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  1. My post-call Siglo VI Followed up with a Media Luna and a double espresso.
  2. Nice to see this coming to fruition. I am in for an ultimate collector's bundle.
  3. This is me. I like to be comfortable while I smoke. I always wear a sweat pants and a hoodie. If it’s in the evening, I will dress a little less casual, but I usually smoke in the daytime. A couple of weeks ago, I added the baseball cap to my regular cigar lounge attire. That is the only thing I have to figure out how to remove the smell from, but I'm not there yet. Everything else goes in the washer.
  4. I haven't been a big baseball fan since I was a kid, but Phil Rizzuto and Yogi Berra both lived in my area and were good friends with each other, as well as business partners in some local businesses. Toward the end of their respective lives I treated them both in my OR. When talking to Phil, I didn't think about baseball. All I could think of was, "Ok, here we go, we got a real pressure cooker going here, two down, nobody on, no score, bottom of the ninth." 😂
  5. I almost lost my shit when she started moving your chair with you still sitting in it. The look of surprise on your face was hysterical. 🤣
  6. Back in 2017, for a while it was like they couldn't give them away. The original price was around $750-$800, but I bought most of my boxes for $500 and change.
  7. No, You have it backwards. If they taste exactly the same, you can say "overpriced" in a general sense if one cost more than the other, but if you say they taste different than each other, then it is impossible to say one is overpriced (in a general sense) because they will each be priced based on demand. If they both taste the same, then they should be the same price. If not, one is overpriced. Though in thinking about it, I do have to concede that it is possible that other people do not think they taste exactly the same, as I do, so it is not like buying two bottles of the same alcohol for 2 different prices. So I am guilty of having misused the word myself here, though I did point out in the post that they taste exactly the same to me, so maybe on a lesser level. Would I pay any premium over the Siglo VI for the added sweet flavor? I don't know. I still haven't decided if that makes them taste better to me. It's not like an in-your-face kind of difference. It takes concentration to taste it, so if I am smoking and watching a movie, I might miss it completely.
  8. That is the perfect example of using "overpriced" correctly. It was my claim that the two cigars taste exactly the same, so it is like the Behike is the $20 gas vs the Siglo VI which is the $4 gas. If you have a cheap cigar that tastes exactly like a Cohiba, I will buy as many as I can, and say that Cohibas are overpriced. Because there is something identical, that costs less. Unfortunately, nothing like that exists.
  9. In economics, there is a principle called the law of diminishing returns. I have taken that, and adapted it's meaning to apply to luxury items. Once an item, whether it be a car, or a type of stone for a counter top, or a cigar, or whatever, reaches a point of maximal value, the upgrades get smaller in scope and more expensive. Why? Because as you are moving into the higher echelons, the "customer base" is getting smaller and smaller, and involving less and less people to whom price is an issue. Until you finally reach the top buyers, who only want the best and they don't give a rats ass what the cost is. Everything is inexpensive to them. So no, a luxury item that costs 10X more, is not going to be 10X better. But if it is 10% "better" than the "2nd best", there are people who are willing and able to pay 10X more, just to have "the best". And that extra cost means absolutely nothing to them. And that is why the masses are priced out of certain items. Then, some of the people priced out, complain that those items are over priced because the increased value is too small to justify the big price difference. But they don't realize, not everyone is in their financial position, and to some people, the small increase in value is not over priced at all. It is priced just right. After smoking thousands of cigars over the last 30 years, I have a very firm grasp on the cigars I like and the cigars I don't like. I have long since stopped buying boxes randomly to "try them". Like you, I have a handful of cigars I absolutely love. And I have a handful of cigars I like a lot. My humidor is filled with boxes of the same 5 cigars, the ones I love. Then I have 2 or 3 boxes of each of the cigars I like a lot. I don't want to smoke any cigars that do not fall into one of those two categories. I spent years of doing that, just to get a wide variety of experience, and to see if there is any other cigars I can add to those two categories. I still occasionally add cigars to the rotation, but unless it is something expected to be excellent, I don't buy a box without trying one first. You can't claim