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  1. and YOU said I was crazy for my bike trips ...... !!???!!!
  2. The little Toyota Peso like its owner is limping along.🤕
  3. No need to be sorry, "Yes Dear" say I am never right 😞
  4. Thank you dear ... your early by 2 months but I always LOVE hearing from you 😉 The USA Rob
  5. Yes dear can't believe I watch it every chance I get 😎
  6. He is younger, faster and better looking than me 😩 He got me to run. Actually we are both runners. He was faster and used it as a cruise day. The water was breaking OVER the Malecon and I almost got soaked and of course we had a blast.... P.S. Soon as "Down under" opens I am ready to pack the bike 😷 Rob
  7. A friend and I jogged down the Malecon to the Hotel Nacional for morning expresso
  8. you read my mind but your order is wrong 😅 1. Sir Winston 2. Cohiba Sig V! 3. Cohiba Coro Thanks for the contest Rob A. Rob D picked before I checked the answer
  9. Yea that Bourbon hole is deep, dark and another expense , but what the heck 😎
  10. I have had most of what's been posted and tried a few ( Ok more than a few) of may other kind. The "Hands Down" best I have ever had is Centenario 25 I tried it blind one day, then went back and bought their remaining 3 bottles. They also make a 30 that is more expensive but I prefer the 25. just my .02 worth here.. Rob
  11. Prayers to all from MB. The last 18 months and all 2020 have been really rough. Please pass on our best wishes Rob and Kathy
  12. A heater to replace the one that broke down for the house. Does that count 🙃

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