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  1. And I have been meaning to tell you the Monkey asked me to represent him and as soon as he corrects his a-fib you will be receiving a letter from us 🤓 Good Luck Rob
  2. So basically I got it right and I am still 100% wrong .... Just like being at home 😂 Thannks Rob
  3. Heck I'm just glad I got into it before the time limit was up, yes that's a first for me 😄 Thanks Rob
  4. Every Time I've had one with a friend ... Little saying I heard once " It's not about the cigar" Just my .02 Rob
  5. yes I am an old guy and computer stuff gives me a headache and hurts my heart
  6. and IF we knew better .... who knows how much trouble we could have gotten into .. or at least made good lies to tell ? Whos This?.HEIC Hang in there gang it's going to get better Rob ?
  7. and YOU said I was crazy for my bike trips ...... !!???!!!
  8. The little Toyota Peso like its owner is limping along.?
  9. Thank you dear ... your early by 2 months but I always LOVE hearing from you ? The USA Rob
  10. He is younger, faster and better looking than me ? He got me to run. Actually we are both runners. He was faster and used it as a cruise day. The water was breaking OVER the Malecon and I almost got soaked and of course we had a blast.... P.S. Soon as "Down under" opens I am ready to pack the bike ? Rob

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