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  1. I would love to have a nice smoke today but the outside RH here in central GA is sitting a soggy 92% and I know it would be a subpar experience so I guess I will hold off😭
  2. Earlier this year I traded an all black Submariner for this 21 model submariner which is, I think, 41mm as opposed to 40mm from the previous generation. So far I've owned TAG and Rolex models and would love to own a Patek Philippe someday. Although that day may never come, lol.
  3. Wow! Nice explanation Ken, I definitely trust your experience when it comes to wine. Guess I'll have to give them another try...
  4. What's with Australian winemakers and using the stupid twist tops? I'm not sure how many other companies are using them but I know that Mollydooker was using them a while back and it seems like a trend over there... lol. I hate them because it just seems cheaper and less traditional but also prevents me from using my Corvin.😬
  5. Bryan Glenn is SO sassy! Anyone ever see the video he made about heartfelt beads where he dunked them in the kitchen sink and was mocking people who used distilled h2o? I laughed my arse off at that one...
  6. Yea it's a bit pricey. If money were no object I would get a nice Aristocrat w/ full climate control, but I will check into the Raching models.
  7. Yea I'm liking the look of the Newair 840 but its proving difficult to find in stock atm... It has good reviews too.
  8. Would you guys say that Audew is a better brand than Newair wineadors? I'm about to get one. Just researching...
  9. I bet they smelled amazing! What I wouldn't give to have all those pre-embargo brands back...
  10. They aren't airtight. If they were then HSA would not package them in such a way since cigars need humidification. What I do sometimes is loosen the cap to the point where its barely on there and I do this just to allow a bit more humidification.
  11. Here's mine. I'm honestly don't know the model, but would like to know. I bought it new some years ago, but don't have any documentation of the model and haven't been able to look it up by the serial number. So if you can look at it and tell that would be cool!
  12. Nice Martin! I have an American made Martin and it's amazing how good they sound.😎

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