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  1. Don't know about the box, but that is a sweet looking walk in humidor!
  2. You might want to check the FOH international store. Rio Secos are currently listed at $370. They also occasionally pop up on 24:24 for even less than that.
  3. My wife requires a nice gift in exchange for allowing me to go on my annual guy's trip to Cuba. Last year's trip cost me a Cartier bracelet. As always, Cuba was amazing and for me the trade was well worth it!
  4. That must be the secret box code Fidel used on his diplomatic gift boxes 😂
  5. And here I am complaining when I have to wait in line for 5-10 minutes to get inside my fully stocked Costco. And heaven forbid the police come out to maintain order. That would surely spark a full on riot that would result in the looting and burning down of that store. Gotta love America!
  6. This writer doesn't have his facts straight. Cuban cigars and rum HAVE been permitted in the US since 2016.
  7. I wish my clearance cigars looked half this good! Congrats on this beautiful box!
  8. Happy Independence Day to my American brothers and sisters! No better way to celebrate liberty than to smoke a Cuban cigar while on mandatory lockdown. These are strange times indeed.
  9. I'm not sure if MJ is to blame or stimulus checks, but recent 24:24 sales seem to be stronger than ever.
  10. I have a SEP 19 box that I acquired in Havana late last year. Not sure how many of these boxes are being exported, but they were pretty easy to find there. Same could be said about Montecristo Especial.
  11. Habana Libre is at the top of my list due to their consistently solid stock. I get butterflies in my stomach everytime I walk into this shop. Can't top the Partagas shop for the nostalgia aspect, but I have found their stock to be basic and geared towards the tourist crowd. As far as ambiance goes, I love the Cancun shop. Mojitos and cigars on the deck overlooking the lagoon at sunset is a heavenly experience. It's too bad the cigars are hellishly expensive.
  12. That game looks to be pre revolution, as those baseballs teams seized to exist after the Cuban League was nationalized by Castro.

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