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  1. Someone’s been spying on me! Lol Those are my favorites and my regular smokes. The only thing missing is H Upmann no 2 and a few Partagas.
  2. Until 92 most were in cellophane: ”Cellophane sleeving of cigars commenced in Cuba in the mid-1930s and until c1992, most Cuban cigars (even Cohibas) were available in cellophane sleeves.” more importantly how much are they and can I have all the no 3’s lol
  3. I’m in the same boat. I used to jog 6 days a week until I had problems with both of my hamstrings. Even though I stretched before/after it didn’t matter. I could barely touch my knees when that happened. Two years later I still get that strained feeling in my hamstrings when I walk the dog lol
  4. I just don’t enjoy the taste profile of Montecristo.
  5. All of the petit royals I’ve checked have come up as wide Churchill’s also
  6. I mainly do it on younger cigars in the last third if getting ammonia. It helps get rid of the ammonia taste for a little while.
  7. I actually have 3 Diplomatico no2 H Upmann no2 PL Panetela
  8. The panetela is. I haven’t heard anything about the Montecarlo.
  9. Glad to help out. That’s one hell of a magazine. It’s awesome to see the pictures and learn about coffee in Cuba. Worth every penny.
  10. Throw that floral foam crap right in the garbage. Use either Boveda or Heartfelt industry beads. I use the beads in one unit and Boveda in the other. Both work great and it’s amazing how little you need to recharge them. I’d recommend also either the Boveda sensor or the sensor push. Both work very well.
  11. Those eagle torches from Amazon work great for smaller RG cigars. For other stuff I use the cheap Vertigo Cyclones. Seems to last for ever and lights every single time. I have a Xikar Allume. The big table top version and it’s a piece of shit. Didn’t even light when I took it out of the box brand new and filled it. I had to fiddle with it to get it to work. Also the big table top version I have doesn’t have a window so you have no idea how much butane you have left. I swear it lasts maybe 2 cigars max. It’s horrible and will probably be the last xikar I buy. This vertigo is with the $6 or $7 it costs:
  12. I’ve got maybe a good 7 or 8 but I’ll try to keep it to 5. Party P2 Fundy RYJ Churchill Diplo 2 PLMC
  13. Green beans not that I know of but If you want Cuban coffee that’s already been roasted then this is the only place I know. They have an agreement with Cuba to export a certain amount off coffee. I found out about it by a coffee magazine called Drift. They had an issue on Cuban coffee. It’s more like a book than a magazine and is worth every penny:
  14. Sub 44 1. PLPC or maybe Montecarlo 2. Fundy 45-50 1. Sir Winston 2. Lusi 52+ 1. NONE 2. NONE
  15. My understanding is Fonseca No1 is no longer discontinued but the Bolivar 1 is and you don’t see many Bolivar 1s around anymore.

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