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  1. how true is jetBlue's advise: "be at the airport 3hrs before your flight departure" ?
  2. I just booked on Jetblue for travel in February. USD274 return from Orlando. I also asked about visa requirements. Here's what they said:
  3. I swear by Dr Pepper. Ginger beer works for me too as long as it has lots of ice. As for alcoholic beverage, Havana rum with ice or Guinness. For some reason whisky hasn't really done it for me (shame because I have a small collection of single malts).
  4. i think i found Alex's Facebook page and I've sent him a message. thanks everyone who replied, very helpful for me.
  5. May I know his handle on Facebook?
  6. Hi all. The custom rolls that have been mentioned here appear to be robustos or bigger. I am curious if they have custom rolls in a petit robusto or smaller in size?
  7. i hope air travel remains. i have a trip scheduled for Feb 2020
  8. IMO, its probably 1-2 seasons too long. similar to The Walking Dead. Having said that, its still one of my favourite shows of all time.
  9. wait what!?! I plan to do that next year. Fly from Miami into Havana on American Airlines. Its a no go for Aussies?
  10. In my limited research, I just discovered that there were two factories in close proximity to each other. I would love some comments as to which one is more recommended assuming I could only visit one factory. Thank you.
  11. Does anyone know if the tour of the Partagas factory runs every hour on the hour or other times?
  12. This is one of the most interesting topics I have come across. I so wanted to believe in the plume theory but alas...

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