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  1. Haha I should have read the initial post before i posted....so agree we should have a blind tasting competition!! 🤣
  2. Wow sorry to hear that you can't find some like minded individuals, I've been lucky to find some forum members on here and have a good group that meet up even on random weeknights. I did find some good guys in the local B&M that if you stick by I'm sure you might end up finding some suitable company. Good luck!!
  3. some of the guys have been talking about this, as soon as you take the bands off something magically happens where you second guess yourself and even question the RG and size of a cigar and then when you get to the tasting part the real challenge is to not jump to a conclusion right away as it's hard to veer from that and you probably miss things as you are so sure its the cigar you think it is. Seriously just try for fun and take off the bands and smoke a few and see if you can tell which is which.
  4. I have a lighter spluttering, will give this a go later and see if it works!
  5. I thought it was going to be some sort of robot projector...
  6. Nice, thanks for the initial review. Quick question, what is the drone looking thing on the table next to El Pres?
  7. Nice, found a box of these at the local B&M but unfortunately most of the sticks had cracked wrappers near the cap or the foot so I was lucky to grab a couple of sticks that were undamaged. More excited to try them now from the great reviews!
  8. Excellent plume growth...should be a great cigar...
  9. Interesting to read through the thoughts when it was released. This has been in my daily's rotation for quite a while, always feel that D4 isn't enough and the DC is too much so its the perfect candidate for a 1 stick night.
  10. Looks like the fingers of Dutchcigars... Yes they add the bands at some LCDH's
  11. plus the box is a dress box, they come in their own special box. Hope he didn't pay too much for them. Ouch!
  12. not sure if its the photos but they look a little short as well, like Robustos.
  13. Understood, but I meant to say, are they not allowed to just do a basic cardboard box around the original box? Why do they have to remove the original box as well? Are they doing that with cigarettes as well? Surely there must be an issue with repacking them and no longer being fresh for the months they might sit on shelves.

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