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  1. Two floors are partially destroyed, information about the victims is being clarified. The preliminary cause is a gas explosion.
  2. I tried one - a great cigar for my money. I was advised to age them for one year and humidity 65%, I will try
  3. I like all vitolas, except Mananitas, it is not convenient to hold and smoke because of the small format. The taste of Mananitas is simple and from the middle it requires delicate smoking due to overheating. The most favorite, perhaps, is Tapados. I like Vegueros in a smooth ruddy Colorado wrapper (I picked up a few photos). If the wrapper is light and rough, you will get bitterness and grass. If you like bitter beer, then such cigars will not cause rejection. If the cigar is qualitatively rolled and has the right wrapper, then the tasting is as follows: “the taste is complex rounded, enveloping oily, herbaceous-woody-creamy-leathery-mineral with toasty notes. Strength is medium-high. Smokiness is medium, light smoke. The aroma is very strong, it smells like a bakery.” These cigars for me are as strong as Partagas Serie E2 and with the same noble complex taste. Don't forget that tobacco is from Pinar del Rio. This tobacco is very resistant to aging, who smoked vintage Vegueros Especiales will understand what I'm talking about.
  4. I can say that there are a number of reasons why Russian tourists who visited Cuba at the end of 2021 decided not to come on vacation to island anymore: - the quality and variety of food has decreased - the attitude towards tourists has changed for the worse - tips are now not gratitude for service, but mandatory prepayment. If you have not paid in advance, you are not served. Tips less than 5 $/€ are not accepted - fraud in LCDHs when a price tag is pasted on cheap cigars barcode from expensive ones. As for air travel, now there is also added this problem.
  5. The upper warranty seal appears to be fake (barcode and corners without rounding)
  6. A girl sorting leaves can also afford to smoke a free cigar. RG is not limited. ;-)
  7. At the end of 2021, a sampler of Chinese cigars was handed over to our cigar club for testing: - Great Wall Flourishing Age Miracle Robusto, belongs to the Flourishing Age line - Great Wall 132 Petit Corona Flag Tail, belongs to the 132 line. This Chinese cigar brand has been known for a long time, has a range of cigars. The company is represented on Twitter https://twitter.com/g_w_cigar, Instagram https://www.instagram.com/great_wall_cigar/ , as well as the site that I can not open www.greatwallcigar.cn In 2011 Dmitry Drutsa published in his blog a brief overview article about the creation and intended goals of the Chinese cigar industry https://cigarrros.livejournal.com/70433.html In recent years, publications about Chinese cigars have increasingly appeared in online publications: https://www.cigarjournal.com/tag/great-wall-cigars/ https://letschinese.com/cigar-in-china/ I will not hide it, I am very interested to find out what heights Chinese cigar brands have reached. It is also interesting to hear the ratings of those who smoked cigars of Chinese brands. In addition to the format, no additional data was found. Tobacco is unknown, the strength is not known. I decided to start with a small one, the format is designated as Petit Corona RG42 x 3,625" and is very similar to Half Corona. For comparison, I put HUHC and yes, they are very similar, but the Chinese has a pig's tail. The construction is perfect: tightly rolled, the leaf is delicate and thin. The wrapper - is perfect Claro. The aroma is herbaceous, barely perceptible. It starts with a powerful herbal-pepper smoke of medium strength. Delicate puffs allow you to recognize cream and tobacco. The cigar allows long breaks between puffs without fading. It smokes for a long time - about 40 minutes. In general, it is not bad. Having no taste delights, it has a good smokiness, a lot of taste and an medium strength. Conclusion: I am not a fan of peppery taste, but I did not cause rejection. I wouldn't buy this cigar on purpose, but I can smoke it on occasion. Second Cigar Great Wall Flourishing Age Miracle Robusto RG52 x 5.25" A beautiful cigar wrapped in Maduro leaf. When cutting the head, the tobacco crumbles with a crunch, the filler is dark, so I assume that the filling has also undergone temperature fermentation. 1/3: Starts with thick soft smoke, the body is medium-full. Taste: wood, rye custard bread. After warming up, you can catch a sweet and sour taste, notes of dark chocolate and espresso. 2/3: As you smoke, the taste is rounded, becomes juicier, rye bread notes and spices dominate. The fortress is average. It rolled quite high-quality, but sometimes there are small tunnels because of which the cigar burns unevenly. From the middle of cigar, a mineral earthy taste comes to the fore, otherwise without significant changes, the background is the same bread / chocolate / coffee.[/url] 3/3: the smoke is thick and heavy. The taste is very similar to espresso of strong roasting with a mineral aftertaste. Conclusion: I liked this cigar unconditionally. Pleasant taste, thick smoke, medium strength. I do not know if this tobacco is grown entirely in China, but if so, it turned out very well, at the level of inexpensive NC. It remains to wish Chinese tobacco growers and blender to continue improve their art.
