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  1. These do get overlooked for sure. I cracked a box that’s 5 years old this summer and they have been great cheap smokes. There were a few that had some construction issues but if you can grab a box of these with age for cheap or buy them and forget about them for a they turn into a pretty good value.
  2. Guessing it’s just for info/record. I can confirm they are no longer selling the humidors.
  3. I’m not sure what you mean. Aristocrat doesn’t make humidors since Bob retired. Then still do humidification... is that what you are referring to?
  4. Seems there was a pretty big difference in the experiences here. Lots of people felt #2 was lifeless, mine was great. I would have gone PSD4 but there was more sweetness and less in the spices than I usually expect in a D4 - learned my lesson on that one. I went with a CoRo because that was the closest I could get with it, even though chances of him throwing a CoRo in there seemed slim. I don't smoke much of the PC format so I was really on a limb here. I went with the HU Regalias
  5. Lots of good advice here! Just to make figuring out what to go deep even more complicated... take a look at the Blind Tasting Competition where most seasoned smokers can't tell one cigar of the same vitola from another with the band off! 😂
  6. I haven’t had this one yet, but the description reminds me of the Zlatno Sonce he used to make - it was the only cigar in his line I really liked.
  7. The best cigar of the month clubs create perceived value at set price points. I'm not sure how low you can go with international shipping costs and still deliver value, but $25/month $50/month would be good brackets. I know many of us spend more than that per month on cigars, but I'm not sure i'd want to spend more per month on an unknown.
  8. My initial guess was the HU2 but it moved into pepper and spice which shifted my guess to the P2. I smoked an HU 2 immediately after I smoked the blind cigar and they were so different I landed on the P2. 😂
  9. Another possibility is the ambient humidity. If you have been repeatedly opening the door when the outside RH is high then it can saturate your humidor.
  10. This is definitely true. Their rankings seem to draw more ire than anything else. Admittedly, their rankings can be a little bit of a head scratcher.
  11. Wow! These are not encouraging stories for someone hoping to visit the island for the first time. 😬
  12. I agree it’s good for the industry. Is he the youngest person to grace the cover?
  13. The anejados program takes another beating! Thanks for the review, its a major service to the community considering the entry price on these cigars.
  14. Ok. My only idea then would be that your cigars are giving off that extra moisture or the humidity canisters in the Avallo are passively letting out moisture even though the system isn’t calling for it. I’m not that familiar with his canister system though. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. I’m asking if you know what the RH is in your house, outside of your humidor. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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