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  1. Will he even know what it is he is getting? Oh, and can I have his contact info?
  2. If they taste like Trinidad Robusto Extras, then they will have been worth the price. I have only tried one so far, right off the truck. It didn't taste bad, but it tasted like it came right off the truck. So I don't really know. I plan on revisiting them in a few months.
  3. When I bought these Year Of The Pig CoRo's, I thought they were gimmicky. I figured they were just regular CoRos, repackaged to appeal to Asians, and for some reason were released in the Spanish market. They don't even have box codes on them, which made me a little skeptical, but they were selling them at LCDH's, so I figured "What the heck?" and bought a couple of boxes. The original plan was to sell the second box after a few years, but these have been really good. I don't know if they have some age on them, or if this a just a really good batch of CoRos, by total coincidence. I decided
  4. That makes sense, as the story is set in Africa, and other Swahili words are used in the movie.
  5. I can fully accept that there is inherent value in an original item, depending on the item. To me, this is definitely not one of them, but to each his own, I guess. Just curious, are people really faking these? How much does a known fake go for? If a fake from Tijuana really is $10, I will take a couple. That's a good price for a decent ashtray.
  6. I assumed he got it from The Lion King, but I could be wrong. Rafiki was a wise monkey, and right-hand man (and advisor) to the king.
  7. One of mine is fairly deep. It is square, and has a lip around the top so it is great for wind. The negative part of this one is that it takes a little effort to get all of the ashes out of it because of the lip. The round one is shallow. I always end up with ashes being blown out of the ashtray and onto my computer keyboard.
  8. Esmeralda CCE BRC Today was a weird day here in South Beach. There were dark clouds, and a lot of wind in the morning, so the hotel wouldn't let us have umbrellas. I caught a picture of a funnel cloud, so I guess I cant blame them. But then it got sunny. Like REAL sunny. But they still said it was too windy for beach umbrellas, so we just had to deal with the sun. I smoked a Senadores.
  9. All of these things you are talking about, diamonds, first edition books, the Mona Lisa, all are relatively to extremely rare commodities, and are assumed to appreciate in value as time goes on and they become more rare. There is nothing rare and collectible about these ashtrays. They are cheap and easy to make, there are a ton of them in circulation, and nobody that I know is predicting that production will stop any time soon. I have no hopes of it being worth anything in the future, especially the older and more used that it gets. It is a depreciating asset. I will use these ashtrays un
  10. It is not a priceless, one of a kind, piece of art. It's a friggin piece of stone that I knock the ashes off of my cigar into. You assume I wouldn't send you $70 for it, but I might depending on the circumstances. If it was the only one available to me at the time, and I needed an ashtray? Sure, why not? Do you think they are using some fancy kind of marble in Cuba? Like I said, if you told me that the two that I own are counterfeit, my response would be, "Meh, I still like them." And then I would go on with my day and not give it a second thought. They won't be displaying Hot
  11. Am I missing something here? These are ashtrays we are talking about, right? If they look good and they hold ashes, does it really matter? I have 2 large ones myself. If I found out they were fake, it wouldn’t change anything for me, as long as the counterfeiters made it look real.
  12. Sunrise on South Beach with an Esmeralda. 2011 RyJ Churchill CoRo Capping the night off with a Topes.

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