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  1. This is the reason I like so many of the LCDH releases. They tend to have a ramped up and tweaked flavor profiles which I enjoy. I’ll be sure to throw up a review when after I rest mine for a bit. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Very glad to see this review! I’ve got arriving to me this week. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I got this gorgeous looking cigar from @cmbarton and this is the first San Juan I’ve smoked. Draw was perfect after the cut, just the right amount of resistance for me. First third was an absolute cream bomb. Sweet cedar, some vanilla, and baking spices flirting around the edges. The cigar is reminiscent of a short bread. Moving in to the second third the cream recedes a bit and the sweetness is pretty much gone. The cedar and spices come to the forefront - though the character of the cedar and spice has changed significantly without the sweetness. Still very enjoyable. Final third is more of the same but with an even more pronounced cedar almost perfumed in the way it felt on the palate. There is still a creamy feel to the cigar that’s carried through but the cigar is less complex. Overall, this cigar was a joy. It wasn’t the most exciting as far as complexity, but like most good HdM I’ve had there is an effortlessness to the cigar. Glad I’ve got more. I’d score this a 90. Thanks again @cmbarton!
  4. PrairieSmoke

    None Cubans

    RP has some OK cigars, but nothing to rave about or seek out. RP’s reputation among aficionados in the non-Cuban realm isn’t very good.
  5. This lovely cigar was one the the bonus aged sticks our host sent out with orders affected by their winter break. I have no idea how old it is other than 2013+ because of the band. First of all, Monte has just never been a top marca for me. I don’t dislike them by any stretch, but the profile has never tickled me to the point where I decided to stock up on them. This weekend review was a great opportunity to pull one out and give it another shot. This particular cigar has been sitting at 62% since late January. The cigar starts off with a fantastic cappuccino and spice. There is a woody background and everything is in balance. Always love when a cigar starts off with a bang. The second third carries the notes from the first and adds some leather and just the lightest sprinkle of cocoa powder which combines to give you a hint of chocolate chip cookies. The final third of the cigar leaves behind the creamy coffee notes and ramps up the cedar and leather. I got just the briefest hint of ammonia in the last third. If I was to take a guess I’d say this cigar would be around ~16? Maybe the @El Presidente knows what they threw in. It didn’t feel like a new cigar nor did it feel like it was at the older range for the band style. Overall this was a fantastic cigar: just enough resistance in the draw, great burn, no rough edges. I’ve heard people sing the praises of the Monte no. 1 and my first experience with the cigar definitely makes me want to look for a box. Score 93
  6. PrairieSmoke

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Looks like a beatiful day! Enjoy!
  7. Like everyone said they are Dominican, but they are older Dominican Davidoff. They could some have decent age on them judging by the bands though.
  8. PrairieSmoke

    Cohiba Robusto ROM AGO 15 (CWRC)

    I don’t know about you guys, but on some of the best CoRo I’ve had you could already pick up the honey on the cold draw. If only we could sample before we picked up a box. 😂
  9. Cohiba doesn’t make it into my rotation very often so this was a great excuse to pull one out. I decided on a CoRo since it had probably been about 6-9 months since I’d smoked one. Cigar wrapper is slightly lighter than it appears in the photo. Cold draw pretty much just hay — no sweetness coming through. First Third Hay/Light Wood/Coffee/ are the notes that come in carry from first light toward the end of the first third. I am already finding myself puzzling over the absence of honey. If I’m reaching for a CoRo it’s because I want that divine combo of honey and citrus, but it’s notably absent so far. Second Third Graham/Citrus/Coffee/Lumber That coffee continues into the second third. There that light wood note reminds my of fresh sawn lumber. I am finally getting a hint of sweetness, but it is closer to graham cracker than honey comb. I also start to get that background citrusy orange/lemon zest. Final Third I wish I could say the honey came roaring in during the final third but I guess it just wasn’t happening in this CoRo. Final third is really similar to the second, with some lovely construction issues. Check out that glob of glue! Summary This, unfortunately characterizes my experience of Cohiba. I’ve had CoRo that were absolutely like biting into a honey comb - a symphony of flavors that would rival any cigar I’ve had. I’ve also had examples like this where it’s just a decent smoke that never really gets to where you are hoping it will. Here’s to better CoRo in the future! Score: 85
  10. The biggest issues I see with that setup will be sealing it -- i'm assuming cooling isn't a necessity?
  11. PrairieSmoke


    I got a good laugh out of this post! The more people you follow and the more pages you visit the algorithm will improve. It’s pretty bleak when you start out!
  12. Thank you! That picture is very helpful.
  13. Great info! No issues in movement from using solid Spanish cedar though I take it?
  14. Will do. I did speak with Bob today and he was more than willing to help me with any info I needed. 👍
  15. Thanks for the advice @TBird55 I’m planning on contacting him about the humidification and the cooling anyway, might as well see if he will let me pick his brain.

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