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  1. Next time you are in Cincinnati let me know we live in Mason
  2. I just ordered mine today, the wife finally said enough with the coolers MXTHC I’m right there with ya!! Count down started and then time to seriously stock up! Congrats brother!!! I got red mahogany oh can’t wait!
  3. Finally Friday has Arrived and it’s 2014 Cohiba Sig 6 time!!!
  4. First - Cohiba Sig 6 second - SLR DC third/ party Luis
  5. That’s where my wife went, we grew up in Humble north Houston.
  6. Smoke’em if ya got’em! My wife Amanda battled cancer for five years and beat it all until one day she fell in the drive way one the way to a check-up. One day in the hospital then 5 weeks in Hospice. I’m blessed to have another wife that smokes cigars just as Amanda did and we still smoke those 20 year old Cigars Amanda had been saving for special occasions. We smoke those special cigars with a bottle of Champagne on random Days of the week, life is too short and you never know what will happen. Enjoy life, hold on to every moment and squeeze every last drop. Sorry for the poor grammar still is tough to talk about, life is so fragile! I don’t celebrate birthdays or anniversaries, I buy my wife crazy stuff because it’s Thursday, share and smoke stupid rare cigars with my wife and friends because that hour or two is pure bliss. That’s when memories are made, wisdom passed on a legacy. Celebrate every last second. Cheers
  7. It may be just my way of rationalizing the purchase but if I have a year and brand noted as I loved there is when the cost to enjoyment equation comes into play. Would I pay $750 for a 25 ct box of 1998 Punch Churchill probably not but a 1998 box of SLR DC no brained. If a cigar is $20- $50 a stick for a two hour enjoyable experience based upon a known aged box during its peak second maturation it’s a easy decision. It’s all about what your time is really worth. I always buy RASS Cabs and have no problem pays $385 for new production because I know I will enjoying them 5 yrs later. Just my thought process.
  8. I have always loved enjoying cigars as many of you have, there are few things in life that are as relaxing. Lately I find myself buying aged boxes, 2008, 2012, 1998 what ever I find that fits in the price my hour is worth. My question is how much do you quantify your time is worth when deciding should buy (for example) that $500 box of 2011 LGC MdO2 or $600 box of 2008 Party Luis’s? What is your time worth when buying aged stock?
  9. Nice week driving home from work, the winner surprisingly is the ‘03 SLR Regio beating out my go to RASS by a country mile!
  10. Friday is finally here time to sit back and enjoy a 2013 H. Upmann connoisseur A
  11. Nice week driving to home from long days at work the 2003 VR Classico is coming along nicely and time to smoke them up!!! Also the Saint Luis Rey Regios from 2006 wow what an underrated cigar and still has legs! 2015 Monte Petit No 2 and 2015 RASS looking extremely beautiful. The RASS is by far my go to as the 2014 cab that I recently acquired two current stock have all been absolutely amazing and I cannot wait to see how they are in and the next five-year and 10 year check up’s.
  12. Congrats on the successful year! Second to the SLRDC!

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