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  1. This is how to end a hot summer day in the South! BBF & a double shot of Bourbon
  2. Farm roll gifted by @GotaCohiba, Thanks Brother, smoking great
  3. Hello Miss DI,

    just placed my first  order using the intl store,  reviewing the order after i placed it, i saw where type of payment was bank transfer,  I used my credit card # to order. is this going to be a problem?

  4. A good day to check out my retirement gifts from Gotta Choiba, Thank you brother!
  5. Great weekend weather in North Carolina far a Monte 4
  6. Holding 2 of the same bourbons, so rare in NC i hate to open them
  7. Feb 18 Punch Punch ROTT Sunday morning in North Carolina These are gonna need a little rest, they have the potential of being a very good smoke Going under the knife tomorrow morning Tonight it's all about Havana Club and RJ Churchills Wish me luck Brothers/Sisters
  8. Alway enjoy a good PD4A fine choice of Whiskey also
  9. A little somthing different this morning. Jul 16 BRC from our host . Beautiful morning in N.C.

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