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  1. That's funny I go to an awesome little coffee shop called Little Collins. Named after a street in Melbourne. I sampled every espresso shop within 20 blocks and that one was the absolute best. The staff are super consistent and well trained.
  2. About 10 a week. 1 on weekdays and 2 to 3 on Saturday and Sundays.
  3. Hmm all the PL's seem sweet. Also I had a super chocolately BBF recently that was oddly sweet. Oh and the QDO Corona Claro have kind of a honey taste.
  4. Not a big fan of the Monte flavor profile but I did have a 3 from the box pass that was quite good.
  5. The only thing I have bigger than 50rg is half a box of Petit Edmundo's. Also I don't know exact percentages but I'd say 75% is 45 or less.
  6. fitzy

    Large ring gauge

    Unfortunately it’s become the norm. I have no freaking clue why.
  7. I’m smoking a Monte right now and it’s fricking amazing. The slower I draw on it the more caramel taste I get. Long slow draws are the key to maximizing the taste.
  8. @crking3 hey bro do you have anything to add to this?
  9. Oh and the LGC is a bit stronger taste wise so more like just over medium to medium full and the Monte is just under medium.
  10. It’s funny I would almost say both are rather rustic. The LGC wrappers I have in my humidor now are very rough and inconsistent.
  11. Both are fantastic cigars. I would say if your going to be smoking them right away get the LGC but if you plan on aging them for several years get the Montecarlo. It can take a little time for that caramel taste of the PL to develop where as the LGC fruity taste is there now. They are some of my favorites. I don’t think one is better than the other they are both great in their own way.
  12. fitzy

    NYC Herf?

    Let me know what you guys decide. Any of those places are convenient for me. I work on 57th and Madison.
  13. Both of my parents grew up in the Bronx and I was born about 15 blocks north of Yankee stadium in a hospital that doesn't exist anymore. I've been a lifetime Yankee fan. I was a Tottenham Hotspur fan because my neighbor is a huge spurs fan and he's the one that got me started watching the EPL. I frigging hate Daniel Levy. The guy's a scumbag. I had started watching Liverpool games back when Brendan Rodgers was the coach as I enjoyed their playing style so eventually I became a full time LFC fan.
  14. I like the few HUPC I've smoked. I just haven't been buying them as I didn't want to get hooked on a discontinued product. lol
  15. Is there a field for entering box codes /dates?

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