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  1. Slim pickings out there for these, these days. Can’t remember the last time I bought these in boxes of 10. They look good though.
  2. VI + JBM Esmeralda, also with a 2nd JBM coffee (not shown), and @ElJavi76 (also not shown). CoRo
  3. The first 3 are yesterday's smokes, I just forgot to post at the end of the day. The last one is tonight's. Maybe 20 years ago, I was drinking coffee in the lobby of a really high end hotel in NYC, and I fell in love with the coffee. I asked the waiter what kind it was, and he told me it was Jamaican Blue Mountain. So I started buying Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, but it never tasted the same as the coffee in that hotel, even on the island of Jamaica. Fast forward to the present, and I decided I was going to try my luck again, only this time, I did some resear
  4. Not to stray from the topic, but he is an acquaintance of mine, and while I'm the first person to say he used to be a major douchbag, he has had a serious personality change in recent years. He's actually a completely different person now. He has 6 very young children, in the span of like 8 years, and I think that is the major reason for the change. Though, I'm sure the court ordered anger management classes probably helped too. 🤣 He lives for those kids, and he is actually very friendly these days.
  5. I would preface this to say that I am a medium strength kind of guy to begin with, but I love DCs. They often start out mild, yes, but they really have to start out that way because of the shear length of the cigar. They pick up strength as they are burned, so they usually develop into a medium strength cigar somewhere along the journey. And occasionally, they can become damn strong in the last few inches. To me, this is what makes them complex, because as the strength increases, the flavors change. In my opinion, they start out mild by design, because if they start out strong,
  6. I really like them. I think these days, Hoyo has moved up to my 3rd favorite marca.
  7. I have not had good luck with aging cigars in cardboard. I always chalked it up to the cardboard acting like a sponge, soaking up humidity, plus, as someone else mentioned, less air circulation. I have seen a higher incidence of mold, and whether I right or wrong, I have blamed the cardboard.
  8. I would agree that they are dark(er), but only rarely do I open a box of regular production Cohibas where I say, "Those are just too dark." Once in a while, but not that often. And I think these dark(er) Cohibas have shortened the young, "bland" phase a bit and they can be smoked sooner than previously, but there is still nothing like a nice true claro wrappered Cohiba in it's prime. A few years ago, I bought two boxes of those Year Of the Pig CoRos, and at the time, I thought they were gimmicky. They were re-packaged without even having box codes on the box. I figured I would end up
  9. Today I got some Esmeraldas, and a box of Hoyo de Rio Seco.
  10. I agree with this, though, for my preference, I wouldn't necessarily say that I would gravitate toward the darker wrappers on the Monte/Partagas/Bolivar group, and I would add Trinidad to this group. But a darker wrapper is less likely to ruin/alter the flavor of these darker flavored cigars than their lighter, brighter tasting counterparts. Nothing worse for me than opening a box of Cohibas to find a bunch of dark oily wrappers. That is why I am not a fan of most ELs. I say "most" because back in the day, ALL of the ELs had dark wrappers, but these days some of them dont, and the on

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