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  1. Looking forward to hearing about your experience. I’ve got a family member seriously considering one of these on a new home build.
  2. I’m late to the party here. It looks like you are already in process. I was going to suggest you could look at in-wall humidor options.
  3. Hey Jed, As a former Minnesotan who kept his cabinet in the basement, I can say I did not need a cooler unit. Ive got more info in my vigilant review.
  4. Thanks! It’s actually the Chestnut stain with lacquer, but there are certainly some cherry tones to it.
  5. Images fixed here. Previous links had broken. I also added an update after 1 year with the unit.
  6. Warped doesn’t have any additives in any of their cigars as far as I’m aware. If you are a CC smoker there is a good chance you would enjoy his cigars. I’ve smoked many and have a box of Maestro Del Tiempo sitting in my cabinet right now.
  7. I did not get temp control. The range of temps I have just didn’t necessitate it. I did upgrade to the Guardian Digital system and I’ve been impressed. Readings were accurate and it was wired nicely both for electrical connection and a central placement on the back wall for the humidity probe.
  8. Hi Nick, What are you using to humidify your Newair? Since the humidity drops when you open the door it must be something within the cabinet that is raising the RH. This could be whatever media you are using for humidity or your cigars themselves. When I first wanted to bring my cigar humidity down to 62% it took a while because my cigars were bringing up the RH every time I opened the cabinet. Time will fix this assuming the RH outside your cabinet is lower and your media itself isn't adding additional moisture to the equation. Cheers
  9. My Vigilant came quickly and the quality is as good as it gets, but yeah you will pay for it.
  10. I’ve been able to source two boxes. 1 box left. Excellent cigar but I’m having a hard time breaking into the second one with the supply shortage.
  11. 50s I would want to see: Fundadores Ramon Allones Superiores H Upmann Connie 1
  12. I’ve stored for years in weathertight containers with a single Boveda and never have to recharge them. I can’t rule out that there is not loss in months with low RH and gains in months with high RH outside of the containers. You would need some super stable ambient RH to know for sure, but with a sensor you could certainly adjust things before you had a problem.
  13. Too bad about those increased charges! ? Let me know if you go through with it. Is there anything comparable in the UK?

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