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  1. The home page of his website has the notification.
  2. I’m in your same shoes. I had mine delivered just a couple weeks ago. After hearing this news I feel like I just won the lottery.
  3. No. The cost of shipping depends on the distance it needs to travel. It cost me $290 from Dallas Texas to Southern California. They are delivered in a thick card board case strapped to a wood crate.
  4. The Aristocrat is settled in and holding rock steady at 65/65. I can’t stop admiring this beauty! I can honestly say being a owner of an Aristocrat is a very proud accomplishment.
  5. This particular set up with shipping ran me almost $3800. Without the temperature control it would’ve been around $1000 cheaper. Prices vary depending on which options and add-ons you choose. In my opinion they are worth every penny.
  6. mtapia3

    Shaq's House for Sale

    Worst part is it looks like he’s gone through most of the box which means he must actually like them.
  7. mtapia3

    Share your Cuban haul

    331.25 CUC for the box. They aren’t always easy to find on the island though.
  8. Any time I have the opportunity to sit back and relax with a cigar for an hour or two is considered a special occasion in my book.
  9. If the monte #2 is at the top of your list then go with that. Try not to overthink these things.
  10. I can’t remember the last time I smoked a NC.
  11. He’s just part of the zombie (homeless) apocalypse we are experiencing here in California. What do you expect in a state that has basically legalized all drugs and caters to criminals.
  12. I do the same. I have boxes of ELs to commemorate my kid’s birth years and my wedding anniversary.
  13. That’s an impressive humidor! You could open an LCDH with that stash.
  14. mtapia3

    Why is it so?

    Mine too!
  15. Happy New Year to me! After 12 weeks of wait time, my beautiful Aristocrat M Plus 48 25D with THC has arrived! Mr. Staebell does amazing work and his humidors are worth the cost. I will post follow up pics once I get everything settled in.

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