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  1. KavalanWhisky

    Your Last Cracker Cigar?

    RA Gigantes, 2017, can't remember the box code as I've smoked most of them and had to ziploc the remaining few in my wineador.
  2. Always PC man even when I had a macbook I would bootcamp it, but I do like the iphone but currently run android. Tempted to go back to iphone if they actually make the iphone 11 a decent bump up.
  3. Busy weekend but managed to fit in a few smokes so not all bad, I've only smoked the San Cristobal El Principe before so when I saw a box of La Punta in my local cigar lounge it was a perfect excuse to kill two birds and decided to pick one up. The size was good, exactly the same as one of my favourites the BBF so I was excited to see what flavour profiles it would deliver. I smoked it the next day and paired it with a latte at one of my favourite coffee shops but it was a warm rainy afternoon. Initial cold draw I got notes of hay but not much else. Lighting up and first couple of puffs I was hit with woody and earthy notes, very mild flavours. Smooth with no peppery tones. Mid way through I was get the odd hint of toast and roasted almonds mixed with the undertones of earthy notes, the coffee was a little strong so I decided to use Ice water as a palette refresher. Final third, it was a very smooth finish, no real development of flavours just a good smoke but a bit too mild for my tastes. But was great and ash held on for decent size chunks before I kept ashing on my jeans but apart from that a good overall experience. I would rate it 86/100 as I prefer a more full bodied smoke. Not sure if I would try a more aged example but was a nice first La Punta.
  4. KavalanWhisky

    Booze run

    Sorry double post
  5. KavalanWhisky

    Booze run

    Haha you caught me! I do enjoy the Kavalan Sherry cask but now I've discovered the Dark rum combo I've moved away from whisky pairings. Definitely try the Pineapple plantation its so refreshing in the summer and personally I think it's a great summer bbq drink! Also like how Rum is a lot cheaper than whisky 🤣
  6. Thanks for the kind words and I'm glad someone else confirms my findings. I'm thinking my next experiment will be with different types of chocolate pairings!!
  7. KavalanWhisky

    Booze run

    Not a massive drinker myself but found that dark Rum with mixer is normally a good combo and tastes like a soft drink. Try Kracken rum with a ginger beer and squeeze of lime. A crude Dark and Stormy recipe. Another good rum to try is Plantation Pineapple rum with Ginger beer, goes really well and pairs great with a cigar.
  8. Sounds amazing! Need to try and find a stick!
  9. So I decided to do my own experiment and see if it was just Orange Juice or if other Orange drinks or other Juices made a difference when smoking a cigar. I paired it with a cigar I've smoked quite a few times to get a bench mark so I smoked it with a Connie A. So after some extensive drinking and discussions with friends here are my results..... Orange Juice - Good Pairing, it really does bring out the flavours in the cigar but I also felt it adds a hint of citrus which was a nice palate cleanser as well. The orange flavour also stayed in the mouth when I took a puff so I was able to get the benefit of the flavours 8/10 Apple Juice - Not a good pairing, didn't feel it added anything to the cigar - 3/10 Pineapple Juice - Interesting pairing, flavours were there but I felt that it was a tad strong and was a little overpowering for the cigar but definitely will try with a more full bodied cigar - 7/10 Tomato Juice - Don't do it, terrible 0/10 Fanta - My friend raved about this pairing so was expecting it to be a good pairing. It was disappointing, it was more of a palette cleanser but then the orange flavour disappears instantly when you take a puff so you don't get any of the benefits of the orange flavour profile. 3/10 San Pellegrino Blood Orange - Was hoping this would be a great combination but as with the Fanta the flavour just disappears once you puff the cigar 3/10 Lucozade - Strange pairing, the flavour does stay a little more in the palate but didn't like how the cigar tasted with it 3/10 Lindt Dark Chocolate with Orange - This was definitely the best pairing, the chocolate and orange flavour was great and coating the mouth and really made the citrus notes pop with the cigar, I really like this pairing and feel that it's even better than with OJ! 9/10 This was probably not very scientific but I felt that the juices we far better than fizzy drinks as the flavours tend to stay in the palate a lot longer, please let me know if you guys try any of these pairings as well!
  10. You're right it doesn't matter but I never really thought about the pairing actually improving the cigar or actually being able to get new flavour profiles from it. I just treated it as something that didn't overpower the cigar and vice versa. I was just still in shock from the OJ revelation, I'm going to have a few cigars with the boys tonight and so going to try the OJ and the San Pellegrino and see if it brings out new flavours for me.
  11. I'm going to try this tomorrow and see which OJ makes a real difference, totally shocked with the results but glad Coffee is still a good pairing as I normally have that with most of my cigars.
  12. Well normally I'm always smoking something other than the requested weekend review so luckily for me I happen to break out a new Hoyo for me. I've recently slowly being converted to Hoyo as I'm normally a Bolivar / Partagas / RA type of guy, the fuller bodied cigars but the last couple of Hoyo's I've had have been excellent. This prompted me to pick up one of the Hoyo Elegantes LCDH from my local cigar lounge, apologies I forgot to note the box code but assume its from 2016 when these were released. Wrapper was decent, light sheen to it and taco roll, similar to the Partagas presidente but a lot nicer wrapper than my box of presidentes. I've started V-cutting my torpedos and always find the draw to be excellent but in this case the draw seems quite tight but not overly so on the cold draw, really light notes of cedar on the cold draw. I light it up and try my first few puffs, were light and creamy and pleasant taste but i know it's going to be a struggle to smoke, the draw has got really tight. Luckily I have my perfect draw (Not sponsored) and use it deep into the cigar, maybe a little too much exuberance as I manage to crack the wrapper a little but once it's done the cigar has been saved, the draw is great and I can get a decent amount of smoke from it. The first third flavours are sweet and hints of caramel and slight nutty profile, would say definitely light to medium. Second third the sweetness has gone and turned into a much more nutty profile with the occasional pepper notes and the burn is perfect, great ash as you can see from the photo. More of a medium profile now. Final third it has moved to be a fuller medium with that nut profile dominant and some leather notes at the end. Had great smoke output and good burn all the way through. Would rate it 88/100 and think I'll pick up a box and see how they develop after a few more years.
  13. KavalanWhisky

    Video Review - Bolivar Tesoro RE 2016

    Didn't know about these cigars but after that review I need to find a box!
  14. Unfortunately Cigarro is not longer full of vintage cigars. Much of their stock has been depleted by customers and so gone were the days you can find some gems.

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