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  1. I consider the Trinidad reyes to be the twangiest cigar I have smoked so far. I have smoked it back to back with many non cubans and nothing has come close flavor wise. Personally. that twang is important to me because it brings back memories of my childhood, when my parents would smear vanilla-y sun block all over my body. Those were some good times! All that said, I am particularly fond of padron, especially the 64 exclusivo and the 26 no. 35, both in Maduro. I find them both to be salty and nutty, with cream smeared all over. The 64 is a bit wetter, sweeter and creamier, but the dry acorn nuttiness of the 26 pairs fantastically with zaccapa 23.
  2. I can't be bothered to carry around a lighter and a cutter, let alone refill the damn thing non stop. What a pain. Wooden matches and pinching off the cap work just fine for me, even with perfectos.
  3. With the "boys" in the yard simple is best, rich cigars and sweet rum. Partagas p2 and zaccapa 23. If we are trying to class it up, Cohiba lanceros and Krug.
  4. steel


    ok thanks for the suggestion, I will try to find a 5er of upmann no2 to try.
  5. steel


    Thanks for the warm welcome guys. Which h upmann do you recommend?
  6. steel


    Hi guys, I am pretty new to the cuban cigar world so go easy on me. I have been smoking lfd and padrons for about 10 years and started experimenting with cubans 3 years ago, mostly while on vacation in the Caribbean buying singles from lcdh. My favorite cuban cigars so far are the Trinidad Reyes and partagas p2. In general I really like woody, cocoa-y, nutty, creamy cigars, so please give me some recommendations. thanks, steel

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