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  1. mtapia3


    I do not recommend doing this. Mexican customs only allow 25 cigars per person. Anything over 25 is subject to confiscation or a 375% tax. I learned this the hard way last summer when I hopped over to Havana for a day of cigar shopping while vacationing in Cancun. Long story short, I got to keep all my cigars, but it cost me over $700 in taxes.
  2. mtapia3


    You have to take your 3011 CAD and divide that by the current exchange rate. In this case you would be getting about 2200 CUC.
  3. Those BBFs look like they have snakeskin wrappers.
  4. mtapia3

    Cohiba Talisman....."take 2"

    Leave it up to HSA to produce more EL 2017 Talismans in 2019, while they are yet to release the EL 2018 Upmanns 🤦‍♂️
  5. mtapia3

    Qdo 54 hype

    I thought the 50 was an excellent smoke with only a few months of age on them. Wish I would’ve bought more boxes when they were on every shelf in Havana with a price tag of $120 (25 count) this past November. Haven’t tried my 54s yet and I can’t get my hands on any Coronas.
  6. Are these customs really better than regular production stuff? Or do they mostly hold special value because you can only get them in Cuba? A lot of you guys make it seem like it’s a sin to buy regular production in Cuba.
  7. My personal rule is to buy in Cuba what I can’t afford to buy anywhere else. Habanos prices in Cuba are lower than anywhere else in the world so might as well take advantage of that while you’re there. Same goes for the Cuban rum. Stick to LCDH stores to avoid being scammed. Pricing on LEGIT cigars is set by the Cuban government and will not vary from store to store. So there’s no need to shop around for the best deal. And don’t bother looking for anything with significant age. You will probably get laughed at if you go around asking for vintage cigars. In my opinion, the best bar/music/rum scene is in and around Habana Vieja. There are some spots around Hotel Nacional, but they are more spread out and tend to have more of a modern/hip/club vibe.
  8. mtapia3

    Cuban customs...

    The LCDH in Tijuana, Mexico has a house roller who was supposedly a high ranking roller at the Partagas factory, and uses pure Cuban leaf for his customs. Honestly, I think the whole thing is a gimmick. And it doesn’t help that the store manager claims these custom rolls are the same as a Behike. This manager usually gives me a free stick or two with my purchases. Because of my doubts about these things though, I have yet to try one. I probably have close to a dozen sitting at the bottom of my humidor right now.
  9. Thanks for this mini review. I’ve been curious as I haven’t seen too many compelling reviews on them. They don’t seem to have the level of hype that Behike or QDO (lately) has. I would assume now is the time to buy because they seem relatively available and they usually last a little longer than a few seconds on 24:24.
  10. We are spoiled here in California. We complain when it’s below 70f and above 80f.
  11. You have made El Pres a rich man.
  12. I’m not disagreeing that these are beautiful works of art. I’m just trying to understand what a tree trunk has to do with cigars. Just seems kind of random to me.
  13. What’s the relation between a tree trunk and cigars? Is there a significant meaning or were they just short on packaging ideas back then?
  14. Just another box that will be impossible to find in Cuba, and too expensive for me to buy it anywhere else.
  15. mtapia3

    Left or Right?

    Right for me. I’ve had too many bad tasting cigars with lighter colored wrappers.

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