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  1. Definitely a crying shame. But on the bright side, I rather see plain packaging, then those absolutely horrid warning labels, granted they no longer need to be applied due to the plain packaging...
  2. Yeah upon closer inspection, some cigars look skinnier than others and the wrappers vary slightly in color. Not to mention the dead giveaway of terrible bands.
  3. Love those dividers! Awesome! Where might I ask, you picked those up at? If you wouldn’t mind PMing me, that would be great, thanks!
  4. In addition, I did find them around and under some of the bands, and in the box where they were sloppy with the glue...
  5. Thank you very much El Presidente! Yeah just in case, I went ahead and froze the box. I figured better safe than sorry. Anyway very interesting, and thanks again for the info!
  6. The video may not work, sorry about that. Anyway, I recently opened up a box of Montes, and saw these little “opaque” looking insects walking around all over my #4s, and am wondering if these are beetles or some kind of other insect? There is one on the band and more of various sizes on the cigar itself. I completely cleaned out the cigar box, wiped down the cigars of these creatures and any plume, and placed the cigars back in the box. I found ZERO holes. In order to prevent that from happening, box was vacumm sealed and placed in the freezer. But if anyone has any experience with the various pests that contaminate cigars, what do y’all think? No holes? Or does that come soon?
  7. Can anyone identify these creatures? Are they beetle nymphs or some kind of other insect? D95F74B8-3B56-411D-AF35-500BC7923BBF.MOV
  8. COHIBAS - looks like you like them SONABAH - habanos backwards GOTTACC - like this one.
  9. LMAO on this addition! Probably need to start a new thread for shitbag dog rockets of the year...

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