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  1. I always enjoy watching him play, and he is a big fan of cigars. He has a pretty funny warm up routine:
  2. It's a toss-up between an '18 Boli Libertador and a '19 Esmeralda.
  3. I like the Hoyo DC. It's fairly mild and flavorful and like @SigmundChurchill mentions, it lasts for the majority of a round. If I don't smoke the Hoyo DC, I usually go with a NC as I find they tend stay lit a lot better.
  4. Excellent review! I've wondered how these cigars would age and that is great news. I have box of MSU FEB 19 that will going down for a long nap.
  5. There's something simple and elegant about that old style band that I really like! 👍
  6. Good draw. 1/3 opens up into a very smooth, soft smoke – creamy with a hint of sweetness, plain bread dough, light bodied 2/3 transitions into slightly sweeter notes of a lightly carmelized brioche bread with a brief appearance that made me think of crème brulee 3/3 back to notes of slightly sweet brioche bread, light bodied + 91 points
  7. I find canada dry ginger ale works well as a palate cleanser during a cigar and/or between cigars
  8. Thanks. ..I think that anyone that is a fan of the Bolivar flavor profile, should give this one a try.
  9. I’m generally not a fan of hand cannon sized cigars, however, because I am a fan of Bolivar, I wanted to see what this cigar had to offer. Also, this is my first time to try this cigar. Nice oily wrapper, v-cut and the draw has a little more resistance than I prefer, but acceptable. 1/3 toasty & earthy 2/3 makes a big flavor transition into excellent dark flavors of guiness with hints of licorice 3/3 returns back to toasty and earthy with quite a bit of youthful bitterness showing up This was a very flavorful, medium bodied cigar, from start to finish. I really enjoyed the flavor transitions this cigar offered, and believe that it will continue to improve greatly more with age. Total points: 92 ->with good upside down the road

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