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  1. I have a TOS ABR 17 PLPC, smoking as I type this, and it’s smoking brilliantly.
  2. Some RASCC courtesy of El Prez. Look to be HQ offerings
  3. Prez killed it with this box of Lusitanias. BUP JUN 17
  4. Didn’t get to take many pics as I wanted to get these in the humidor but received a nice PSP box of Bolivar Liberatador
  5. Some PSP BBF. I believe the box code is TEO SEP 17. The aroma is very strong! Can’t wait to try one in 60 days to see where they’re at.
  6. Ahhh yes, I believe that was the 24:24 from March 16th. Mine are Jul 17.
  7. “notes of banana, caramel, and sex..” Now that’s a rum!!
  8. What are your thoughts on that K&S 23 yo? Always tempted to buy a bottle but haven't pulled the trigger.
  9. Tomorrow is my last day of work before a much needed break. Already in vacation mode with this delicious JL2
  10. At the suggestion of @PigFish I recently pealed the wrapper off a JL2 halfway through smoking to see if I could notice a discernible difference. The cigar tasted the exact same.
  11. If you look at a lot of the cigar blog sites that are famous for reviews, most of the cigars reviewed are 50+ RG. I'm sure this has a lot to do with the popularity.
  12. Thanks for posting @Ken Gargett! My local liquor store only carries the Foursquare Spiced Rum, which is quite a good buy at $14 (USD) for a 750ml bottle. While I have never tried any of the three pictured, I've had the opportunity to sample the Zinfandel Cask Blend, and it was quite delicious.
  13. Between this news, and New York City trying to make it a misdemeanor to smoke and walk at the same time, I need a vacation.

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