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  1. It is difficult to come up with something new for packaging... But I have an idea for ER Rusia. It is an ancient craft - production of packing from bark of a birch.
  2. The idea is good for a souvenir, but to tell the Chinese about their problems with the environment and the destruction of nature is bad advertising
  3. Interesting fact: Boeing 737 Original the most emergency passenger aircraft in the history of aviation, Boeing 737 Original of the first generation has become the most unreliable aircraft in the history of aviation. One disaster accounts for 510 000 flight hours.
  4. Here is probably talking about 10% of the tobacco that are rejected by quality controllers and can stay at a farmer's desire. Another 10% - not the fulfillment of the annual plan for the cultivation of tobacco by 10%.
  5. Great review. Regular Por Larranga is not enough full size “havana” with classic taste Panetelas/Montecarlos/PC. Unfortunately Picadores did not become such a cigar. We have to pray for the Regional
  6. Unofficial sources reported that the pilots fought with MCAS in manual mode with the lowering of the nose before the accident of the first aircraft in Indonesia
  7. Aged will be great, like any Partagas
  8. Elongation of the fuselage of the base model is a common practice. Also known side effect of elongation-rocking (rising the nose of the aircraft). Before the advent of computer systems, the pilot had to align the aircraft manually on similar elongated gliders. There is an assumption that with some flight parameters, the computer mistakenly believes that it needs help in leveling the aircraft, which leads to a dive
  9. nKostyan

    Montecristo No. 1 ESL DIC 17 (MRW)

    Excellent experience. I always want to know what the problem is. However, often the reason for such an discomfiture - wet cigars were placed in a dry box, the wrapper dried out and the filler remained wet.
  10. nKostyan

    top 50 spy films

    If you like an intelligent spy detective, I suggest you take a look «Seventeen moments of spring, 1973, USSR”. A military spy drama about a Soviet intelligence agent embedded in the highest echelons of German power. The uniqueness of this spy series is that the fascists of the highest echelons of power are shown very realistically as serious dangerous intellectual opponents.
  11. I am happy to take the baton of Montecristo Review Weekend and smoke a cigar carefully and thoughtfully, I will tell you about my impressions. Recently there was a theme "Montecristo Double Edmundo, any love out there?" which added to my knowledge of what to choose a cigar MDE not to get disappointed. I already knew before that the cigar community recommends a tightly rolled cigar with lots of tobacco. Also preferably dark and oily wrapper leaf. I have a box SBN10 with a high density rolled, I'm going to smoke a Double Edmundo to refresh my impressions and write this review. At cold cigar has a faint aroma, only on the cut of the head it is possible to distinguish the aroma of cookies with cinnamon. The cigar is very tightly rolled, the tobacco at the factory put generously. The wrapper is thin, silky, non oily, pale Colorado-Claro. 1/3 Wood, salt, cream, roasted tobacco. The usual puff does not give smoke, you should either do a deep puff or a few short puffs like a steam locomotive. Aftertaste-melted milk, this is when the milk is boiled for a long time on low heat and it becomes a little brown. The aroma in the room-butter cookies, so smelled in my childhood at home when my mother was cooking in the oven pastries. By the middle 1/3, the opacity returns to normal and I go on a single puff. The strength is below average, but good nature compensates for this deficiency. 2/3 of the Cigar picked up a good performance, smoke and taste. The taste is difficult to divide into components without paying attention: burnt wood, cream, baking. Now you can take slow puffs and to smoke in the mode of meditation and reflection. I refresh my mouth with cold water because the aftertaste of burnt wood is too Intrusive. The last time I smoked this cigar accompanied by Porto, it is an equivalent pair, in my opinion stronger alcohol will dominate the cigar. Deep intense puffs give a very thick velvety creamy smoke of medium strength. Closer to the middle, the taste of strongly roasted nuts is added. The cigar smells like fresh nut cookies and I hold it close to my nose to enjoy the aroma in between puffs. 3/3 Cigar still added strength. The body received a significant dose of nicotine and the body feels a pleasant weakness. The taste is dominated by strongly fried nut cookies, tingling on the tip of the tongue. Conclusion: from the Edmundo line - MDE is my favorite cigar. It does not have an intense and energetic taste like her brothers Edmundo and Petit Edmundo. Also often come across bad cigars with loose twisting, so few fans. This cigar need to make sure to choose the weight, the more tobacco, the better the taste. However, non oily wrapper also gives a pleasant taste to. Another advantage of Double Edmundo is that it does not require aging and comfortably smokes young. Score: 5/5 stars
  12. +1 Climate, sea, food, cigars, people
  13. I have a small political club at my work, where my colleagues and I discuss international politics. Yesterday we again discussed Brexit and Its development. We came to the conclusion that initially the UK was isolated in the European Union, which prevented further integration and the further construction of elements of a single state. Therefore, after Brexit, the EU will not be prevented from transforming into a single state. Adolf Hitler would be thrilled, it's like the fourth Reich, but without bloodshed. As for the loss of business and other crying in the UK, it is of little concern to the ruling class. These are all business risks under capitalism. It was initially clear that a separate UK does not have a place in the European Union, business had to predict the risks, someone will receive damage, someone will work, so capitalism is arranged.

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