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  1. I’m a newb but with all this Far Side, I’ll read everything you post
  2. teewinot

    Hump Day Humour...

    I was just about to post the same thing. I’m nearly 50 and still go back and read them both almost annually.
  3. teewinot

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    Very vibrant color in your photo, nice!
  4. teewinot

    Favorite Desktop Humidor

    Nice Dunhills. I’ve been lucky with old Decature Industries humidors from eBay, all wood not like the later ones. Decent finish, nothing fancy but held rh very well. i have Tupperdores as well but there is just something about wood..
  5. teewinot

    Favorite Desktop Humidor

    I feel the same. I recently acquired a monstrous 600 ct waxing moon humi. Still seasoning it.
  6. Impressive. I think it would take me years to smoke that much. Not for want, but for opportunity
  7. I have a few beers aging in the cellar that may approach $37. Several from Deschutes. 09 and newer Abyss and Black Butte bombers, Chimay blue, and some older Goose Island stuff before they were bought by an evil empire. In saying that, I’m not opposed to an icy Coors from time to time for hydration purposes.
  8. Figured today is a good day to bump an old thread and get another post closer. What else do I have to do while waiting for my team to play?
  9. Welcome. You are lucky. I wish I had a box resting
  10. If you have a trunk full of illegal “cigars,” why the heck are you speeding?..
  11. Xikar purofine high altitude butane. Haven’t found anything better
  12. I’m in the states..sometimes can find a “Cuban” sandwich. What are your favorite make at home Cuban recipes? P.s. after the fact...may have had one too many plantation rums..just hungry
  13. teewinot

    Friday Funny: FIFA

    Could be our NBA as well.....flopping is an art they are abusing. Too many American sports are turning into pillow fights
  14. Don’t rub it in.....I’ll give ya $145 for ‘em

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