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  1. Couldn't agree with you more. It was my cigar of the month for last April - MLU NOV 18 - with the light wrapper. Tasted like pecan sandies cookies with a hint of lemon citrus. That was from a 1/4 box purchase, which lead to box purchase shortly there after.
  2. Any idea which Cohiba that might be (the last one posted above)?
  3. ERDM Choix Supreme MLU NOV 18 - with the light wrapper. Tasted like pecan sandie cookies with a hint of lemon citrus.
  4. Curious to know which of these have been your favorites (outside of the BHKs & ELs)?
  5. Aged: Cohiba Medio Siglo SGA OCT '16 Young: HUP#2 BRE NOV '18
  6. I really enjoy this cigar as well! I find it's a great change of pace cigar to have in the line-up. Great review!
  7. Excellent review! It sounds like a cigar I need to look into soon!
  8. Cohiba Secretos Maduro 5 SMG FEB 08 - these have hit a sweet spot of melded flavors.
  9. I love it when you light up a cigar that is new to you, and it immediately grabs your full attention – “wow, that’s really different, really interesting and really tasty” That’s what this cigar was. I’ve had only one other des Dieux, and it was from this box, although I didn’t let it rest nearly long enough after receiving from FOH auctions, a while back, and was not overly impressed with it. This one was a different story. -Opens with exotic woods, cream, clove Very smooth and effortless to retro. Getting a flash of marshmallow cream, then clove cream. Every few puffs, you get a slightly different angle/taste. Some transitions also into soft leather and cream. Towards the end, more woody notes come forward. Excellent aroma. Such an excellent complex and interesting cigar! 94pts.

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