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  1. In saying that...PSP Cohiba robustos and Trini Fs.
  2. I’m just waiting for the chance to get in on 24. Between mommas tight purse string and upcoming birthdays, I feel I may never get to get a psp offering....
  3. The only thing that has ever made me want to vomit is raw quail eggs. Some “fancy” place in Vegas, about ten years ago. Sulphuric and disgusting. Ruined the rest of what should have been a great evening with my then fiancé and now wonderful wife and mother of three.
  4. You look good. I generally wear a beard and think I look ok. Once, about every two years, I’ll shave it off. Out comes the double chin and the wait to grow it back.
  5. teewinot

    What do you do on Labor Day?

    Sadly working. In my youth, before my beautiful family, it was all about boats and beers. Long days on the lake trying to attract the opposite sex.
  6. teewinot

    Pet peeves

    People that eat/chew with their mouth open. I can’t be in the same room. The puddles of water my wife leaves around every sink she uses. Wipe it for goodness sakes. People that don’t bring a bottle of wine to dinner but are happy to help themselves to anything in my cellar
  7. teewinot

    How did you get started?

    Poker back in the late 90s. We had a group of 6 and each of us would take turns hosting every other week or so. Don Diego’s were the smoke of choice then. My how times have changed.
  8. Many good shows but a stand out for me was Garth Brooks, early in his career at Notre Dame. Coming up..Jimmy Buffet in October in Salt Lake City
  9. teewinot

    College Football 2018

    I'm blindly optimistic like I am every August. Try to temper my expectations but gets harder as the opener approaches And I too love the Michigan game back. We both know early if it's going to be a good season.
  10. teewinot

    College Football 2018

    Go Irish!! I still live in days gone by..Norte Dame forever. Brian Kelly be gone
  11. teewinot

    email of the week.

    Send me his email. If they are from you, I’ll buy em. Pending photos and a social security or passport number
  12. teewinot

    Perfect Draw

    An evening saver for certain..great tool
  13. Not your fathers root beer.. or..Scotch, single malt at least 12years. or..a good tawny port, or a good Sauternes, strong coffee, water, ..... just enjoy the cigar. All else is speculation
  14. Even with that deal, I bet my tupperdore keeps them better with less work. Not quite as handsome though...
  15. teewinot

    Weekend Picks

    I packed a Pardron 45, 08 Tat noella and a 14 PLPC. Love camping weekends in the Teton wilderness

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