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  1. Not cheap but supposedly decent....https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/le-petit-by-les-fines-lames#/
  2. Quite surprised that Siglo VI is up there, I thought it would be between the Behike and Lancero but I voted vs the value for money if that can even be considered with Cohiba....
  3. Excellent write up and love the E2, I don't get all of those flavours but it's currently my favourite daily smoke! I'm going to really think about the flavour profiles when I smoke my next one and see if i can get the toffee notes.
  4. Forgot to put up my review, good draw, nice sheen to the wrapper. First third was spicy, quite peppery and a lot of flavour but no sweetness or nuttiness that I normally get with QD, would say it was medium to full Second third was a little less spicy but had some burnt notes to it but not too many other distinct flavours for me, still feel it's a little young. Final third, decent smoke, would say its medium to full, would say its an early evening smoke. 86/100
  5. Beauties, will be interested in the aged programme also but will probably miss out as I can't type the email fast enough!
  6. Nice review, I was going to try one tonight but wasn't sure if it had rested enough, been in the locker for about 4 months, I'll give it a shot and report back.
  7. I'm a band on guy because I like to take photos to keep track of what I've been smoking. Sometimes I feel even getting to final third the band just doesn't want to come off and have damaged quite a few wrappers but normally at the end of the smoke so I'm ok. I like to keep my bands so dont like peeling them but rather taking them off whole. Follow up poll...who slides or peels bands off....
  8. They do look amazing, I'm saving my dollars and cents to get one, might treat myself next year.
  9. Such a shame, looks like a lovely shop and lounge.
  10. Thanks for the advice, I'm happy to admit I used to gravitate to the darker wrapper believing them to be a better cigar but now I'm looking for sheen and oily wrappers and not caring about the darkness of them. Out of interest regarding grading both of these boxes does this mean the nice wrappers are PSP and the toothier ones are Clearance? Or would you not even sell the toothier box?
  11. My Xikar Xi3 is starting to get a little dull but due to these horror stories I'm not sure I want to send it back for sharpening, I got the phantom blade model so I can't do it myself. Not sure what to do, I've stopped recommending them to friends but people still buy from them due to their old reputation.
  12. Well it's been a while since I've posted one of these as normally I don't make a special effort to smoke something because of the reviews but it happened to be a friday poker night and I normally enjoy a larger stick. These RA Gigantes are one of my favourites and they rarely let me down. First Third Cold draw was nice, easy draw and light hay notes. Light up and first few puffs were light and rounded notes, hard to discern any flavour yet. After a few more minutes the burn was good and flavours of nut and cream were coming through. Second Third Burn has been great, ash drops off every inch and half. Get really pronounced roasted nutty notes and very smooth and creamy smoke. Its glorious. Final Third I've been up and down during the poker so have not been fully concentrating on the cigar but flavours haven't developed too much, still similar to the second third but I'm happy with that. Overall give it 90/100 because I really enjoy these flavours in a cigar and its not over powering and good to smoke when you are busy doing other things.

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