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  1. I heard they now have very limited supplies as the secret got out and everyone went to buy! Slightly left field but LCDH Maastrict in Netherlands seems to have competitive prices. France also controls the price country wide but the prices aren't super cheap.
  2. Amazing ash! Glad it was still tasty, always amazing for cigars of that age.
  3. I remember they released this before right? About the time they did a cohiba motorbike?
  4. A fellow brit living overseas, I stumbled across the channel from a recommendation from a UK cigar forum. TBH i thought it was a nice bit of comedy to go with the usual plain jane cigar reviews, I checked them out on IG to see their history and turns out this is not just an act they genuinely are like this in person which is cool. The son works at Davidoff London store and is funny when talking about JJ fox round the corner. I've personally not met him but was encouraged to go in to visit the store just to see how he is in real life. The do review some great cigars and was good
  5. I know what you mean about the current production being so great that cigars don't need aging but think that it just means they have a way better starting point and will be even better with age. I've been lucky to try some vintage Hoyo DC and new ones and for me the sweet spot is normally 5 years as its not too aged that it lacks flavour but also not too young its too sharp. Not tried a new DC recently though so can't comment but would do the same as above, ROTT, then leave 6-12 months then try again...
  6. Did a blind taste test with the boys and guessed it was a Bolivar Libertador....one of my favourite sticks.....turns out it was a Mag 50 from 2019 and I never rate the Mag 50, always prefer the 48 and 54.... I bought a box of the Mag 50 off the back of this....how strange it is when you smoke something without the bands and have to gauge size and tastes from it....
  7. Does this mean I have to buy a new cutter?
  8. https://www.cubancigarwebsite.com/packaging/information According to this site there is a factory with code EAR and ABR 01 is possible as they switched over in 2000 to the new format. BUT I've never seen a box from that vintage so would wait for other more experienced folk to give their expert opinion.
  9. Is it just me but has your wrapper got some extras underneath, never seen that pattern on a cigar...
  10. Would these be all 2020 stock? How's the 2021 stock looking?
  11. Not sure if its an issue with the countries that you are travelling to but don't you have to do a 2 week quarantine there and when you return? With young kid that would be not a lot of fun I can imagine....
  12. think they were just the La flor de cano Petit corona, I would not recommend you to try but if you insist....
  13. My friend has tried this experiment with coffee beans and some terrible La flor de canos, it's been 2 years stored in a jar with coffee beans, we haven't tried them yet but will report back.

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