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  1. Wow that amazes me even for Cuba. I wonder how many of those boxes slipped out.
  2. I also enjoyed a very nice Libertador on Halloween. Great minds think alike my friend!
  3. These are the results you get when you only pay your workers $30 a month.
  4. No wonder I never see Cohiba or any other specialty cigars on the shelves in Havana.
  5. I smoked a lot of average tasting cigars in September with no real stand outs. If I had to pick the best I would go with an H. Upmann Propios (EL 2018) from a TRU SEP 19 cab. It had some nice chocolate and woody notes.
  6. Overall it was a pleasant smoke considering it's youth (Apr 21). It started off with some bitterness that I associate to a young cigar. But the bitterness faded and it developed into a nice flavorful smoke. I expect these to get much better with more time down.
  7. I haven't tried one yet, as I'm allowing mine to rest a bit longer. I was lucky enough to snatch up a few boxes in July at the LCDH in Tijuana. The manager told me his store only received 1 case and he wasn't expecting any more. Due to the short supply, he was not selling any singles in the store.
  8. A PSP Lusi from a 10 count ABO SEP 18 box. After experiencing a cab of mostly plugged and unsmokable Lusis, this one reminded me of how good this vitola can potentially be. It was one of those cigars that I wished never ended.
  9. Pacific Ocean sunset with one of my favorites.
  10. From my understanding these cigars do not contain aged tobacco and are not to be confused with the Mag 56 EL 2015. These are just a re-boot of that cigar, similar to what Trinidad did with the Topes EL 2016.

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