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  1. Gotta work on that ash there budd, Hamlet still has you beat, lol!
  2. Wow, just wow. I read every comment in the FOH study as it was transpiring and if I remember correctly, some of what appeared to be crystals, were colonies of bacteria, not even mold! That one photo in the article showcasing that Tatuaje, yuck!
  3. 1. RYJ Churchill 2. H. Upmann #2 3. H. Upmann Magnum 50 4. QDO 54 5. HDM Rio Seco 6. Partagas Serie P #2 7. Partagas Lusitania 8. Connie A 9. Monte #4 10. Cohiba Robusto
  4. I’ve had a few boxes with these little buggers. All I did was remove, inspect, and “brush” each cigar around band area, blasted the box thoroughly with a can of electronic duster, placed cigars back, double zip locked ensuring to squeeze all the “air” out of said zip locks, and quarantined for a few months. After inspecting the boxes again and finding nothing, I placed them back in the coolerdor. After these were back in the general population, I found a box of JL#2 with these things crawling around. I guess they hatched or something somehow, cause they weren’t there before, so I think any
  5. No, I haven’t seen it either, however, it does sound like they may be fakes, if indeed the date is abbreviated in English. I could’ve sworn I seen on a forum somewhere with this exact thing found on a box, but I can’t remember where...
  6. They ALL look delicious, just wow...need a box of those D4s though. Will hold out for a tenner of San Juans though...
  7. I’m a big Illusione fan myself, but prefer the smaller smokes, such as the Lagunas in the same Fume D’Amour Series.
  8. No, these cigars look perfectly fine. Like someone said above, a while back the “dusting” was considered “plume”, which was very desirable. I even still have cigars like that. Was just making light out of the situation, in regards to the sugarcane...
  9. Hell yeah, I can even see the powdered sugar coating on those HDM petit robustos! Looks Delish!
  10. I smoke on the streets in New Orleans, Louisiana every time I visit. They even have a cigar shop on Bourbon that do they’re own custom rolls, although NC...

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