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  1. Oh my god.....a $900 box of 25 Coro ends up costing you $3,543.06 in Ontario when all is said and done?!?!
  2. My Father stuff is usually waaay too much of a pepper bomb for me. Haven't touched a Rocky Patel since I first started cigar smoking, maybe I'll give one of those Hamlet blends a shot.
  3. Hey guys I forgot to note the codes from the other day, wondering if anyone has the codes and dates for the HdM Petit Robusto and the Party Shorts 25-ct box? Thanks in advance!
  4. HAH thanks for this I needed a good laugh to start my day. What a joke. Please tell me this was at least for a 24-ct box lol
  5. Funny enough I'm deepest on BPC and a close second is HU Connie 1. Consistent and the price is right - at least it used to be anyway
  6. Did Di post this? Nice try Di, nice try.....if I do this, then my wife will know how many cigars I have and how much I've spent!!! 🤪
  7. Yeah but who is going to pay the non Cuban entity? Wouldn’t it have to be Tabacuba subcontracting the work? I think that’s where the crap wages come into play. Let’s say they spend $1/hour for the Cubans to roll them….they aren’t going to pay more to outsource it to a non Cuban entity….at least I don’t think I would lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Just for historical correctness - this vitola was discontinued in 2016 so it was made during the era when both were still at the factory. I wouldn’t expect there to be much discernible difference since their departure either, Davidoff is now a very well oiled machine. The biggest difference probably will be the lack of growth with new blends. For example the Nicaragua series and the Yamasa series are both excellent excellent cigars that Henke was key in developing. Even the Escurio line is a tasty change of pace. Total opposite of the mild-medium cream and nuts blends you get from much of the white band lines. (I personally like the mild and easy profile but I can understand it’s not for everyone.) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Bought a 10-ct box last night on 2424. I have a couple of singles from 2019 that were really good - sweet cedar bombs. In the main, do the HDM EE's have a good reputation? Any personal experience with them?
  10. Yeah man, parenting is the front line of defense.
  11. I purposely don't "hide" my cigars or my cigar smoking from my 5 year old. I don't like to smoke when he's outside with me, but I don't keep my hobby a secret. I let him look at all of my cigars, help me with inspections sometimes, have him smell different cigars, all that stuff. I don't want him to grow up and see it as the forbidden fruit - right now he knows that cigars are for adults and that's that.
  12. Just FYI - this cigar was discontinued in 2016. Have never personally had any construction issues with a Davidoff. Love the Anniversario line but this one is just too much cigar and not enough excitement for me. I can take this profile in a petit corona size, but not a churchill
  13. Let’s hear it! How would you invest $1,000 USD? Could be a long term return, maybe a mutual fund that you can contribute to every now and again….. …..or a quick hit and reinvest type of thing - maybe snag a box of Cohiba something or other and flip it and make a quick 30%? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Have they gotten away from Habano 2000? What type of tobacco do they use now? Still a newbie when it comes to tobacco strains and what they are currently using Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. For those of you saying D4 - I agreed with you up until last year. Try one from a good quality box from 2020/2021 - I was absolutely floored! Grab a 10-count or a 1/4 box, if you still don't like them you will have no problem trading them
  16. Good observation. I agree - I would say in my experience the JL1's are predominantly Colorado Claro shaded, whereas I've had JL2's seem to be all over the place - I've had some with very dark (almost maduro) wrappers on them.
  17. In my experience, you wont' find anything that tastes like the Cuban Upmann. You might find something else you like, but it won't be the same.
  18. what ever happened with this? i'm guessing there was no huge explosion?
  19. AGANORSA is definitely one of the highest regarded farms and factories in the NC world, no question about that. My personal experience with them has been hit or miss, don't love the Warped stuff from there as of late. A lot of NC companies use tricky or misleading advertising though - "cuban seed" for example - to imply that there is something Cuban about their product. The world recognizes Cuba as the creme de la creme of the cigar world and some of the NC companies are 100% trying to catch customers with the terms they use. No different than any other misleading claims that other industries use. Like buying chips that claim in big bold letters "50% less fat".....gotta check that fine print. 50% less fat than what? Eating a tub of lard? LOL
  20. Probably lying. Not saying that alone makes them bad cigars per se, but it is most likely some very creative and misleading advertising. Gotta love the term "Cuban Seed" too

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