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  1. Anybody smoke these recently? I have a single of each from JUN 19 but I don't wanna waste them if they aren't smoking well yet.
  2. I definitely don’t put Rafael Gonzalez in the same class with Bolivar. My opinion only of course, but I do think I have some company. All fine cigars and I enjoy them all, but I put RGPC and PLPC in the same class together. You’re right they are maybe $1 or $2 cheaper per stick than the BPC - which doesn’t make the PLPC that great of a value pick honestly. I think BPC is a much more flavorful and higher quality cigar for my tastes. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Eh, for $5-$6 they can be a great value. However, they aren't gonna smoke like a CoRo or a HUSW. I believe it's still a lower quality leaf than the higher priced marcas use
  4. Pic doesn’t do it justice - by far the darkest Boli PC’s I’ve ever seen. Real nice sheen on them too. From a 24:24 here. Been going deeper on the PC’s with the cost of everything going up so much Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Yeah that's exactly what I meant - stuff already on shelves vs. new shipments.....guess we'll never know what is what anyway though....$$$
  6. Would this apply to cigars that are already out in the wild - i.e. 2019 and 2020 production? Or does this only get tacked on to new shipments leaving Cuba heading for distributors?
  7. Nice review! I have an April EPM 2018 box that I've been sitting on for the 3 year mark - took one out last night and planning to fire it up this weekend 👍
  8. Don't love the Anejo - too much of an earthiness for me. However, they are half (or less than half) the cost of an Opus, so there's that. I love that sweet & spicy cedar that I get from a well aged Opus though
  9. Yeah I like the 5 point system too and the way they classify it on CCW. Definitely good if you wanna get a little more detailed than a simple thumbs up or down. Ideally I’d like all my cigars to be 98s or 5/5! Hah but realistically I’ll smoke anything that is consistently a 3/5 or above. I find myself using the 1/0 for my own notes cause all I really care about is did I like it or not. But I will use the 5 points system for a public review because 1/0 doesn’t really give the reader much information at all. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Do you think you could simplify it if you had to and say "would I smoke this again?" That's what I've been trying to do, so many of my cigars were rating between 88-92 that it felt like I was performing mental masturbation with my rating of cigars. I've been trying to simplify it for myself
  11. I think the user on this forum that does the 1/0 binary scale has it right - it could boil down to a simple "would I smoke this again or not?'
  12. Yeah for sure, the re-purchase is definitely gonna be dependent on the smoking experience. But putting that line in the water and catching us the first time - those shiny packages and fancy bands certainly do get some of us to buy a box on a whim
  13. I feel like I'm supposed to say that I don't care about packaging. But that wouldn't be entirely true, let's be honest
  14. So I ended up smoking the MSU Ramon Allones, because I'd never smoked a Superiores before and this box had just hit 2 years. The MdO is one I've had before, and it's one of those cigars I feel like I need to be in the right mood for - it's a delicate cigar that needs a fresh palate and full attention. And after fighting to get my son bathed and in bed, I was in no mood for something delicate!!! This RAS felt like it had tons of edges and elbows - a very rich undercurrent of flavor like prunes or plums in a way - but very rough around the edges in my opinion. I could give these another 2
  15. So I’ve got a question for the seasoned veterans here on the forum.... Let’s say you have a box you’ve been laying down for 3 years, and you store at your smoking RH. When you pull a stick from the box, do you give it any time to “air out” so to speak, before you smoke it? Or can you just pull straight from the box to the flame and get a good representation of the cigar? Follow up - is there ever a point where you would need to do this? Say, idk, longer than 5 years? 10? Maybe silly question, just something I was thinking about Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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