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  1. It's even worse when it's a family member!
  2. Agreed. They aren't the greatest smokes but I burned a half a box out a the lake one week and didn't have any issues. Underfilled, short filler but you're about guaranteed not to have any draw issues. For the price I don't expect them to be perfect.
  3. Looks like that’s exactly it.
  4. It’s a string. It was sticking out the end when I cut the cap and instead of smoking it I cut the cigar open and there’s good 4-5 inch string wadded up in there.
  5. Been looking for one for a while now. I just refuse to pay ~$300 for one.
  6. Jaime Garcia Reserva Especial have been better to me than some of the higher end Cubans I’ve smoked. They don’t have that twang but there are some Cuban flavors there to me.
  7. ritter6788

    Limits after work

    Yikes....never seen that before.
  8. ritter6788

    "Cohiba Piramides" fake?

    The tip of the neck at the bottom should not be touching that square on the left. Most of the fakes with decent bands I've seen are that way. The font on "Habana, Cuba" looks off too. Should look like this and also have the thin lines running through the hologram but on through the center/second head.
  9. ritter6788

    The Photography Thread

    Had a reef aquarium for a long time and starting taking pics of it to post on forums. I got a little better at it as I went along but took my tanks down a couple years ago and haven't been able to take photos of it anymore. Now I just usually carry it out to the lake while camping and shoot whatever walks by. IMG_9635 by ritter6788, on Flickr hawk2 - Copy by ritter6788, on Flickr Starkii damsel(2) by ritter6788, on Flickr melanurus wrasse by ritter6788, on Flickr IMG_6913 by ritter6788, on Flickr Tyree BGM by ritter6788, on Flickr Green Polyp Toadstool by ritter6788, on Flickr clownfish by ritter6788, on Flickr squirrel by ritter6788, on Flickr
  10. ritter6788

    The next cigar trend....and why?

    Someone comes up with a Cuban cigar flavored vape juice.
  11. ritter6788

    Barn Finds

    Nice find! I would have snatched that up too.
  12. ritter6788

    007 25

    Never seen any of the Bond movies. Nothing against it just never got around to watching any of them.
  13. Totally agree. I was a mostly NC maduro smoker before I got some CCs. I thought Cuban maduros must be the best thing ever!...but they're not. Light colored CCs and dark colored NCs for me.
  14. ritter6788

    Boveda vs Heartfelt Beads

    I use beads simply because I was told you had to replace the Bovedas when they dry out. After learning you could rehydrate the bovedas I use them in my smaller coolidor. Both work great just a matter of how you place them in the humidor. Beads will need a mesh bag or box to hold them and bovedas you can toss anywhere.

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