that you like Trinidad more than Cohiba in one post, and then claim that people don't know the difference between cigars in the next post. I have only ever been in one blind cigar tasting, with a bunch of guys from this board, in Cuba. I knew what the cigar was immediately, but that is because it just happened to be one of the cigars in my ever diminishing rotation of cigars. I remember when I told him that I was smoking a Hoyo Epi 2, the person who handed out the cigars said to me, are you sure it's not a CoRo? I said, "Yes, I am sure." He responded "How can you be sure?" And I said, "Because I know what a CoRo tastes like, and this doesn't taste anything like a CoRo." That was my 1 experience with a blind tasting. I would bet a box of Siglo VI that I could pick out a Siglo VI in a blind tasting. I would bet a box of CoRo's that I could pick out a CoRo in a blind tasting. I would bet a box of Esplendidos that I could pick out an Esplendido in a blind tasting. Here is the thing, when I drink scotch, I like Laphroaig. I don't care that it is not the most expensive, I love the strong, smoky, peaty combination. And I would never mistake that for Macallan. It is no different for me and Cohiba vs other cigars. The only difference is a lot more people agree with me on Cohiba, which is why the price is higher, vs Laphroaig, which is why the price is more reasonable.
  10. You seem to be missing the point. A gallon of gas does the same exact thing whether I pay $20 a gallon or $4 a gallon for it. So you would be overpaying for it if you spent $20 a gallon. I covered this already. When you are comparing two absolute equals, then yes, you can make a generalized statement about overpaying if one costs more than the other. That doesn't work with matters of taste. The difference is, you are dictating taste for other people. There is no actual cash value when it comes to taste, because 1. Everybody tastes things differently. 2. Everybody places a different value on the experiences they want to have while on this earth. 3. Everybody places a different value on money. So when it comes to taste, there is no actual cash value. The value is dictated 100% by supply and demand. Your post makes me believe that you think because Trinidads taste better than Cohibas to you, that they should taste better to everybody. Well, if that were the case, and the number of boxes produced were similar, then Trinidads would cost more than Cohibas. And rightly so. Same thing with your $600 Crystal Rose. If paying $600 and drinking bottles of Crystal Rose makes someone happy, who are you to tell them they are "not justified" in buying it for that? If enough people pay it, the price will stay at $600, and that price is justified. If people stop buying it, they will have to lower the price in order to sell it, and the new price is justified. If more people want it than is available, the price will rise, and that is justified.
  11. Yes, there are always going to be people who say this isn't worth it, and that is overpriced, etc, etc, etc. It is a little odd to me when it comes from someone in the cigar community, or any community where personal taste is so heavily involved. Like with foodies, wine connoisseurs, etc. But this can only be a true statement when comparing two or more of the exact same thing. If you pay more for a car at one car dealer than the same exact car, with the same exact options, at the other dealers, then the car wasn't worth what you paid. The car was overpriced. Can a cigar be overpriced? Sure. But it is only overpriced if you paid more for it than you could have otherwise paid somewhere else, assuming the same quality, year, etc. Can Pappy be overpriced? Sure, if you paid more for it than they are charging for the same bottle down the street. Barring the above conditions, there is no such thing as over priced or over rated in a general sense. The market is fluid. I am not a Pappy fan, myself. But I can't say that it is over priced and over rated, because we are all different. I can say it is overpriced for me, because I don't like it, but I am aware that there are people who love it. What makes me so special that I can decide what tastes good and what doesn't, for everybody else? If someone loves it, and they have the money to pay for it, then it is not over priced or over rated for them. Then to complicate things even more, there is the relativity of the value of money. $1000 to some people is a whole week's salary, while other people make that much in an hour. The person who works for a whole week to make $1000 is going to place a completely different value on $1000 than someone who makes it in an hour. And someone who makes it in an hour of work is going to place a totally different value on it than someone who makes it in an hour passively. In other words, to some people, paying the price of an "over priced, over rated" box of cigars, is like paying the price of a pack of cigarettes to other people.

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