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  1. Two guys are out in the woods on a camping trip when they notice a bear charging at them. One guy quickly grabs his running shoes and starts to put them on. The other guy says, "What are you doing? You cant outrun a bear." The first guy says, "I don't have to outrun the bear. I just have to outrun you."
  2. I am getting over a sinus infection. I tried a cigar about a week ago, and it tasted so bad, I didn't even make it half way through. Today, this Esmeralda tasted great, so I guess I'm back in business.
  3. I disagree with some of the above opinions. I would say that Trinidad has had that "exclusive" cache ever since they were made available to the public. It was "the other" high-end label, along with Cohiba, right from its inception. The Fundadore was the only size available, but as other vitolas were created, the Fundadore remained the flagship vitola. The Reyes and Coloniales were good cigars in their own right, but were never as well regarded as the Fundadores. The Robusto Extra, on the other hand, showed the cigar world that Trinidad was no one-trick pony. That was one of the finest cigars ever made, not just IMHO, but in the humble opinions of many, many cigar smokers. I was shocked when it was discontinued. Perhaps the Fundadores have had their ups and downs, but even in down years, they never lost their place in the cigar hierarchy. But after the discontinuation of the Robusto Extra and Robusto T, Trinidad went back to being a one-trick pony again. That is, until they came out with the La Trova. But as an LCDH exclusive, I dont find the La Trova to have the classic Trinidad flavors. I think the recipe has some of the same ingredients, but some different ingredients as well. I was very excited to have 3 new sizes come out last year, with the traditional Trinidad blend. The Esmeralda was reminiscent of the Robusto Extra in size and to a certain degree, in flavor. it is stronger than I remember the Robusto Extra to be, but the flavors are classic Trinidad.
  4. Maybe I missed it, but there was also the 2002(ish) Trinidad Farmhouse Humidor, with 10 Fundadores and 10 Double Robustos.
  5. Was he Father Time every year? He came down out of the sky at midnight every year, but I remember it being a different theme each year. I vaguely remember him coming out of the sky, in a giant, lit joint one year. Then the year with the egg, he was Father Time, and Baby New Year hatched from the egg. Closing of Winterland was before my time. I was only 10. But I have heard the tapes. Amazing stuff.
  6. Me too. I used to have most of those same tickets. The tie dye one was my favorite ticket. If I remember correctly, that is the year Bill Graham came down on the giant egg, as Father Time?
  7. We took our annual family ski trip this week. This year, we went back to Vail, CO. The view of Gondola One, from my bedroom. Skied over to Lionshead village for lunch. Vail Village at night. No trip to Vail is complete without fondue at The Swiss Chalet. We did something new today. We took a day off skiing to go snowmobiling through the Rockies.
  8. Thank you. Sorry about your daughter in law. Too bad. Would have been nice to meet up for a smoke.
  9. That's good to hear. I was a little concerned with Moderna. It is a higher dosage than Pfizer, with similar results. I am always a proponent of using the lowest dose necessary to avoid side effects. Not to scare anyone off the Moderna vaccine, because, like your wife, the vast majority won't have major side effects. But it will be interesting to see if there is a difference, as the sample size gets larger.
  10. They are good, but not spectacular. Age hasn't done much for these cigars.
  11. There are a bunch of soldiers stationed outside our lobby. We were told Mike Pence is staying here, and that they were closing off a section of the mountain for him to ski. 2013 RyJ Petit Churchill

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