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  1. I know a guy that runs 84% bovedas in his humidor. This is what I picture the inside of it is like.
  2. I make the same faces when I listen to that song.
  3. ritter6788

    Your best cigar of March 2019?

    2017 Mag 46 for me.
  4. ritter6788

    Vegueros......is there any love?

    I have a tin of Mananitas and Entretiempos and enjoy both. The mananitas are better tasting to me, I wish they made one in that shape but longer.
  5. I’d be shocked if I ever found out I smoked a fake. If I did it was a really good one. I do own a box of glasstops from Belize I bought as a souvenir but no way I’d smoke one.
  6. That would mean I’d have to add up what I’ve bought the last year. It’s probably best I just don’t know. 😆
  7. I’m gonna guess $650/box. $850 when the flippers get them and $1200 once the flippers get a box with 2 years age on them.
  8. Wonder how much mathematically I contributed to the 7% increase? 😄
  9. ritter6788

    Gifted Monte’s

    Dissect one first and lets see what's in it.
  10. ritter6788

    C&C for wedding guests

    Totally agree with the tubo. Easy to pass out and carry around in a pocket without damage.
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