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  1. absolutely. if the market will bear it, that's where the price will stay. seems like things are flying off the shelves even more at these crazy prices due to FOMO and the limited supply
  2. Very limited experience smoking 20/21 stock just yet, but from the few I've had, I'd nominate: VF Famoso PSD4 RyJ Exh 4 Punch Short de Punch SLR Regios
  3. BRE 2017 HU #2 - emphasis on the #2 this thing was rancid and burned like a wet paper bag. I could tell the wrapper looked a little rough so I was expecting some burn issues, and boy did I get them. Bummer.
  4. I thought you were pre-law? What's the difference?
  5. Have been sampling from a DIC 18 box and they have definitely been full flavored for me, and I'm the one that will smoke a BBF with my morning coffee! Maybe it was the vitola but it definitely felt like it packed some oomph to it. I have to sample another one now!!
  6. What was the model for overthrowing the gov't back in the '50s? Did they have a plan to move forward with a new gov't back then? Forgive my lack of knowledge on the matter
  7. Playing it real safe with this one for the time being aren't they? Maybe COVID was the tipping point here but everyone (including the US gov't) knows it's not just about COVID
  8. What box codes? I buy more of BRC than anything else - I have a PUS SEP 19 and TSM SEP 19 both with pretty pale and dry wrappers. Taste has been fine, not spectacular or terrible but "just ok" - I will probably burn through these while BBQing or walking the dog - something to smoke through while my nice looking boxes get some age.
  9. Just OK for me. For $5-$6 each they are good, they may even end up punching above that weight a bit, but they aren't blowing me away that's for sure
  10. Exactly my point. A garbage cigar is going to remain a garbage cigar no matter what kind of box you put it in or how many cigars are in there with it. ...and realistically, how can one even begin to draw comparisons between 2 handmade products that are potentially assembled by 2 different people not using the same exact formula?
  11. The answer is no. To further blow your mind, you could have 50 cigars in a cabinet rolled by 50 different people.....could have a 3-pack of tubos rolled by 3 different way to even compare this realistically
  12. Anybody smoke these recently? I have a single of each from JUN 19 but I don't wanna waste them if they aren't smoking well yet.
  13. I definitely don’t put Rafael Gonzalez in the same class with Bolivar. My opinion only of course, but I do think I have some company. All fine cigars and I enjoy them all, but I put RGPC and PLPC in the same class together. You’re right they are maybe $1 or $2 cheaper per stick than the BPC - which doesn’t make the PLPC that great of a value pick honestly. I think BPC is a much more flavorful and higher quality cigar for my tastes. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Eh, for $5-$6 they can be a great value. However, they aren't gonna smoke like a CoRo or a HUSW. I believe it's still a lower quality leaf than the higher priced marcas use
  15. Pic doesn’t do it justice - by far the darkest Boli PC’s I’ve ever seen. Real nice sheen on them too. From a 24:24 here. Been going deeper on the PC’s with the cost of everything going up so much Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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