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  1. From the first result off Google: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_Clay_(cigar) History[edit] The Henry Clay brand was created in the 1840s by a Cuban tobacco magnate, the Spanish emigrant Julián Álvarez Granda. The name was proposed by Alvarez when he was in the service of an employer and he maintained it once he was in business for himself.[3] The Cuban business interest of Alvarez was eventually transferred to a British company named Henry Clay and Bock & Co. Ltd. which was founded in 1888. Henry Clay and Bock & Co. Ltd. became a component of the Tobacco Trust that, along with other trusts, was an object of the antitrust legislation of the United States.[4] The brand is currently owned by the Spanish company Altadis, a division of Imperial Tobacco. In popular culture In the Russian and Soviet poet, playwright and actor Vladimir Vladimirovich Mayakovsky's 1925 poem Блек энд уайт/Black and White portraying issues of racism and capitalist exploitation, the setting is a Henry Clay and Bock Ltd. cigar factory in Havana. Maurice Leblanc's gentleman thief Arsène Lupin was noted to have used a Henry Clay cigar to conceal a reply to an invented associate as a part of his escape from jail in Arsène Lupin in Prison. In the film Blackmail (1929 film) the blackmailer is offered a Henry Clay cigar but chooses a Corona and gets Frank to pay for it. In George Simenon's novel, Pietr the Latvian, the book's namesake is observed by Inspector Maigret smoking a Henry Clay cigar. The Kurt Weill song 'Matrosen-Tango' (Sailor-Tango) includes the lyric 'Und Zigarren rauchen wir Henry Clay ... Denn andere Zigarren, die rauchen wir nicht' (And we smoke Henry Clay cigars... we don't smoke any other cigars).
  2. Sounds like they might have expired, happy to dispose of them for you
  3. Congratulations and good luck with the novel! Random question but are you working in the bathroom?
  4. I had a box of QD 50 from my source without factory code or date but I trust my supplier as they were an LCDH so I guess it's about whether you trust your source. Plus he told me before he shipped and asked if I wanted them as they were his last 2 boxes. Cuba Quality controls but I'm open to be educated but the smokes were great so I think I was ok to take the box.
  5. Thanks for the website. Didn't even know that was a thing, I normally open, give them a glance and see if they are ok and then stick them in the humidor.
  6. Great idea and eye opening, how do you know what the actual weight of the cigars are meant to be? When you say you weigh every cigar, does that mean you weigh everything even when you buy from a store to smoke in their lounge?
  7. My friend and I have started doing that but I've not stuck them down as I like to change them out but does look very cool
  8. I've smoked the HDM and HUpmann and own a box of the Partagas (can't remember the box code but will check later). I've had really good experiences with the HDM and Hupmann ones but this box of Partagas are really plugged and so I've struggled every time I've pulled one out to smoke, I think I've tried 5 so far. If the providence is indeed true then I don't think they are selling for crazy prices but I would say if they really do want to try to rescue the brand they should make a Cohiba version and make sure it tastes bloody good. Usual Cohiba mark up and I'm guessing they will fly off the shelves and would pay for most of the programme. As others suggested maybe draw a line in the sand and if they still have these sticks, sell them under another line and people will give them more of a chance.
  9. Where did they import their tobacco leaves from? Are there any more fresh rollers still doing it?
  10. Very cool, did the seller know what it was?
  11. I read it on here I think that is the process the QC goes through to say those should be rejected but guess the box must of got sent out. still pretty funny!
  12. I smoked a supremos last friday and thought it smoked remarkably well for such fresh cigar, really reminded me of the flavours of the 2016 dantes LE.

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