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  1. After the shot. Russian: “When can I get drunk?”
  2. In addition to the date and factory code, as you have already mentioned, I would pay attention to the lid hinges, cigar caps and warranty seal. The warranty seal may be legal, but this is for large boxes. It look like 182x62mm... Original hinge:
  3. Why can't take a high-resolution photo? It will also be useful to photograph the box from all sides.
  4. Welcome to FOH [emoji112]
  5. I thought it had run out of steam in 10 years, but it turned out to be a very smoky, full-bodied cigar. Strength, yes, low, but alcohol pair helps out.
  6. Aged: Montecristo Open Junior ROU JUN 10 Young: Vegas Robaina Unicos GEM AGO 20
  7. If we talk about aged cigars (minimum 3 y.o), then D4 is more interesting in terms of a variety of gastronomic flavors, understandable to most smokers, medium/medium-full strength. E2-complex delicate taste, many hard-to-distinguish nuances, high strength, the cigar is more interesting for experienced smokers. E2 is the flagship of the regular Partagas line. D4 - "consumer goods". IMHO of course...

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