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  1. Funny you mention the Vigia, I've had numerous boxes but literally my first box I bought of them had the most underfilled cigars I was almost able to close my fingers together, terrible smoke and canoed like crazy. I almost questioned if they were fakes but did get them from a reputable source so just chalked it up to cuba. I almost didn't smoke another until I was given one by a friend and then saw what they were all about and so I got back on buying more but I'm always wary of Vigia's.
  2. Guess I'm going to have to check in tomorrow's 2424
  3. Jars looked great but the cigars looked like regular production. Price was steep, roughly 1k USD per jar. Preferred the look of the Mag 56 jar, those cigars had pristine wrappers but was a little too steep for me at $1200 for the Jar.
  4. Lovely photos....but i spot a common theme...no matter the weather you wear those flip flops...
  5. I had a mini scare a few weeks ago but turned out they were not cigar beetles but paper ones as there were no holes in the cigars but i still isolated and froze the boxes anyway and vac sealed the rest of my stock in case. Glad it wasn't your main stash that was affected.
  6. So do you just suck the tip? Does it have to get wetter than usual to get the seal going?
  7. This....and get 2-3 boxes so you can smoke one every year on his birthday and he can have one for his special occasion. This was the route i took last year for my son's birth and I'm going to light up a Tanios later this month to celebrate his first birthday!
  8. Try purging the cigar, blow back through the cigar with a lighter infront of the ash, sometimes it improves the flavour. Regarding the hot flavour, how fast are you smoking it? How many puffs per minute? Smoking too fast could cause the hotness but generally on aged examples this is less so.
  9. put it next to a block of blue cheese and see if you can add some extra plume 😆
  10. My cigar of choice for being my most consistent cigar of 2020 would have never been on my radar as even a contender if was thinking of a cigar in 2019 as I've never loved RYJ cigars, always thought they were plain jane for me. When I was given a WC to try earlier this year I really wasn't expecting to enjoy but it did tick the boxes of a cigar i would enjoy, bigger than 50 RG, Robusto size +, oily wrappers, solid construction. It blew me away with the complexity of flavour and strength of flavour, really easy draw and great construction with regular long ash. This has been my go to cigar when I want to smoke something but it's not a special occasion but have some time and want to enjoy the cigar and not have to focus on it to get the most out of it. I must have smoked through 1.5 boxes this year and they have been a mix of 2018/19/20 and all have been great, I'm trying to get more boxes as I feel they are going through a purple patch right now. 90+ cigar every time
  11. Love PL brand but this is one that I'm yet to smoke, it's weird but i just don't like the band design, makes me feel like its a NC version.... Interesting about the Fridge part, did you leave it out in the open or in a ziploc in the fridge? Does it have condensation as you smoke it? I'm really tempted to try this and see if it improves the flavours. I only remember Rob mentioning to put a tight drawing cigar in the fridge to fix it, amazing if you get more flavours as well.
  12. Also drop into water from various heights to combine experiments.....
  13. Interesting, I tried these when they were released and thought the Leyenda was the best and picked up a couple of boxes but I'm tempted to find another Dumas to see if they are how you describe as who doesn't want Melted Cadbury's chocolate with cream and coffee...you are basically describing all the flavours I want + almond notes...

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