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  1. I always thought that Tag was incase Ken wanted to return it to the store....
  2. I have the VX2 and my friends have the Colibri and tbh the quality of the Colibri seems to be more solid than the xikar. I used to swear by Xikar but as people have mentioned earlier it really has gone downhill since the acquisition. I would recommend the Colibri
  3. Libertadors looks amazing!! Hope I can get some from 24:24
  4. Thank you for kindly sharing, I had a choice to fly via Etihad or Turkish and choose Turkish on a gamble the cigar prices would be better as a friend that used to live there said prices are controlled by the government and the tax is set until they sell out of that shipment and then adjusted for the next batch so they have some great prices on older stock. I normally pick up a box or two for a friend and I to enjoy while I'm visiting so will probably pick up. Will try to take some photos of the humidor when I'm there but only have 2.5hrs layover so not sure how much time I'll have to fully browse.
  5. 26 cigars? They have used a cigar instead of the little wooden block?
  6. I'm flying with Turkish Airlines to London and was wondering if I might be able to get decent price cigars while I'm transiting in the new airport. I heard the old airport had some great deals. Any tips on shops to visit?
  7. Monte Media Corona and HUHC Partagas short and RASCC are ok but the other 2 are my go to favs
  8. Exactly!!! Lol how does it taste? Enjoying the extra protein?
  9. Smoke them, its funny when the smoke comes out of the little holes. I've never thought too much about them when I did find the odd stick with some holes but i did isolate and smoke the cigar.
  10. I would agree regarding the 54, I managed to snag two 10 boxes on 24:24 and smoked through one and trying desperately to get more but at a reasonable price as they are going for silly money on FB groups. I managed to find a box at a decent price in my local B&M and it smoked amazing in the store but the ones from the rest of the box have been Meh. Still going to try to get more to get a larger sample size but definitely agree, not Cohiba Sig 6 but its up there and it's one of these or the E2 as my favourite smokes in 2019.
  11. Excellent idea, I'm having my first child this year and was considering getting a birth year watch but maybe I should also put down some cigars as well.
  12. I use the roll technique, were i use the band and with one finger gently try to roll one left or right out, generally works.
  13. Nice kit, I carry mine in a little pouch with a perfectdraw, nubbing tool and a blue light to check authenticity
  14. Have you tried the Rob trick, put one in the fridge a couple of hours before you smoke and see if that helps with the draw...
  15. Welcome to the forum! Hope you enjoy it!! I've smoked 3 so far and they have been really decent, typical bolivar power and only a few harsh notes near the end but great potential. Think i gave them 88-89/100 but with massive potential with age. Similar to the Partagas 2017 LE ready to smoke now and will be even better in 3-5 years.

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