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  1. I Have had this disease for years... lol. And my next box that seems to be ailing me would be a nice aged box of Partagas 898.😎
  2. Getting a little htf, but I had to have these babies...
  3. Baccy

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    99 Partagas #1
  4. Will these be available? They may become a collector's dream... Actually the sticks themselves are gorgeous!
  5. Ask Peyton Manning😂
  6. Baccy

    Humidor Conversion

    Nice work my friend! DIY is always the way to go, if you're handy enough... Looks awesome, love the tinted glass.
  7. I have plenty of singles stored in baggies with 8 gram boveda packs inside and they work excellent imo...
  8. Baccy

    the left field.

    We all know that higher temps can mean a lot of bad things for cigars. This is why people spend big money on wineadors and cooled cabinets. A few years ago, Dr Joe made a lengthy video trying to explain the relationship of ambient temp and relative humidity, and to me his analysis was very accurate.
  9. Baccy

    the left field.

    right but I've always heard that lower temps allowed for higher rh, because when the ambient temps rise the saturation vapor density rises... I'm no scientist either but that's what I've heard. lol
  10. Baccy

    the left field.

    I always get mold in those conditions, except of course my temps at their worst have never gotten that high! Maybe the deep freezing helps?
  11. Seats for Judas Priest? nahhhhh...
  12. Baccy

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    NOV 17 BBF, this bad boy is strong! almost wanting to put it down after the 2nd 3rd, lol...
  13. Not my latest purchase. I've had them for quiet a while but I'm just now getting around to photographing these babies...
  14. I've always wanted a Rocket espresso machine. They're so damn sexy[emoji41] Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  15. Baccy

    this week's genius...

    Actually it wouldn't even matter as the strap is wrapped around the spoke. It's going to continually tighten and disaster will result quickly after this pickup takes off.

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