("pesos") Reloba. I put them together with the humidifier on the heating battery in a lock-lock food box. I think the temperature was more than 35'C (95'F). To prevent mold, I filled the humidifier with cognac (as Gurkha does for its glass tubes). As a result, only a month later I received a Reloba with the taste of cognac without ammonia and tannins [emoji2957]
  12. I pulled them out of the tubes several times, but their taste deteriorated in the humidor and they required a long period of acclimatization. Now I take it out of the tube only immediately before smoking.

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