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  1. The Siglo IV was very good, but the Siglo VI was amazing.
  2. EAG Jun 14 Montecristo #2 Smoking this one ROTT, and even so, from the very first puff, this is what every Monte 2 should taste like. Bold flavors of cocoa and spices. TUP SEP 14 PSD4 At my brother in laws new house, for the Jewish holiday. I have to copy this outdoor setup. The 2 heat lamps built into the ceiling keep it so toasty, I doubt I would even need a coat in the winter. Perfect for a cigar lover in the Northeast.
  3. This is why I don't do these blind tastings. LOL I know, that there are only a few cigars I would know immediately, and with my luck, none of them would be in the tasting. But not coincidentally, those few cigars, are the same cigars I go deep on.
  4. Some people judge the quality of a cigar by how many bands it has on it, but not me. ....I judge it by the divot. 🤣 Thats a great cigar you have there, Brent.
  5. We’ll see. I am very happy with the quality and aroma on these. In recent years, I haven’t been thrilled with the aged stock I have bought. And I have to clarify that by saying, it is not that I dislike the aged cigars that I bought. It is just that I have found that the premium I have paid is not worth the difference in flavor to me. But this case is different. The premium I paid on these aged cigars has been so reasonable, that even if I don't taste much difference, I dont consider it a loss. ***Edit to say you are 100% right @RDB. I am smoking one of the Monte 2s now, and I definitely did ”OK”. Much better than “OK” actually. 😁 This is a beautiful cigar, in every way.
  6. When I started smoking Cubans regularly back in the early 90s, I would buy a box of everything I could afford at the time. After a few years of that, I realized that there are 4 categories in which I place my cigars. 1. Regular production cigars that I love. These are my staple cigars that I want to smoke regularly. I go deep on these. 2. Regular production cigars that I like. I basically use these as “fillers” to smoke in between the cigars that I love, just so I have a little more variety. Plus, I will smoke these on the golf course or other places where my concentration isn’t fully on the cigar. I keep 1 or 2 boxes of these, but I don't go deep. 3. Regular production cigars that I don't like. I end up giving these to friends that dont normally smoke cigars, but want to try a Cuban cigar. Clearly, after that first box, I dont buy another. 4. Limited release cigars, which follow the same pattern as the 1st 3 categories. When I find one that I love, I go deep because when they are gone, they are gone. Sometimes these are price prohibitive, so I cant go deep without risking the much higher price of divorce, so these turn into my special occasion cigars. I typically dont buy regular production cigars that are unknown to me anymore. If someone recommends one to me, I will see if there is a way I can try a single before buying a box. More often than not, a regular production cigar that is unknown to me becomes a waste of money.
  7. I was happy to come home this morning to find some aged Montecristos arrived from Australia yesterday. The aroma, from both boxes, but especially the #2s, is spectacular.
  8. While both are V8 biturbo engines, only the AMG has the biturbo badge.
  9. I’m going to hold off judgement on them until they have a little more age. My UAOs from 2 years ago are fantastic. 1 year is definitely not enough time to judge a cigar imho.
  10. I grabbed a Siglo VI from a different box today. This one is MOL JUN 18, and it is perfect. Much more enjoyable than yesterday’s UAO OCT 18, and on par with the UAO OCT 17 box I have been smoking. Does anyone know what factory MOL is?
  11. Interesting. I don't typically do shots of single malt because I want to savor the flavor. Plus there is the whole social aspect of holding a glass of scotch as you are smoking or just talking with friends. This seems like it has the single purpose of getting drunk.

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