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  1. Been sticking mine in small Tupperware containers with some distilled water for 24-30 hours until they fluff up for almost 2 years now.
  2. I'm partial to quite a few Dominicans myself, they just taste great to me. Mostly Davidoffs. Just treat your taste buds to what they like man.
  3. I learned about dryboxing from here. I can definitely say, it makes a big difference in my smokes. RH in my humidor I keep between 60-65 and as to how long I dry box, depends on the cigar and the weather. In Arkansas, humidity is definitely a factor. I just stick a few smokes I'm going to enjoy in an empty cigar box, anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks. I do it with my Cubans and my Dominicans and it definitely will improve the taste on an aged cigar to me.
  4. Cajun seasoned pork neckbones or turkey wings slow cooked in the Crock-Pot with a bag of purple hull peas lately. Rest of the time...fried chicken, pork chops or BBQ ribs with Mac and cheese, turnip or mustard greens, black eyed peas and corn bread. Yeah, all that good stuff that shoots your blood pressure through the roof. Fried catfish, plenty of hot sauce and mustard. Cabbage and pinto beans. Ox tails. Ahhhh now I'm hungry.
  5. Ceephus Banks

    Ceephus Banks

  6. Sometimes when I'm winding down and smoking a stogie, my girl will ask me what it tastes like. Once or twice I've said leather, pepper, had a good Dominican that reminded me of cocoa. But I don't tend to associate the tastes with substances, I associate them with places and memories. The woods out back of grandad's house on Saturday morning and stuff. The way the air smells/tastes on the back deck of this old school pub in Little Rock that is next to the river. It's weird I know. I guess earthy suits me. Wish I could get that cream taste people speak off. But then I did smoke cigarettes for 20
  7. I've tried a few Maddy's, and genuinely wanted to like them. Had a few Cohiba, Partagas and Padrons. As much as I tried to savor and enjoy them, they always leave a weird taste/vibe in the back of my mouth. Guess I'm just a natural guy.?
  8. Send this man a free stick from your stash. Hell I'll pay the shipping for that advice.
  9. Thanks for the review. I've got one marinating for a while I can't wait to try myself. Cheers!
  10. My condolences to you and your family brother

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