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  1. Thanks to the opinion of FOH members about La Trova: I tried my first La Trova. I was in no hurry to try this cigar thanks to the negative reviews of Russian cigar smokers. The fact is that not the best batch of cigars apparently got into Russia, therefore, according to reviews of smokers of this cigar, weak twisting density and ammonia content were revealed. I found out that the Russian distributor had already received cigars rolled at 2018, but decided not to risk it and asked my friends to buy for me a cigar in Europe, which was rolled at 2018. But I don't know the factory code. At Cold: Aroma is weak skin, hazelnuts, cream. 1/3. Wood, creaminess, sweet and sour, skin. After warming up the wood dominates, the hazelnut skin taste, cream. The cut smells like pleasantly slightly roasted nuts. The cigar immediately disposed to slow thoughtful smoking. Deep puffs also do not give density or quantities of smoke. Strength rather low. Burning smooth. Toward the middle of 1/3, the volume and density of smoke slightly increases and the notes of nuts in the aftertaste become roasted. The room smells of nut baked pastries. The cigar also smells good and I want to bite it off and eat it. The taste is gradually enhanced. I make frequent puffs to satisfy my thirst for taste and smoke. 2/3. Dumping ash closer to 2/3 gives a noticeable increase in the amount of smoke. Lightly roasted walnut clearly shows in taste. The development is very smooth. The palate is woody-hazelnut creamy soft and pleasant. It seemed to me that I fast smoked 1/3 with frequent puffs, but looking at the Clock I realized that 50 minutes had already passed unnoticed. The aftertaste is nutty with woody sourness. Now, in 2/3 deep intensive puffs give a lot of medium-light density smoke, it quickly dissolves in the air. I try to exhale smoke to enjoy its aroma. I try to exhale the smoke slowly under my nose to enjoy its aroma. With the middle of the cigar with each puff begins to bring an explosive rich taste with a tingling of mucous membranes and a decent amount of smoke. Now you can increase the time between puffs. 3/3. Finally, the cigar gives explosive puffs. Lots of smoke, a lot of taste. The taste has become rounded and it is difficult to distinguish the angles of the components of taste. Smoke stinging tongue. The taste is not clogged with tar, which was expected for a non-strong cigar. The burning goes inside the Cigar and I smoke it with double puffs, for which the cigar bombards me with explosions of smoke and taste. Total smoking time: 150 min Total score: great cigar, 5/5 stars
  2. nKostyan

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    La Trova Monte 2 UBM jun 2018
  3. From Global brands never releases regional
  4. All of these cigars have a strong taste and a good balance. My personal preference is Upmann, but they need have to be in only oily wrapper. If buying a closed box, I would prefer Media Coronas - any wrappers I like.
  5. nKostyan

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Monte Media Corona RAU JUL 16 30 minutes smoking? Not for me: 60 minutes!
  6. nKostyan

    Select Draw Cigar Cutters

    If I forget the guillotine and the punch, I can take a toothpick. If I carry such a this punch, I'm afraid I'll be mistaken for a sado-masochist 😂
  7. I think in France, as in Cuba, a large proportion of purchases are made by tourists
  8. You can contact Alex via FB or email, order him directly any customs. When your customs will be ready, you can ask Alex to pack it and take a photo, the reseller buys them, receives a check LCDH and invoice. You also need to trust your reseller. I usually buy custom cabs and HSA cigars from Cuba through airline flight attendants. This is a repeatedly proven intermediary, whom I trust and who trusts me and does not need prepayment.
  9. nKostyan

    Cigar Inventory Spreadsheet

    I did not reinvent the wheel and use the application for the smartphone - “Cigar register” (iPhone only app [emoji1745]‍[emoji3603])
  10. I often smoked in the car on the way to work. There are a few tips based on personal experience that I can give: - Smoking in the car is convenient for low smoke density cigars, from light to medium strength cigars, I prefer CC; - cigar burning should not have problems with the burning, and the ashes should not be arbitrarily to fall; - in order to fully enjoy the smoke I close all the front Windows and open 5-10 cm rear window; - I'm switching the air conditioner to my feet. If the air is blowing in your face there is a risk of inhaling into the lungs the smoke from smoldering of the cigar and get poisoned; - after Smoking, I open all the Windows and air the car at speed; - when I Park the car, I leave the Windows a little open to let it air out.
  11. nKostyan

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Smoking can be more than 2 hours. From medium-light to Medium strong. Cigar without noticeable evolution and without strong flavour for the background Smoking, to not distract from the work. The last third when you get tired of not sorry to throw.
  12. nKostyan

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Custom no.109
  13. This is a winter smoking chair seat from sheep's skin [emoji207] [emoji2]

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