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  1. NC today. Maestro del Tiempo Lonsdale with 4 yrs of age.
  2. Vigia. Do not remember box code for this tubo from 24:24 few months ago. Right off the bat a nice dose of that buttered popcorn. Yum!
  3. P2 MSU SEP 19 MMC MTS MAR 20 RyJ PR LAT FEB 19 Punch Short RAT NOV 19
  4. MMC MTS MAR 20 to close out the night. 2nd from this box and both have been great!
  5. Monte media corona Romeo y Julieta petit Royales Rafael gonalzales perlas Trinidad Reyes HdM du deputes
  6. Curivari - Buenaventura, Gloria de Leon Isabella cigars- their limited edition are phenomenal Illusione and warped cigars
  7. PLP GOS MAR 17 I definitely prefer these over the Montecarlo which for me have been more dry/toasty and lacking that richness I get from the panetelas. Also it has nice balance between bite and sweetness. Maybe my Montecarlo need more down time?
  8. Got this lighter with different punch cut diameters for Father's Day from my son. The smallest one seems to work perfect for this QDO 50. Previous ones were wind tunnels.

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