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    another piece on fishing in cuba

    Great story thanks!
  2. paul_ath

    Hello from British Columbia

    thanks, glad to be here. all sorts of stuff to read not just cigars
  3. paul_ath

    Hello from British Columbia

    Thank you very much
  4. paul_ath

    hot chillies - can they hurt you?

    Done it Done it Done it and seen that look :S Love me some hot peppers. Used to grow tons of habaneros and ghost chillis. Seem to have lost my tolerance now though and find jalapenos hot
  5. paul_ath

    Hello from British Columbia

  6. hello everyone, I just recently discovered this site while doing some reading on custom rolls. I've been a long time lurker of the habanos section at puff but never signed up there. a little about myself; I'm into camping, fishing, golfing, dirtbiking, snowboarding and smoking meat. I'm an occasional cigar smoker usually only when I'm in ultimate relaxation (fishing, by the campfire, or smoking meat). I got married in cuba January 2016 and have a new baby girl (5 months old) who is a total sweetheart. my habanos experience is pretty limited, the first time I had one was in cuba. I've had a couple different types of cohiba (can't remember the names but large RG and fairly long), a couple types of RyJ, some monte cristos and that's about it. greatly enjoyed RyJ #2 in tubos. I only brought back a couple handfuls of cigars and I'm down to only one monte #2 so I need to restock desperately! I've got a couple questions about Canada shipping if someone from Canada would be willing to pm me I would be very grateful. thanks for having me! here is a picture from our wedding.

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