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  1. SigmundChurchill

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Today is my 17th wedding anniversary. To celebrate the occasion, I decided to smoke some aged stock. ’04 Trini Fundadore ‘13 Cohiba Siglo IV
  2. SigmundChurchill

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    ALT MAY 13, Siglo V
  3. SigmundChurchill


    1. George C Scott 2. Magoo 3. Bill Murray
  4. SigmundChurchill

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    2016 BBF (The code escapes me.)
  5. SigmundChurchill

    Show your winter smoking nook

    I hope the fan works out. Please let me know.
  6. SigmundChurchill

    Show your winter smoking nook

    Also, before I go out to the sporting goods store, how is the ventilation in these things?
  7. SigmundChurchill

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    How was it?
  8. SigmundChurchill

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    I wish it was my setup. With 3 kids, I dont smoke in my house. As luck would have it, I live 10 minutes away from the JR headquarters in Whippany, NJ, which is an amazing place to have a smoke. This picture is in one of the four lounges they have in the building.
  9. SigmundChurchill

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    I worked until 1AM this morning, went home and closed my eyes, slept for a half hour, and got called back in for an emergency at 2AM that lasted about 3 hours. So this morning I felt the need to smoke something nice. (As if I needed an excuse.😀) UAO NOV 17 Talisman
  10. SigmundChurchill

    What's your latest CC purchase?

    From our host...
  11. SigmundChurchill

    Total Knee Replacement 12/4/18

    I have given anesthesia for many total knee replacements, however, I dont see the patients once they leave the hospital, They go to the surgeon’s office for follow ups, so I cant tell you if that drive is achievable in 6-8 weeks. My biggest worry about it would be sitting in the same position for such a long time and forming blood clots in the legs that can break off and travel to the lungs, which then becomes a major problem. I dont know if 6-8 weeks post op is enough time, but I would definitely clear it with your surgeon before doing it. Other advice I would give is to get a nerve block with an indwelling catheter. Without a catheter is a good alternative that will keep the pain at bay for about 1 day, but if they are skilled at doing the block with a catheter, they can hook up a pump with pain medicine in it that can keep giving youn pain medicine for several days. You wont require nearly as much narcotics with the nerve block. Also PT. Do it as scheduled and dont slack on it if you want to regain the normal movement of the joint. As a fellow golfer, I know how important that will be to you later on. Lastly, please, don't ever watch a YouTube video of your surgery again. It makes my job as an anesthesiologist much more difficult. The people that watch these videos come in extra nervous, with increased heart rates and blood pressure for me to deal with.
  12. SigmundChurchill


    So sorry for your loss. May he RIP.
  13. SigmundChurchill

    Budget Cubans

    I smoked one of these last week. I was told a lot of Cubans smoke them. Just $1.00 for a bundle to Cuban residents. The flavor exceeded what I would expect from a 4 cent cigar, but the construction didn’t. It was underfilled, and I kept getting bits of tobacco stuck on my tongue.
  14. SigmundChurchill

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Any time! During the winter months, I am there almost every Saturday morning.

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