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  1. I was surprised about the different fakes available and for cigars that i would deem more regular and so the profit margins are soo small what is the point but they still do as the mark up must be still big anyways. The high end stuff have become very sophisticated and have tried to get the old real boxes and even some real bands to put on fake sticks, that's where you will really struggle to tell. Now they don't need to target behike when a cab of Siglo VI will go for so much.
  2. I was lucky enough to meet Pavel on my last trip to london just before he was opening up this store and he was such a wonderful and knowledgeable guy. I'm excited to visit his store the next time I'm in town as well as Ajay's new place as well.
  3. You'll need to snip a bit more off the top if you hope to get any more draw out of it, definitely not plugged. Nice shaggy foot torpedo...
  4. Another vote for Kraken and also Plantation pineapple rum works amazing as a dark n stormy and fresh julienne ginger.
  5. I've seen Plasencia pop up on IG a lot, is there a new wave of these coming to market?
  6. That is a great design and perfect for the long ash photo for IG!! Can I order one 😉
  7. Les Fines just released a bracelet that unclips to be a punch cutter https://lesfineslames.com/punchbracelet/
  8. Great excuse to revisit the 2019 stock and see how they are maturing...
  9. Happy to help, feel free to reach out if you fancy meeting up for a smoke.
  10. Pricing is the best in HK that I've found so far, their cigars are generally decent condition and they let you pick the cigar you want, you can even go through multiple boxes. They have a high turn over of stock so make sure you buy if you see some hard to find stuff as some people buy 10-20 boxes at a time as the prices are that competitive. Always legitimate cigars.
  11. Looks like the dream set up! Not sure if its the angles but the entry door looks a little small?
  12. Guess not actually knowing what is going on is helping with my random picks! Gutted I missed out to a guy that almost had a perfect week, maybe we need to actually start betting on our picks!!
  13. I'm more upset by the misspelling of Sausage from a british shop....
  14. Wow can't wait, at least we won't have supply issues! The N3 were great last round.
  15. Just did my first draft yesterday so this works out perfectly!
  16. Before reading the caption I thought this was one of those recreate a photo when they have all grown up....not a good advert for smoking cigars
  17. Sorry to hear, I've never found a good one 2016-19 but this year was different. I tended to find the 46 the best then 54.

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