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  1. Before reading the caption I thought this was one of those recreate a photo when they have all grown up....not a good advert for smoking cigars
  2. Sorry to hear, I've never found a good one 2016-19 but this year was different. I tended to find the 46 the best then 54.
  3. Never been a fan of the Mag 50 until I smoke 2020 stock, its so tasty, great review!
  4. If it was his best man then assuming they are very good friends. I'm sure if he takes him out for a smoke and drink one on one and talk to him about it I think he would be good with it if he was a true friend and honestly probably didn't know. If they were an older box with old bands it might not as easy to tell they are fake and so give him the benefit of the doubt but do t with grace.
  5. Wow this is challenging to narrow down to 5. Current List of favourites: 1. RYJ Wide Churchill - Boxes of 2019/2020 2. Party E2 - Boxes of 2019 3. Trinidad Vigia - 2020 4. Cohiba Robusto - 2018 5. H.Upmann Mag 50 - 2020
  6. Oh man, the first Birth year box I've seen, might have to put a cheeky bid on these...
  7. Booked a staycation in a local Hotel for my wedding anniversary and brought along a few sticks to smoke but chose the worst 3 days to try and sneak a cigar in as it was heavy rain all three days 😭 I almost gave up hope of getting a cigar in to celebrate making it another year when something miraculous happened I had a late check out and my wife and son were having their nap after lunch and the sky's had cleared and I had found my window to get a smoke in. I rushed down to the hotel bar and had my pick of spots as it was just past lunchtime and no one expected to be drinking at an outdoo
  8. Very cool, thanks for sharing, good to see events like this can happen still.
  9. I just wipe it down with bleach spray and it doesn't come back unless its super humid. quite common in HK.
  10. Might want to watch out for the damp on the wall, you might end up with free plume on your cigars....
  11. looks like its just on the cap, cut it off and toast the foot and smoke away...
  12. Haha I should have read the initial post before i posted....so agree we should have a blind tasting competition!! 🤣
  13. Wow sorry to hear that you can't find some like minded individuals, I've been lucky to find some forum members on here and have a good group that meet up even on random weeknights. I did find some good guys in the local B&M that if you stick by I'm sure you might end up finding some suitable company. Good luck!!

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