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  1. Northern Territory is a basket case these days! Lost the plot totally.
  2. Upset me to hear this, mate. I hope they get him soon, and that to whatever extent is possible the book is thrown at him.
  3. Thanks mate. I wish all those on the Island, in particular our friends, the sincerest of positive thoughts and prayers during these trying times.
  4. One of the absolute greatest of gentlemen! I recall my first meeting Yiorgos, minutes after he had finished the Havana marathon In 2012. He sat down, grabbed a cigar and a Cuba Libre - and we had a great chat till the wee hours. He had just run his first ever marathon in the humid Cuban sun, his feet were sore and blistered.. and he never complained once. A true legend!
  5. If nothing else.... its clear that we are not the first generation to have to defend ourselves for our interests and passions. Very well articulated by Mr Twain, as one would expect.

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