  8. QdO no.50 - cigar “without character” for me Two singles, two boxes of 10 pieces, dark and light wrappers, none of them impressed me. There is no strength, the taste is fuzzy, boring... It seems to me that this cigar is not long enough
  9. Corruption exists in every country. Somewhere more, somewhere less. It is impossible to measure exactly. Just as it is impossible to objectively measure the level of democracy. Ukraine is a black hole, which is now funded by US, EU and international funds. Putin does not want to take her back for financing. That's what I'm trying to explain. But that's how Putin solved the problem with Chechnya. He gave this republic special sovereign rights.
  10. Ukraine is a corrupt country with a ruined industry. It has to be sponsored by someone. Until 2014, Russia was the sponsor: cheap gas, duty-free trade and rent of a base in Crimea. If there had been a need, Ukraine could have been captured completely at the end of 2014, when its army suffered a complete fiasco in the Donbass. But Russia didn't need it. Instead, the "Minsk agreements" were concluded, which ensure the integrity of the country, two regions are given the opportunity to self-government (approximately the same as US states). However, so far Ukraine has not fulfilled the Minsk agreements. At the end of 2021, Ukraine assembled a shock army on the border with Donbass to resolve the issue by force. To warn Ukraine against a military solution, Russia has made it clear that its army is ready to support the rebels. As for Europe, for the USA it is the same competitor as China. Blocking SWIFT and depriving the European industry of cheap Russian gas, thereby reducing the competitiveness of European goods, is one of the goals.
  11. These forces are "psychological support". For today, the alignment is as follows: - The Ukrainian rebels have 35,000 fighters on their territory - Ukrainian army 125,000 on the border with the rebel territories - Russian troops on the border with Ukraine 125,000 Open any textbook on military affairs and you will learn that a 3-4-fold superiority is needed for a successful attack. In this solitaire, we see that Russia has not formed a shock army of 400-500 thousand. But Ukraine has formed a shock army against the rebels with the necessary superiority. Even if Ukraine launches an attack on the rebels, the Russian group will only be able to defend itself effectively.
  12. There is a Soviet joke: a journalist interviews an elderly man. - How do you prefer to travel to Europe, by air, sea, railway? - Hmm... The last time it was: on the tank's armor In fact, it is surprisingly cynical that Europe is always talking about the "Russian threat", while since the 18th century European states have regularly waged wars on the territory of Russia, destroying tens of millions of people....
  13. By the way, we forget that in 2020 a deal was closed for the sale of 50% of HSA by an unknown buyer. Perhaps this is a new trade policy of the company…
  14. This question has been asked. It looks like Cohiba will be shipped when prices rise a little more. There was also an assumption that Cubans expect the collapse of the dollar international system, against this background, Cohiba looks more resistant to inflation than even gold
  15. No kidding. Recently, we discussed the deficit and price increases. Brand ambassador HSA reported that he was recently at the central warehouse and at several factories warehouses and saw full filling. There is no free space. At the same time, due to the tightening of US sanctions, many carriers refused to transport Cuban cargo. For example, our distributor forced to transports cigars from Cuba to Russia in the baggage compartment of civil flights. No wonder prices are rising [emoji2369]
  16. Greetings to all from Russia! I will not arrange a political educational program, anyone who knows how to get objective information will figure it out for himself - usually the truth is somewhere in the middle. As for SWIFT, it is a FAST payment tool. Disabling it is just a transition to slow payments. Russia has never stopped supplying gas to its customers, never. I will just quote the answer of one of the politicians so that you understand that this will be a problem for the buyer "If they do this, the Europeans will have to bring payments to Russia in cash in suitcases". Personally, it will be a problem for me to buy cigars online, but thanks to FOH, I have a stock that will allow me to hold out for some time ;-)

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