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  1. From my understanding these cigars do not contain aged tobacco and are not to be confused with the Mag 56 EL 2015. These are just a re-boot of that cigar, similar to what Trinidad did with the Topes EL 2016.
  2. H. Upmann Mag 56 from a GEM May 20 jar. Incredibly smooth and delicious cigar at just 1 year of age. So good now, its hard to imagine how much potential they will have with age.
  3. We aren't supposed to know what they mean. Just like the factory codes used by HSA ?
  4. Sounds like cigar moochers haven't changed at all since the 60s. I only have 2 friends who I consider serious cigar enthusiasts. Everyone else claims to be one, but they prove to be better moochers than true enthusiasts.
  5. 50's advertisement at its best! I need this on a poster for my man cave!
  6. That's a hell of a Christmas gift that any cigar smoker would be happy to receive.
  7. Yes sir you nailed it! We are fortunate enough to have a beach house down here. I try to come down as often as work and life allows me.
  8. Baja about 30 minutes south of the California border. 75 degrees and sunny all week!
  9. Enjoying a delicious ER Mexico while relaxing in Mexico. Life is great!

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