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  1. I think it's unfair to compare the quality of food between two very different countries with very different economies. If you go to Cuba expecting world class food, you will be disappointed 9 out 10 times. With a bit of research, you will avoid disappointment. I've had some very memorable meals while in Cuba, but what made them more memorable than the actual quality was the ambiance, good company, and the appreciation that I was eating a meal that was completely out of reach for the majority of people living on the island, regardless of how good, bad or ugly it was.
  2. I'm with you on this one. Just because a person is living in a crappy situation doesn't make it okay to flat out steal from innocent people. Getting "taxed" by a customs agent in my opinion is the same as getting mugged on the street by a criminal. We wouldn't have sympathy for the mugger so why should we have sympathy for the corrupt customs agent?
  3. This wasn't my first time in Cuba so I already knew what kind of "customer service" to expect. Just wanted to give those with less experience a heads up.
  4. Thats Cuba for you. If the clerks are not in the mood to write out a factura they won't. This same thing happened to me at Nacional. When I politely asked the clerks for a factura they refused and insisted that I did not need one, even though I had spent close to $1000 on cigars. During this same transaction, the clerks laughed at and openly made fun of an Asian customer who was trying to find Cohiba Maduros.
  5. I've had this happen to me twice in the past couple of months. This was never an issue before. Just another example of why living in California sucks.
  6. Looks like those Cuabas down below are also wrapped in cello. They're either fakes or these shop workers have too much time on their hands.
  7. PSP El Principe? I've recently fallen in love with these.
  8. I get more cream from Diplomaticos than from any other marca.
  9. I have the opposite effect with good Cuban rum. I can drink copious amounts and feel like a champ afterwards.
  10. I didn't realize you had a channel. I just subscribed!
  11. HDM doesn't do it for me. With their reputation of being sweet and creamy, I've tried my hardest to find these flavors. Time after time I have been left disappointed and underwhelmed.
  12. Generally I find review videos to be either too long, too boring, too amateur, or overly biased. I like Dave Dude, but the majority of what he reviews is extremely rare and vintage stuff. I find it kinda pointless to watch or read reviews on stuff that I know I'll never have the opportunity to smoke. Dutchcigars is also pretty good, but it seems he only smokes the special double banded stuff. Cigarvixen obviously gets paid to promote NCs and Ive heard her state multiple times that she does not care for CCs. I quit watching her completely when I saw a video of her smoking NCs while prancing around Havana. That's an unforgivable cigar sin in my book.
  13. This was my very first No 54 from a 10 count box that I was somehow lucky enough to snag on 24:24. I've tried several No 50s and so far those have been a mixed bag for me. The first one I tried was amazing, the second was average, and the last was just plain awful. So honestly, I had no idea what to expect from this No 54. First and second third was mild-medium in strength. I got light cedar flavors with a slight honey sweetness. Last third the strength remained at medium. The cedar and sweetness diminished to toasty tabaco flavors. Overall this was a pleasant cigar to smoke although it did not have too much complexity. It was incredibly smooth throughout with not a hint of harshness. The draw and burn was also perfect with no touch-ups or re-lights needed. With all that said, I wasn't overly impressed with this one. I'm thinking it's the lack of complexity and the subdued flavors. Its almost too delicate of a cigar for my taste and I don't think I would go through the stress of trying to score another box. I'm also not too sure how well these are gonna age given the fact they are already incredibly light flavored and mild. 7/10 for me
  14. I am not an LE hater. Although my smoking experience is somewhat limited, some of the best cigars I've had have been LEs. When I can afford them I buy them.
  15. That's if you're lucky enough to find a box there. I've been to Havana 4 times since their release and I've yet to find a box. Only singles at select locations.

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