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  1. That's what I assume in my cigar club: collaborate production. Similarly, it was Dunhill
  2. nKostyan

    Cuaba Salomones

    Salomones is a very boring cigar without a pronounced evolution and change of tastes. I like it better - divinos, despite the small format, they are very tasty
  3. nKostyan

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Atabey Delirios Robusto Grande, extraordinary NC
  4. nKostyan

    youngest cuban cigar

    In Cuba, many Cigars are smoked tastier. Maybe it's all about the humidity, and maybe it's the spirit of real freedom in the air has an impact [emoji38]
  5. I read somewhere that the first releases of QdS was associated with Davidoff. I'll look...
  6. https://www.cubancigarwebsite.com/brand/davidoff
  7. nKostyan

    Sistema boxes

    This is the cheapest food product sealed container of 10 liters and priced at $ 2. I use for aging cigars of the domestic market of Cuba, which cost 2 cuc per pack of 25 pieces
  8. nKostyan

    youngest cuban cigar

    Russian joke: "Scientists have proved that alcohol in small doses is good for health in any quantity"
  9. nKostyan

    youngest cuban cigar

    All these cigars get better over the years. D-series is recommended to Smoking 3+ years when there's no ammonia. But a lot depends on your taste. As a rule, the sharpness and ammonia is reduced when accompanied by alcohol. Try one after acclimatization and decide how to be
  10. «It is beyond good and evil» [emoji33]
  11. nKostyan

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    One of the few NC's that I smoke regularly: Oliva Serie G Maduro Perfecto box-pressed
  12. For short Smoking I like Panetelas: Por Larranga, Partagas Habaneros or Half Coronas: Monte Media Coronas, H.Upmann. P.S. About cheap cigars I'm a skeptic, there is a Russian saying: "better small, but good»

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