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  1. Tried it today, great construction, lovely draw, tightly packed, superb burn. 1/3 not so much Upmann for me but later I could recognize the heritage. Upmann man so getting a couple of boxes, something to definitely give try out, second band man or not. LGR JUL 19 if I’m not mistaken, not a hint of youth
  2. Talked to a representative of Habanos today about them, hoping for next month.... think I have heard that somewhere before... 🤥 Standard response?!!!!!
  3. Here in Scandinavia the box codes were 17 (I have GTA OCT 17), so there are a lot of strange things going on in the program. Been happy with the ones I’ve had but nothing that blows my socks off.
  4. ”Bar high five” in Ginza, great cocktails and crafted drinks. Canned/bottled tomato juice overrated, they make it in front of you for your Bloody Mary. Small place in the basement of the building.
  5. Tips är Tweed bar i gamla stan, fin innergård med värmelampor och ”tak”. Bra cigarrmeny till bra priser, om man inte tar med själv. Reserverar mig dock för hur de förvaras även om jag har svårt att tro de inte hålls efter.
  6. Only tried one form my box (MEG JUL 16) and must say I was pleasantly surprised! Box ordered here on 24:24, 8h before my daughter decided to join us mid March. "Opinions are like assholes, everybody's got one" Try one, make up your own mind, see if it’s something you like, otherwise let them sleep a little bit longer.
  7. Check out www.cubancigarwebsite.com lots of great information
  8. Haven’t seen it before and didn’t really examine it but I have a hard time thinking it’s a fake in a shop like that. At the same time, nothing’s impossible, after all it was hidden in the humidor.
  9. If it’s the shop I’m thinking of he has some Cohiba Sublimes EL 2004 tucked away, v v pricy tough. Was a bit disappointed with the cc stock but looks like you found some promising stuff. Enjoy
  10. Just had to try them! Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  11. Tradition, function and esthetics aside, which is worrying on its own. It opens up the doors even wider for fake cigar manufacturers.
  12. Had one a few hours ago after a large dinner and couldn’t agree more! Chocolate dessert!
  13. Hello everyone, Father, Swedish, airline captain, skier, wine, food & spirits enthusiast with a cigar problem. Working on a respectable humidor, 40ish boxes as we speak, long way to go, only Cubans, mostly regular production. Got into the hobby/lifestyle a year ago, it’s been a long winter, digging into the boxes now when the sun starts heating our latitudes. Living in Stockholm Love the depth of information in the community (also the speed, stock jumpin of the shelf’s on 24:24), hope to contribute eventually.

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