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  1. Oh wow, sudden realisation, I'm turning 40 next year as well! Crap I've been so fixated on work and getting through this damn covid completely forgot, at least I have until Oct 2022 to plan and fingers crossed most of these places are back in full tourism mode. Personally I love Bali but reading local accounts a lot of the current shops and things are struggling badly and so Bali will be a lot different to what it was. Will definitely tick Danang as that is 2 people that highly recommend it and I love Vietnamese food.
  2. One of the first years I've managed to snag all of the LE boxes and have to say I'm a fan of the new packaging, makes it look much more special in the humidor and they would charge more anyways as it's an LE even if it just came in plain box so why not get something special. Think the quality was good but that might just be because the tobacco in 2019/20 has been stellar and most cigars have been good. Looking forward to seeing what 2021 has to offer.
  3. Learnt something new, I've never thought to weigh my cigars so really interested to see if this theory works for me. Guess i have another use for my coffee bean scales.
  4. Nice review, I've not cracked my box open yet but will be looking forward to it. Can I ask what does weighing the cigar give you? This one was well overweight so is that better or worse?
  5. Damn those BBF, pick of a great bunch! Like you are in the playboy mansion taking your pick....
  6. I've had 2 so far and the first one I had was amazing and the second was good but not as great as the first, they were from 2 different boxes and I've got a box aging before i try more. I'm hoping the box i have is one of the better ones but let's find out.
  7. Funny you mention the Vigia, I've had numerous boxes but literally my first box I bought of them had the most underfilled cigars I was almost able to close my fingers together, terrible smoke and canoed like crazy. I almost questioned if they were fakes but did get them from a reputable source so just chalked it up to cuba. I almost didn't smoke another until I was given one by a friend and then saw what they were all about and so I got back on buying more but I'm always wary of Vigia's.
  8. Jars looked great but the cigars looked like regular production. Price was steep, roughly 1k USD per jar. Preferred the look of the Mag 56 jar, those cigars had pristine wrappers but was a little too steep for me at $1200 for the Jar.
  9. Lovely photos....but i spot a common theme...no matter the weather you wear those flip flops...
  10. I had a mini scare a few weeks ago but turned out they were not cigar beetles but paper ones as there were no holes in the cigars but i still isolated and froze the boxes anyway and vac sealed the rest of my stock in case. Glad it wasn't your main stash that was affected.
  11. So do you just suck the tip? Does it have to get wetter than usual to get the seal going?

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