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  1. Sad news indeed. Condolences to you all, particularly the wife and daughters.
  2. Hopefully I'm still in time for this one. Looking to lose about 10kg by the end of May so this competition fits perfectly!
  3. Cool, an international site and already met someone from home:)
  4. Thanks, I plan on doing a lot of both.
  5. Hi all, many years ago I quite smoking telling myself I could start again in my 60's and well, here I am. Mostly smoke non Cubans due to availability, price and selection but working at building up my Cuban knowledge and selection. Smoke outside in a little shelter with greenhouse plastic walls (great natural light during the day), comfy chair and bench, lighting and a propane firepit. Not all that efficient but it does gets me outside more often.... Here to connect to other cigar smokers.

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