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  1. You can read RARW (Ramon Allones Review Weekend) reviews on the forum. I also usually postpone for 3 years and do not even try, but 2018 is unusual for RASS
  2. RASS 2018 is outstanding, good smoke without aging
  3. nKostyan

    From NC, new here

    Welcome [emoji112]
  4. Gonzalez Byass Elegante Sweet Cream Sherry - 22$ Great for cigars pairing
  5. Don't scold Range Rover. The first year on it breaks all that should break, but then it is a reliable car.
  6. This is a product not of my region, never tried.
  7. nKostyan

    April 2019 boxes

    Congrats guys, twins are great. A little more statistics and will be the Nobel prize: "English scientists have proved that Smoking cigars increases the chance of having twins» [emoji38]
  8. We joke that this is a good box filled with bad cigars for entourage.
  9. nKostyan

    April 2019 boxes

    Cigars after rolling should lie for some time in the warehouse, then the way of the distributor and dealer. I think at least 5-6 months. I'd buy everyone of your twins an SLB50. Also you can buy EL 2019
  10. Congrats [mention=31146]Wailbait[/mention] [emoji106]
  11. Rats live thousands years near humans and became very smart. Yes, I remember one time in Russia it was popular - a white rat with red eyes [emoji317]
  12. Problem solved, but now it's a different wrapper, and different blend?
  13. I am amused by weekly challenge, when I do not need to think what to smoke on the weekend. Bolivar Again.... ok. I have got Libertador, Belicosos Finos and Royal Coronas... but this weekend is a very busy schedule. Well, it happens that the format of the cigar determines by the availability of time. Bolivar Again? Then let it be Coronas Junior again. Each cigar is unique, because it is made by hand from whole leaves, it will comparison to the previous review. At the same time I'm going to fry beef ribs on the coals. This cigar is very filled, so I will have to extract smoke from it with effort. I gently kneaded her in front of the ignition to improve puffs. 1/3: it took a while for the cigar to warm up and I got a well distinguishable puff. This is a delicate smoke with a pleasant acidity on the background of cedar. The aftertaste envelops the taste buds. Saliva becomes viscous. After breaking off the ashes, the taste increased, spicy tannins were added. I looked at my last tasting and realized that there is not enough honey taste, maybe it will be in 2/3. 2/3: puffs are easier, the taste more strong, but no evolution there. Added a little sweetness. Pleasant non-Smoking without frills. There are no nuts or honey that I love to get in some of Bolivars. 3/3: the taste profile is still the same. Added tongue tingling, which is now stronger due to the fact that I had to create a vacuum in my mouth to make difficult puffs. Conclusion: despite the problems with the density of the filler, I quite enjoyed it. I even like that Cigars from one box can have a slightly different taste. For a small Cigar monotonous taste does not bother. Externally, the cigar looks smooth and beautiful. Despite some problems 4/5 stars.
  14. nKostyan

    RyJ Romeo No. 2 - APG NOV 17

    Thanks for the review. Tried several times and there was always an obsessive bitterness. But if you pull out of the tube and stand in the humidor year, this bitterness turns into a spicy little bitterness. I think the Rosado wrapper doesn't give bitterness.
  15. nKostyan


    I haven't smoked yet. I usually don't rush new things, but you pushed me today [emoji106]

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