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  1. have both in my collection, the flavour profiles are quite distinct from each other. I get cornbread/caramel with the PLMC and stewed golden fruits/floral notes with LGC4. I've always debated between PLPC and PLMC the former being the ultimate flavour expression the later providing a unique format therefore i've settled for PLPC and LGC4 which comes nicely packed in the varnished box.
  2. Thanks for the recommendations above. Ended going to A la Civette and picked up a box of QdO secretos and a handful of Boli Tiempos which look and feel amazing if intimidating. The stock was stored pretty moist so they’ll need to acclimatisation. .
  3. Thanks everyone for the recommendations! QdO secretos look appealing and apparently reasonably priced, I've only had the new QdO 50 and that miles more satisfying than the old coronas.
  4. Heading to Paris this week, what are some of the French Regional editions I can expect to find at the shops? I guess the more reputable shops like Lotus would offer a better selection?
  5. great, thanks for the recommendations, hopefully they can ship to either Sydney or China. I like the app support where you can check on things away from home.
  6. Heading back to Sydney next week, anyone know where I can buy reliable hygrometers? Thought I might pick up a couple from trusted vendors before heading back to China where I'm limited to insanely priced ornate German analogue ones at the shop or questionable brands online.
  7. Monarch

    Air purifier

    Here in Beijing I use Blue Air purifiers mainly for pollution purposes, they are Swedish and on the high end of the market. I use the higher grade smoke stop filters which are allegedly able to remove any smells and VOCs. However I have discovered that even the cigar smoke was able to "stain" the filter, so when I turn it on for general use the purifier releases a light cigar smell. But living in Australia, surely the weather is tolerable? Maybe in the garage on adverse weather days?
  8. Monarch

    How many hygrometers would you use?

    thanks for the Alibaba suggestion, there's definitely a range of manufacturers at different quality levels. I'll give it a browse, but I suspect my options will be limited to size and price!
  9. great topic, I got a nicotine sucker punch recently. What is the science behind the sugar and chocolate?
  10. Hi all, I'm considering investing in a cigar fridge after years of tupperdore usage. Main reason being that I live in Beijing where the climate is generally very dry. Currently I have many tupperdores and it's so tedious to maintain multiple tupperdores so I'm looking at a solution where all my cigars are in one cabinet and there is an automatic system that maintains the environment constantly. For the model I'm looking at, the water reservoir is at the base. I've read some comments on the forum where users found different humidity levels at different levels within their fridge. My question is: 1. Will I expect a double reading from a fridge like this? 2. If so, is it worth using 2 hygrometers to monitor at different levels? Image below:
  11. Greetings FOH. I'm actually from Sydney, Australia and currently based in Beijing where I was introduced to the pleasures of smoking cigars as an alternative to breathing the pollution. I really like the community on this forum, in fact I haven't been this keen on forums since the days of dial-up connection. Looking forward to some great conversations and topics! Btw, do I qualify for the Aussie forum?

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