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  1. Siglo VI from Friday. And for today, a Casilda. Happy Mother’s Day!
  2. After reading this, it was very tempting to me to go buy some Swisher Sweets and post a Daily Smoke pic of me smoking one in the slums of Newark NJ, but I'm a too tired after a long day of work today, so you will just have to use your imagination. 😂
  3. A summer-like morning in NJ. Smoking a UAO FEB 18 Esplendido. BBF Media Luna
  4. Work has been really busy. I haven’t been online a lot lately, but today I made up for it with a 4 cigar day. Siglo VI BBF Media Luna PSD4
  5. Absolutely amazing cigar. @ElJavi76 was generous enough to gift me 2 of them. Definitely saving the other one for a very special occasion.
  6. I just did an email search. That email does not come up.
  7. Hi Alex, Exactly 1 week ago, I got an email with the link confirming my order. I did all the required stuff it asked for, and got an email confirmation. Today, I got the same exact email. I repeated the process, thinking it must have not gone through last week, and I got another email confirmation. After some thought, I decided maybe I should come on here just to make sure I do not end up with 2 orders. For the sake of clarity, I only want 1 order. Thanks, Elliot
  8. I had it ceramic coated a couple of years ago. Haven't polished it since. Just wash it, and it looks like that. The guy guaranteed it for 3 years. You have to watch out though. If someone charges you a couple hundred bucks, and does in in a few hours, you got the wrong stuff. That only lasts 2 or 3 months. This took 2 full, 8 hour days for the guy to do, and cost $1200. He did it right in my garage.
  9. CoRo, ASR JUL 18. Very good, right off the truck, with a quadruple cappuccino.
  10. I typically dont take food pictures, but I would say it is a tossup between: Glazed Short Rib Tacos with Habanero Relish and Crunchy Onions, at Jean Georges Matador Room and Spicy Rigatoni Vodka, at Carbone. Their pasta always tastes like it was just made fresh 5 minutes ago, probably because it was. And that sauce is like no other.
  11. Sometimes, I crumble them up and put them in an ash tray that I am ashing into. Sometimes, I don't crumble them up and put them in an ash tray that I am ashing into. Sometimes, I will leave them on the table at the cigar lounge where I am smoking. If I am driving, I will crumble them up, check my surroundings to make sure nobody is looking, and if not, I will toss it out the window. If it is a band from a really rare or special cigar, I will save it and put it on my bar for safe keeping until the housekeeper comes and throws it away.
  12. This is the second one I have had so far. Both were amazing. Definitely a “special occasion” cigar.
  13. I get that. But it is giving the place a kind of, pirate feel to it. And a part of my mind has burned into it, Brad Hamilton in his pirate costume at Captain Hook Fish and Chips. At the same time, I have always been fascinated with real pirate history. You know, like Benjamin Hornigold, Charles Vane, Samuel Bellamy, et al. Hence, my inability to decide which category I place these ash trays.

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