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  1. No I see sheep. Someone says bigger is better and people follow. That then results in the removal of some amazing cigars and shapes.
  2. I’m hoping at some point this trend reverses and we get back more coronas, lonsdales, lanceros, Panetela, Long Panetela etc
  3. The skinnier the better. Not sure why people even want 50+ rg cigars.
  4. fitzy

    AP Regional Help

    I’d like to see a Diplomatico lonsdale
  5. I do it anytime I get an ammonia taste and it’s a yellow flame.
  6. I started smoking RyJ Churchills and then went looking for a less expensive alternative without success. I've tried the petit churchill, wide churchill, short churchill, exhibition no 4, Romeo 1,2,3, cazadores, petit royals, belicosos and others. Quite frankly there's nothing like a RyJ Churchill. It's pure cream and cherries BLISS!!!! The other versions don't have the same qualities. Sure they may have a hit of cherry or a touch of cream but NOT to the extend of the Churchlls. All of the other cigars are inferior in my opinion. Do I like the others? Definitely. But they are NOT churchills. So if you like the short chuchills you will probably LOVE the regular churchills.
  7. fitzy

    Box stickers

    Blue used to be for clearance stuff. Not sure if it still is.
  8. Water Coffee Rum Whiskey
  9. How long have you had it in your humidor? Was it purchased within the last 2 to 3 months?
  10. fitzy

    Graycliff Cigars

    I smoked one thanks to @crking3 it was pretty darn good.
  11. Do not leave your heat/ac on recirculate. You want it drawing fresh air in from outside.
  12. fitzy

    email of the week

    Hmmm maybe he tried smoking them while frozen? 🤣

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